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2PM Members Profile and Updated Facts

2PM Members

2PM Members Profile and Interesting Facts – Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung

If you have been a fan of K-Pop or Korean pop music for a long time, then there is a big chance that you have heard of 2PM’s music in their prime. If you are an old fan looking for updated information on 2PM or if you are a new fan wanting to get to know them better, here is the best 2PM Members Profile for You.

2PM is a South Korean boy band that is under JYP Entertainment. The group debuted in the year 2008 with six members, namely: Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung, and their former leader Jay Park. They started out with multiple singles and performances that feature their acrobatic style of dance.

2PM Profile

So far, 2PM has six studio albums to date, their latest being titled Gentleman’s Game, which was released in 2016. Among these albums, they also produced Japanese songs and albums, having made their Japanese debut in 2011.

Despite having debuted with seven members all in all, 2PM continues as a Korean boy band with only five remaining members after the departure of their former leader Jay Park. Jay Park or Jaebeom’s departure from the group was ignited with a controversy surrounding a misinterpreted MySpace post. After leaving the group until controversies cooled down, it was announced that Jay Park would not be returning to the group.

Now having seven members, 2PM continues to dominate Korean music charts with their innovative style and catchy music that appeals to the masses. Currently, they are one of the most famous Korean pop groups in the country with one of the largest local and international fan bases.

So, if you are a true Hottest (2PM fan name), are you willing to learn more about them in this in-depth article? Without further ado, here’s the 2PM Members Profile you didn’t know you needed before.

2PM Members Profile

Jun.K Profile

Stage Name: Jun.K
Real Name: Kim Min Jun/Kim Jun Su
Role: Main vocalist
Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
Birthdate: January 15, 1988
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 180 cm or 5’11”
Blood Type: A
Skills: singing, dancing, songwriting, poetry
Instagram: @jun2dakay
Twitter: @Jun2daKAY

Jun.K Facts:

– Junsu is the leader of the group
– He holds the position of lead vocals
– He was born in Daegu
– He changed his name from Kim Junsu to Kim Minjun due to family and personal reasons
– Junsu was accepted into JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, but he chose the former
– He can speak English and Japanese apart from his mother tongue
– He was inspired to be a singer due to Steve Wonder
– He can produce and write songs as well as write poetry
– He met Taeyang and G-Dragon while starting out in YG Entertainment
– He used to be a troublemaker that skipped the company’s rules
– He graduated from Kyung Hee University
– He produced ‘Got Lucky’ for a junior JYP Entertainment group called GOT7
– In his own group, he produced songs such as ‘My House’, ‘HOT’, ‘Game Over’, and many other songs
– He trained for a period of four years
– He has a solo career on the side; he released his first solo single in 2011 called ‘Alive’
– In 2014, he released his first solo Japanese album called ‘Love & Hate’
– He composed songs for JYP Entertainment and J.Y. Park
– He is going to perform his mandatory military service this year in 2017
– He starred in a musical called ‘Jack the Ripper’ and played the character of Daniel (2013)
– Jun.K’s former stage name used to be Junsu
– He was an achiever in his academic days, having received over 70 awards for his essays and book reports
– His father passed away in the year 2012
– He likes to use the jump rope for his workout routine
– His hobbies include shopping, collecting accessories and shoes
– Jun.K released his debut Korean album called ‘Mr. No’ in 2016, his second Korean album called ’77-1X3-00′ was released in 2017
– His albums rank high in Korean music charts
– His ideal girl is someone who can look good in anything
– He particularly likes girls with long hair and a bright smile

Nichkhun Profile

Stage Name: Nichkhun
Real Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Role: Vocalist, rapper, visual, face of the group
Hometown: California, USA
Birthdate: June 24, 1988
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 182 cm or 6’0″
Blood Type: O
Skills: singing, dancing, rapping, acting
Instagram: @khunsta0624
Twitter: @Khunnie0624

Nichkhun Facts:

– Nichkhun is of Chinese and Thai descent
– He was born in California, USA
– He has two younger sisters
– Nichkhun is known to come from a wealthy family
– One of his nicknames is ‘Thai Prince’
– He has both Thailand and USA citizenship
– He studied in Thailand before moving to New Zealand to study for a year and a half
– He moved back to California to finish his education
– He can speak a lot of languages including Thai, Korean, Mandarin, English, Japanese, and a little of French
– He was casted for ‘We Got Married’ where his fake wife was Victoria from f(x)
– He started training for JYP Entertainment in 2006
– He is also an actor, having acted in movies like ‘Shining Diploma’, the live-action adaptation of ‘Ouran High School Host Club’, ‘Seven Something’
– He also appeared in a couple of Chinese dramas called ‘One and a Half Summer’ and ‘Looking for Aurora’
– He has a Thai father and a Chinese mother
– He composed a song called ‘Let it Rain’ for his fans
– He can play the piano and do acrobatics
– He was awarded Most Influential Thai of the Year
– He can also play the guitar
– Nichkhun’s religion is Buddhism
– He was scouted in Hollywood, California during a Korean Music Festival

Taecyeon Profile

Stage Name: Taecyeon
Real Name: Ok Taec Yeon
Role: Main rapper, vocalist, 2nd group visual
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Birthdate: December 27, 1988
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 185 cm or 6’1″
Blood Type: AB
Skills: singing, dancing, rapping
Twitter: @taeccool

Taecyeon Facts:

