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A Pink Members Profile and Undisclosed Facts About Them

A Pink Members

A Pink Members Profile and Secret Facts You Would Like to Know – Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo and Hayoung

If you are a big fan of Korean pop girl groups, then you have probably heard of (and you’re probably already a fan) one of the biggest names in the K-Pop industry: A Pink! So if you’re a fully-fledged Pink Panda, here’s the A Pink Members Profile you never knew you needed until now.

Let’s get down with a little bit of history first. A Pink started out in the year 2011 under the company Plan A Entertainment (which was formerly known as A Cube Entertainment). They currently have six active members namely Park Cho Rong, Yoon Bo Mi, Jung Eun Ji, Son Na Eun, Kim Nam Joo, and Oh Ha Young.

A Pink Profile

In 2011, A Pink debuted with a mini album called ‘Seven Springs of Apink’ with ‘I Don’t Know’ as their title track. Before they got to make their Japanese debut, former member Hong Yoo Kyung left the group for the sake of her studies. In 2014, A Pink made a successful Japanese debut with the song ‘NoNoNo’.

Since their debut, A Pink has won many awards for music and has definitely gained the recognition as one of the best-selling girl groups of this generation. Since 2011 until now, A Pink have had their solo concerts, foreign concerts, and many tours both locally and internationally.

Their fans are called Pink Pandas. Are you one of them? If so, keep on reading this A Pink Members Profile to find out more about your favorite girls.

Best Info About A Pink Members and A Pink Profile

Chorong Profile

Stage Name: Chorong
Real Name: Park Cho Rong
Role: Leader, rapper, sub-vocalist
Birthdate: March 3, 1991
Zodiac: Pisces
Hometown: Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
Height: 162 cm or 5’4″
Blood Type: O
Skills: singing, dancing, rapping, hapkido
Twitter: Apinkpcr
Instagram: mulgokizary

Chorong Facts:

– She is the eldest member of the group
– She is good at hapkido since her father is a hapkido class director
– She is the middle child amongst three siblings
– Her ideal type’s physical qualities are slim figure and monolids
– She is a fan of Beyonce and The Pussycat Dolls
– Chorong has a third degree black belt
– She appeared for the MVs ‘Shock’, ‘Breath’, and ‘Beautiful’ which are all by B2ST
– She was also featured in the MV for ‘Insane’ by BTOB
– In 2009, she auditioned for JYP Entertainment
– She lived in China when she was young
– Her favorite movie genre is action movies
– She has allegedly watched the Godzilla movie over twenty times
– Due to her young look, she often gets mistaken as the youngest member of the group
– Before their debut, Chorong lived with G.NA and Bomi
– She knows how to drive
– Her personality is shy and friendly
– Chorong is A Pink’s ‘country girl’
– She writes the lyrics for most of A Pink’s side tracks
– Gikwang from B2ST considered her as the member from A Pink that he is closest to
She likes boys who are not too shy but not too frivolous either
– Pink and red are her favorite colors
– She looked up to BoA and SES
– She has a driver’s license
– She loves to watch movies and wash the dishes
– Chorong is known as the mother in their group; hence the nicknames Rong mama and Rongleadah
– Chorong prefers a casual look over the more sophisticated look
– She was unlucky a few times to become sick before a show or important work
– She has a habit of picking at her hands and answering to questions late
– Her favorite numbers are 3 and 7
– Chorong is liked by Teen Top’s Niel, FT Island’s Jaejin, and SNSD’s Sunny
– She has a scar on her right arm that she covers with a bandage
– She knows how to cook

Bomi Profile

Stage Name: Bomi
Real Name: Yoon Bo Mi
Role: Main dancer, lead vocalist, rapper
Birthdate: August 13, 1993
Zodiac: Leo
Hometown: Suwon, South Korea
Height: 163 cm or 5’4″
Blood Type: O
Skills: singing, dancing, rapping, taekwondo
Twitter: Apinkbm
Instagram: __yoonbomi__

