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4Minute Members Profile – Looking Back at 4Minute Band

4Minute Members
4Minute Members Profile and Facts – Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun.

Are you feeling a bit regretful of the 4Minute breakup? Well, as loyal fans, all we can do now is support the 4Minute members on their future endeavors. If you’re just getting into their music or feeling a bit nostalgic, try reading this 4Minute Members Profile for all the fun facts and information about them.

First, let’s start off with a little bit about 4Minute’s history. 4Minute was formed by Cube Entertainment in 2009 upon the release of their chart-topping single called ‘Hot Issue’. This South Korean girl group consisted of five members namely: Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna, and Sohyun.

4Minute Profile

Since their success with ‘Hot Issue’, 4Minute released their debut Korean album entitled ‘4Minutes Left’. As rookies, they already received a lot of attention because of their music style and entertaining performances.

Up until the group disbanded in June of 2016, 4Minute released a lot of singles and albums both in Korean and Japanese languages. They also went on to participate in a lot of variety shows and guestings, as well as win multiple awards in Korean pop music.

Cube Entertainment was unsuccessful in getting the members of the band to renew their contracts. Thus, 4Minute officially said goodbye to their 4NIAs. Luckily, we have this 4Minute Members Profile to remember them by when they were still one group.

4Minute Members Profile and Facts

Jihyun Profile

Stage Name: Jihyun
Real Name: Nam Ji Hyun
Role: Leader, lead dancer, vocalist, visual
Birthdate: January 9, 1990
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 167 cm or 5’6″
Skills: singing, dancing, ballet
Instagram: @njh9019
Twitter: @4m_namjiji0109

Jihyun Facts:

– Jihyun was selected to be the leader of the group after 6 months of training
– She was accepted into the company after the first audition
– She stands as the mother of the group
– Jihyun is the oldest among the 4Minute members
– She only trained for six months
– She is an older sister to a younger brother
– She likes taking selfies just like any other girl
– Jihyun is a bookworm
– She is capable of doing splits
– She is bad at lying
– Her drinking limit is one bottle of soju
– She was paired up with ZE:A’s Hyungsik on the show ‘The Romantic & Idol’
– She likes the characters Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse
– She can speak basic Japanese
– She had her first kiss at the topmost floor of a library
– She is friends with Donghae from Super Junior
– She is the best among the group when it comes to speaking and writing in English
– Jihyun made an appearance in BtoB’s ‘Love Virus’ MV
– She says that her ideal man is Rain
– She is a fan of Kim Yuna (famous figure skater) and Madonna
– She wants to be a well-rounded performer like BoA
– She does most of the cooking at home, along with fellow member Hyuna
– Her forte in cooking are fried rice dishes and bossam
– She is afraid of snakes and fireworks
– She is talented at drawing
– She can do a sexy body wave
– Pink is her favorite color
– She is a loyal person and has many close friends
– She also appeared in the ‘When You Leave Me’ MV by MBLAQ

Gayoon Profile

Stage Name: Gayoon
Real Name: Heo Ga Yoon
Role: Main vocalist
Birthdate: May 18, 1990
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 165 cm or 5’5″
Skills: singing, dancing, acting
Instagram: @gayoon_heo

Gayoon Facts:

– Gayoon loves clothes and goes shopping during her free time
– She is a member of the sub-unit 2Yoon
– She is a fan of Yangpa, Lee Hyori, and Bae Youngjin
– She went to Donguk University with a major in theater
– She had cameos in dramas like ‘High Kick Through the Roof’, ‘Me Too, Flower!’, and ‘My Friend is Still Alive’
– She played a part in the drama ‘Lights and Shadows’ on MBC
– Gayoon doesn’t fall for the pranks that the other members try to pull on her
– One of her hobbies is writing lyrics during her spare time
– She is not capable of expressing her feelings well
– She appeared in the ‘I’m Yours’ MV by Mario
– She was featured in the song ‘Bad Guy Good Girl’ by Sunny Side
– She was included in the recording of ‘Let’s Go’
– She is the one who is responsible for cleaning
– Gayoon has small hands
– She gets emotional when it comes to family
– Other members of the group say that Gayoon becomes scary when she gets angry
– She doesn’t like public display of affection like kissing or holding hands
– She says she doesn’t know how to do aegyo
– She is a former SM Entertainment trainee
– She is self-conscious
– She likes it when she is called the ‘bad girl’
– She is friends with Jiyeon from T-ara
– She likes snakes
– It is said that male idols get her number and call her many times
– She has been a singer since high school
– According to Gayoon, she is most attractive during practice while sweating
– Her concept is cool and sexy
– Other fans call her Goddess Gayoon
– She likes eating Japanese noodles
– She has great legs
– She likes trying out new things

Jiyoon Profile

Stage Name: Jiyoon
Real Name: Jeon Ji Yoon
Role: Lead rapper, lead vocalist
Birthdate: October 15, 1990
Zodiac: Libra
Height: 165 cm or 5’5″
Skills: singing, dancing, rapping
Instagram: @jenyerjiyoon
Twitter: @4M_Jiyoonitt

Jiyoon Facts:

– She is part of the sub unit called 2Yoon with Gayoon
– She is the ‘father’ of the group
– Her best friend during trainee days is Gayoon
– She laughs like a boy
– She is a fan of Katy Perry and likes all her songs
– She doesn’t know how to cook well
– White is her favorite color
– The other members say that Jiyoon changed the most
– She can speak basic English and Japanese
– She is a big fan of Beyonce
– She made a cover of Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’
– She suffered from hair loss
– She calls her parents everyday
– Jiyoon has a fear of heights
– She is considered as the moodmaker of the group
– She is a fan of reading Naruto
– She likes to snack and is called the snack maniac of the group
– She likes Pocky and roasted chicken
– Jiyoon likes wearing her sunglasses
– When she was young, she practiced kendo, swimming, and other athletics
– It was said by Hyuna that Jiyoon’s body was free from fat
– She likes doing aegyo and can change her voice pitch
– When she was in school, she was the president of their dance club
– She uses aegyo when talking with her mother
– She is a gamer
– In their Huh era, she dyed hair her for the first time ever
Predebut, she sang ‘If I Were a Boy’ by Beyonce
– She doesn’t drink coffee
– Jihyoon likes to go mountain climbing/hiking
– She wrote the intro for For Muzik
– She as well as Sohyun participated in writing lyrics for their rap

Hyuna Profile

Stage Name: Hyuna
Real Name: Kim Hyun Ah
Role: Main dancer, main rapper, vocalist, face of the group
Birthdate: June 6, 1992
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 164 cm or 5’5″
Skills: singing, dancing, rapping
Instagram: @hyunah_aa
Twitter: @4M_hyunah

Hyuna Facts:

– She used to be a member of the Wonder Girls from 2007-2008
– She can speak a little bit of English and Mandarin
– She left the Wonder Girls because her parents were concerned about her health
– Hyuna went to Cube Entertainment in 2008
– She debuted with 4Minute after 1 year of training
– When the group disbanded, she was the only one who renewed her contract with the company
– She is part of the duo Trouble Maker along with Hyunseung
– Hyuna is a solo artist
– She is best friends with Sunny from SNSD
– She still remained friends with Wonder Girls even after her departure from the group
– She attended Konkook University, the same one that Dongwoon from B2ST went to
– She passed the audition on her first try for JYP
– Initially, she wanted to be an actress
– Her parents are divorced
– She trained for six years and six months before debuting
– She is called the Queen of pelvic thrusts
– She wrote the rap to ‘Say You Love Me’ by G.Na
– She had dyed her hair many colors
– Sohyun said that they were always late to school because of Hyuna
– One of her boyfriends cheated on her before but she continued on dating him
– She is a lightweight when it comes to drinking
– It is said that she is more childish than the group’s maknae
– When it was her birthday, the hashtag #22HyunaBDay became number one worldwide
– She started acting at 8 years old
– She started dancing at 10 years old
– Hyuna listens to music according to her mood
– Her image is very sultry and sexy
– She likes scented candles
– She chose Jihyun as the most beautiful member of the group
– She can also dance the samba style of dance
– Hyuna is the maknae on Invincible Youth
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Sohyun Profile

Stage Name: Sohyun
Real Name: Kwon So Hyun
Role: Lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, maknae
Birthdate: August 30, 1994
Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 162 cm or 5’3″
Skills: singing, rapping, dancing, playing the piano
Instagram: @kkwonsso_94
Twitter: @4M_kkwonsso

Sohyun Facts:

– Sohyun is the youngest and shortest member of the group
– She was part of ‘Orange’ when she was younger, a girl group that she was part of when she was just 12 years old
– One of her many talents is playing the piano
– She is close to Dongwoon from B2ST
– She is the most active out of all members on Twitter
– She has been a piano player since she was a kid
– Before debuting in ‘Orange’, she wanted to be an actress
– Before, she trained under JYP Entertainment
– She won second place in the SM singing contest
– She is a considerate person
– She prefers reading books when the other members watch dramas
– Her complex is her baby fat
– She received her sex education from the Cube CEO
– She likes to shop
– Jiyoon calls her ‘Cheeky Kid’
– Yoseob calls her ‘Kid’
– She says that she wants her first kiss to be in an elevator
– She also likes interior design
– She graduated as the 4th best in her class
– She wore backpacks during their performances of ‘Hot Issue’
– Sohyun is considered the daughter of the group
– Jihyun considers her as her daughter
– When she was in school, her friends treated her as if she wasn’t a celebrity
– Hyuna considers Sohyun as her precious little sister
– 4Minute attacked her with snowballs when she graduated middle school
– Her ideal type is guys with double eyelids and a bad guy style
– She had a piano in her dorm room
– She listens well to anyone that talks to her
– She is close with Jiyoung from Kara
– Sohyun won in the Idol Athletics Championship in the archery
– She wants to be the cutest K-pop maknae among sexy women


If you miss 4Minute, so do we! We hope you appreciated this 4Minute members profile and if you have more fun facts to add, please do leave them in the comments below. Before you go, don’t forget to share this with your 4NIA and K-Pop friends as well. Thanks so much for reading!

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