– He is the main rapper of the group
– He has an older sister
– Taecyeon lived in Massachusetts, USA for seven years after he migrated with his family at the age of 10
– He auditioned to be a model for JYP Entertainment
– He can speak English and Japanese aside from Korean
– He studied at Bedford High School in USA
– He also studied in Young Dong High School in Seoul
– He attended Korea University Graduate School of International Studies
– He had an experience with a saesang fan wherein he received a bloody letter from her
– He also got casted for ‘We Got Married’; his fake wife was Emma Wu, a Taiwanese actress
– His specialty is cooking
– He finished a degree in Business Administration at Dongkuk University
– He is also a good actor, having appeared in dramas such as ‘Dream High’, ’99 Days with the Superstar’, ‘Who Are You’, ‘Wonderful Days’, ‘Assembly’, and ‘Let’s Fight Ghost’
– He had his first solo concert in Tokyo Dome City Hall
– He was in ‘Superstar Survival’ with fellow members Chansung and Junho; he was the first one to leave
– He is considered a ‘beast idol‘, but he has lots of aegyo
– Taecyeon enlisted in the mandatory military service on September 4, 2017
– He says his ideal type is more open now since he grew up

Wooyoung Profile

Stage Name: Wooyoung
Real Name: Jang Woo Young
Role: Main dancer, lead vocalist
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Birthdate: April 30, 1989
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 178 cm or 5’10”
Blood Type: B
Skills: singing, dancing, acting, modeling
Twitter: @0430yes

Wooyoung Facts:

– He is the main rapper of 2PM
– He was inspired by Michael Jackson in dancing
– His father used to be against his dream, but now his father is very supportive
– He won 1st place in JYP’s 1st public audition
– He has an older sister
– He was the first one in the group to release a single album
– He released ’23, Male, Single’ in 2012
– Wooyoung played the Korean-American character in the Korean drama ‘Dream High’
– He had a cameo in ‘Human Casino’ (2011)
– He also appeared in ‘We Got Married’ where he got paired with the actress Park Seyoung
– He had his solo debut in Japan in 2015 with a single called ‘R.O.S.E.’
– He graduated from Seoul School for Arts as a dance major
– He modeled for several brands including Evisu and Rebook
– In 2014, he was assigned as the new face for Recipe Cosmetics
– Usually, he is the one who sings the intro to their songs
– He can speak a little English
– His religion is Buddhism
– His fellow band mates Nichkhun and Teacyeon helped him with his English
– After his Japanese debut, he had a tour in Tokyo, Osaka, and Achi
– His ideal type is a person he can communicate well with

Junho Profile

Stage Name: Junho
Real Name: Lee Jun Ho
Role: Main vocalist, lead dancer
Hometown: Ilsan, Goyang, South Korea
Birthdate: January 25, 1990
Zodiac: Aquarius
Height: 178 cm or 5’10”
Blood Type: A
Skills: singing, dancing, acting
Instagram: @dlwnsghek
Twitter: @le2jh

Junho Facts:

– He is the lead dancer of 2PM
– He won ‘Superstar Surivival’ on SBS in 2006
– He had a bad attitude in his trainee years as well asin SBS ‘Superstar Survival’
– Junho’s cousin is the pitcher for the Doosan Bears
– He holds a resemblance to the artist Rain
– He was dubbed ‘Little Bi’ which means Little Rain
– He has two cats called Johnny and Wollie
– Before, he was about to get kicked out of JYP Entertainment due to his bad attitude, but his mother begged them to give him another chance
– He had his Japanese debut in 2013 with an album called ‘Kimi no Noe’
– He started his first solo tour in 2013
– He can speak Japanese and a little English
– He reached his peak popularity in Japan with ‘FEEL’, his 2nd mini album
– He graduated from Howon University
– His hobbies include beatboxing and reading
– Junho acted in ‘Cold Eyes’, ‘Twenty’, ‘Memories of the Sword’, ‘Memory’, ‘Uncontrollably Fond’, and ‘Chief Kim’
– He supports animal rights
– His ideal type is Scarlett Johanssen
– His ‘FEEL’ album reached the top of Oricon chart upon its debut
– He released his third Japanese mini album called ‘SO GOOD’
– Junho’s resemblance to Rain is often rumored as a result of plastic surgery
– He is a cat person and has a soft spot for animals

Chansung Profile

Stage Name: Chansung
Real Name: Hwang Chan Sung
Role: Lead rapper, vocalist, maknae
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Birthdate: February 11, 1990
Zodiac: Aquarius
Height: 184 cm or 6’0″
Blood Type: B
Skills: singing, dancing, rapping, acting
Twitter: @2PMagreement211

Chansung Facts:

– He is the youngest member of the group
– He knows Taekwondo and Kumdo
– Chansung also participated in ‘Superstar Survival’ along with Teacyeon and Junho
– He appeared in the ‘Bad Guy’ MV for Joo
– He likes to sleep on the floor just like Wooyoung
– He owns a cat named Jeonggam
– He graduated from Korean Art High School and Howon University
– He was called an ‘Old Maknae’ because he is the tallest member
– He appeared in ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ n 2006
– Chansung acted in a Japanese movie called ‘WasureYuuki’
– He prefers a person with kind eyes
– He also appeared in ‘Dream High’, ‘Brilliant Thieves Royale’, 7th Grade Civil Servant’, ‘Romantic Boss’, and a whole other lot of dramas and movies


We have reached the end of our article, but if you have more interesting info or trivia to add, leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with your K-Pop friends as well!

Before you go, take the time to vote on your favorite 2PM member!

– Jun.K
– Nichkhun
– Taecyeon
– Wooyoung
– Junho
– Chansung

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