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Aamir Khan’s Hair Transplant – Did He Get Plastic Surgery Too?

Aamir Khan Hair TransplantAamir Khan, the Mr. Perfectionist was caught with the receding hairline recently. Though there were no bald patches to be concerned about, the thin hair on head showed the signs of Aamir Khan’s hair transplant. Aamir always want to do something different, which we all can see from his movies.

Aamir never fails to impress his fans. Whether it is his choice of films or looks, he goes to great lengths to get the desired look. He went ahead with a very long hair with wavy look in the film Fanaa (2006). The thick mustache and long hair that he grew for Mangal Pandey (2005) got him the accolades. Whether it is Dil Chata Hain, Talaash, Mangal Pandey, PK or Dangal — we have seen him in different hair styles. You can always expect a surprise when it is Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan's Thugs Of Hindostan

‘Thugs of Hindostan’ is his upcoming movie and we are going to see him with fully grown hair and beard in this movie. In the promotional events of Dangal, Aamir was spotted with a beard and hair covered with scarf.

Aamir Khan Before and After Hair Transplant

Aamir Khan established himself as one of the influential actors in India. Throughout his career, he won many awards and accolades. His success in acting industry paved a way for the creation Mr. Perfectionist. Is he striving to get perfection just in terms of action or is it possible that he is trying to have a perfect look as well?

Aamir Khan's Hair

Aamir is in his late 40s, but still looks much younger than his actual age. People are wondering if the award winning actor could be getting on hair transplant and cosmetic tricks that got most celebrities crazy to enhance their looks. The actors face is flawless with thick and smooth hair.

But, the question is – Does Aamir Khan undergo hair job? Perhaps, we need to give a quick call to his good friend Sallu to know if he really got his hair transplant done.

Hair Transplants are very common among Bollywood actors and has a very high success rate. Hair transplant is a matter to keep confidential, as it is one of the things one does with their own body. As most of the hair transplant stories are kept secret, it is not easy to hear about them. However, the case is exceptional with celebrities, as people love to hear their personal stories. It is inspiring to see that it is possible to get natural looking hair with hair transplant.

Aamir Khan’s hair transplant story never came into light, but if we compare his recent photos with that of 2000s — we can surely say that he has opted for hair transplant surgery. Aamir’s remarkably revitalized hair line is speculated to be the product of successful hair transplant.

Rumors of Aamir Khan’s Cosmetic Surgery

Aamir Khan, Bollywood’s perfectionist is said to have injected his face with Botox to get rid of wrinkles on his forehead. Check out his photo in 2006 from the movie Fanaa, where he looked his age. If you compare that with 2013 photos, you will be surprised to see the wrinkles disappeared from forehead and under eye. We have the young looking Aamir in a completely young look.

Aamir Khan plastic surgery

Though he is late 40’s, his face is flawless with a smooth and shiny forehead. He played the role of a college student in ‘3 Idiots’, when he was in his 40s. When we asked Aamir about his youthful looks, he said – “I guess it’s in my genes“. He also added that he is very particular about his diet, sleep and workout.

Aamir Khan stunned everyone with transformation he underwent for his latest movie ‘Dangal’. It was not easy for Aamir to impress with weight transformation in ‘Dangal’. According to sources – he had breathing problem when he added extra kilos for the film.

Aamir started the shooting of ‘Thugs of Hindostan’. In a recent picture, he is seen having lost lot of weight – almost half of his original size. He has gone for a completely new look, which his character demands.

So, what do you say about Aamir’s new look? Could this be a reason behind Aamir Khan’s hair transplant? Leave your comments below.

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