Bomi Facts:

– She has a third degree black belt in taekwondo and has been practicing since she was a child
– She is a laid back type of person
– Bomi is bad at packing
– She is the middle child amongst three kids
– She likes listening to ballads and soft music
– Her most visited place is the practice room
– Bomi is considered as the mood-maker of the group
– She likes playing soccer
– She is part of Pink BnN, a duo wherein she is with Namjoo
– She is boyish
– Red is her favorite color
– Her favorite number is 3
– She resembles her father very much
– She is A Pink’s ‘sporty girl’
– She used to do cheerleading
– Bomi was a tomboy in her childhood years
– She lived with G.NA and Chorong before their debut with A Pink
– She can do a gorilla impression
– She attended CUBE Academy before debut
– She appeared in ‘Beautiful’ MV for B2ST
– She learned how to play the drums
– Her ideal type is someone with monolids, doesn’t spoil her with expensive gifts, and has a good first impression on her
– She considers Tak Jae Hoon as the closest to her ideal type

Eunji Profile

Stage Name: Eunji
Real Name: Jung Eun Ji
Role: Main vocalist, face of the group
Birthdate: August 18, 1993
Zodiac: Leo
Hometown: Haeundae, Busan, South Korea
Height: 162 cm or 5’3″
Blood Type: B
Skills: singing, dancing, acting, playing the piano
Twitter: Apinkej
Instagram: artist_eunji

Eunji Facts:

– Her name used to be Jung Hyerim but she changed it to Jung Eunji
– She is the face of the group
– Her training time is only six months
– Eunji is the ‘Happy Virus’ of the group
– She has a younger brother named Minki
– Blue, green, and red are her favorite colors
– Her favorite number is 25
– She is idolized by Joon and Mir from MBLAQ and Yejun from F.Cuz
– She likes Jennifer Hudson
– Initially, she wanted to be a vocal trainer instead of a singer
– She is the best at singing but is considered the worst at dancing
– She makes many mistakes during dancing
– She is close with Woori from Rainbow
– She likes to imagine music videos
– She is an actress; she has appeared in dramas such as ‘Reply 1997’, ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’, ‘Reply 1994’, ‘Lovers of Music’, and ‘Cheer Up!’
– In 2016, she made her debut as a solo artist
– She released her first solo album called ‘Dream’
– This year, she released her second solo album ‘The Space’
– She likes masculine guys with a kind smile
– Eunji used to take taekwondo lessons behind her mother’s back
– Many other idols and artists have complimented her on her singing
– She also wanted to be a detective before
– Before, she had troubled adapting to Seoul’s dialect
– Her favorite movie is Bruce Almighty
– She can play the piano
– After she auditioned, she was immediately slotted as A Pink’s main vocalist
– She is envious of Hayoung’s height
– Gikwang from B2ST said that she is really funny
– She was nicknamed the 2nd Lizzy due to the fact that she also came from Busan and they have some similarities
– Physically, her ideal man has monolids, a straight nose, and a nice face expression when smiling
– Her favorite food is meat and anything that her mother cooks

Naeun Profile

Stage Name: Naeun
Real Name: Son Na Eun
Role: Lead dancer, visual, vocalist
Birthdate: February 10, 1994
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168 cm or 5’6″
Blood Type: B
Skills: singing, dancing, acting, arts
Twitter: Apinksne
Instagram: marcellasne_

Naeun Facts:

– She has a lot of nicknames like: Witch, Potato Girl, and Center (Jungshim)
– She is also talented at drawing and arts
– She starred in the MV ‘Beautiful’ as the lead
– She also appeared in ‘Shock’, and ‘Breathe & Stop Being Mad at Me’ by B2ST
– Naeun is also a gifted actress, having appeared in dramas like ‘The Great Seer’, ‘Childless Comfort’, ‘Second Time Twenty Years Old’, and ‘Cinderella and Four Knights’
– Nauen also appeared in ‘Breath’ MV by B2ST
– She was casted for the reality TV show ‘We Got Married’ and Taemin was her fake husband
– Her English name is Marcella
– She picked Choiza from Dynamic Duo as her ideal type
– Her favorite number is 1
– Black and burgundy are her favorite colors
– Her personality is dull and not expressive
– Her favorite movie genres are tragedy and drama
Block B’s Jaehyo and Jongsu from MIB are her fans
– During her audition, she sang ‘Sorry Heart’ by Wonder Girls
– She is friends with Lizzy from After School
– She also likes listening to sad music
– One of her nicknames, ‘GoToNyu’, was given to her by Yookyung because she carries sweet potatoes and tomatoes in her bag wherever she goes
– She likes guys who have a manly personality and are honest
– She is close with the actress Shim Eunkyung
– She has a habit of touching her hair frequently
– She has one younger sister named Saeeun
– She likes drawing while listening to music

Namjoo Profile

Stage Name: Namjoo
Real Name: Kim Nam Joo
Role: Lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper
Birthdate: April 15, 1995
Zodiac: Aries
Hometown: Seoul, Busan, South Korea
Height: 165 cm or 5’5″
Blood Type: B
Skills: singing, dancing, rapping, acting
Twitter: Apinkknj
Instagram: sarangdungy

Namjoo Facts:

– She can speak Chinese and English
– She starred in ‘Beautiful’ MV by B2ST
– Namjoo is good at doing impersonations
– One of her nicknames is ‘Tireless Energizer’
– She calls herself Beyonce
– She is part of the duo Pink BnN with Bomi
– Namjoo acted in ‘Investigator Alice’ in 2015
– She did a duet with Phantom, a song called ‘Seoul Lonely’
– She is good at impersonating Ahn Sung-daek and Park Hee-jin
– Her favorite number is 3
– She is often considered as the 2nd main vocal of the group
– She also calls herself ‘The Queen of the Housewives’
– Namjoo is the second youngest of the group
– As a child, she appeared in a CF for LG
– She was the last member revealed for A Pink along with Bomi
– She likes men with monolids and those that have a good facial expression

Hayoung Profile

Stage Name: Hayoung
Real Name: Oh Ha Young
Role: Rapper, vocalist, maknae
Birthdate: July 19, 1996
Zodiac: Cancer
Hometown: Seoul, Busan, South Korea
Height: 169 cm or 5’7″
Blood Type: B
Skills: singing, dancing, rapping, acting
Instagram: _ohhayoung_

Hayoung Facts:

– She is part Filipino; her grandmother is Filipino
– Despite her mature appearance, Hayoung is the youngest of the group
– She is also the tallest among the members of the group
– Her nicknames are: Indian Princess and Psychic
– Her favorite numbers are 5 and 7
– Yellow and black are her favorite colors
– She has a habit of licking her lips
– She can split an apple in half with only her hands
– Her favorite movie genres are comedy and family
Sunggyu from Infinite said that Hayoung is his ideal type
– She trained for one and a half years
– Her dad is a fan of Eunji
– She wears glasses off stage due to her bad eyesight
– Hayoung can rap P.O.’s part in ‘Don’t Stop/Freeze’
– She had a collaboration with Jiggy Dogg for the song ‘The Best Thing I Did’ in 2014
– She made her acting debut in ‘Please Find Her’
– Hayoung likes to keep snacks in her closet
– She is a fan of Super Junior [Check out Super Junior Members Profile] – Her favorite member of Super Junior is Yesung


With this A Pink Members Profile, we hope you learned a lot to your Pink Panda heart’s content. Got more information or fun facts to share? Leave them in the comments below. While you do that, why not share this article with your K-Pop friends as well?

For this A Pink Members Profile, our poll is:

Who do you think has the best face in A Pink?

– Chorong
– Bomi
– Eunji
– Naeun
– Namjoo
– Hayoung

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