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Anastasiya Kvitko Plastic Surgery – The Story of Russian Kim Kardashian

Anastasiya Kvitko plastic surgery
Anastasiya Kvitko is quite infamous for her extensive plastic surgery and also because she showcases it to all of Instagram. If you follow her on Instagram, you would see how she looks so different from her appearance when she was younger and her appearance today. Thus, we are going to take a look at Anastasiya Kvitko plastic surgery procedures to find out how much she has changed.

Anastasiya Kvitko is a Russian glamour model and entrepreneur. She is also a famous Instagram model with millions of followers with the username anastasiya_kvitko. If you take a look at her Instagram posts, you will be blinded by her glamorous lifestyle and her exaggerated figure.

Anastasiya Kvitko sexy photo

Russian Kim Kardashian plastic surgery

If we compare Anastasiya Kvitko’s figure to the average woman, it is definitely not normal. Let us find out how much plastic surgery she got over the years to reach Instagram fame.

Anastasiya Kvitko Before and After Breast Implants

The most obvious plastic surgery that this Instagram model got is her breast augmentation surgery. It wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if we were to find out that she got multiple breast augmentation surgeries since her breasts have ballooned so big from their original size.

Anastasiya Kvitko Breast Implants

Before, Anastasiya Kvitko’s breasts were already big and we suspect that she got breast implants before she became as famous as she is now. Her first breast augmentation surgery probably increased her breast size to a D cup.

But currently, she has a DD cup size due to bigger breast implants. Her unnatural breasts are no longer proportionate to her body and as we’ve said before, they are a bit exaggerated. But we have to praise Anastasiya Kvitko’s plastic surgeon since the breast implants are very naturally shaped and the outcome appears as natural as breast implants can be.

Anastasiya Kvitko boobs

Nevertheless, natural or not, her breast implants made her more attractive to social media followers as she often showcases her boobs in revealing outfits and high fashion clothes.

Anastasiya Kvitko’s Butt Implants

Anastasiya Kvitko is also rumoured to have had butt implants done to be able to have a proportionate body. Since she already has a huge pair of breasts, she is bound to have a huge bottom as well. Otherwise, she would look weird.

Anastasiya Kvitko Butt Implants

The model is said to have had butt implants in order to increase the size of her bottom. However, it could also be that she got that result due to multiple squats at the gym and an appropriate diet. But critics are saying that she also got the help of a plastic surgeon to give her the size and shape of bottom that she wanted.

Russian Kim Kardashian butt implants

The butt implant rumour is also supported by the fact that her thighs are not proportionate to her butt. It is quite obvious if you check out her Instagram posts which bare her bottom and thighs. You would see that there is a big difference between the size of her legs and her thighs. Supposedly, she would also have thick thighs if she got the big, round bottom the natural way.

Anastasiya Kvitko’s Lip Injections

Collagen lip injections are pretty trendy for social media influencers like Anastasiya Kvitko. It only takes a glance at her older pictures to see that she didn’t always have pouty lips like she does now.

Anastasiya Kvitko Lip Injections

When she was younger, Anastasiya Kvitko had average sized lips which can be considered already thicker than the average lips. But ever since she became a model, her lips also increased in size along with her butt and breasts.

This can be attributed to her alleged use of collagen lip injections. The lip injections made her lips fuller, more robust, and definitely poutier than before. This is a good improvement, in our biased opinion, since lip makeup looks better on her.

Anastasiya Kvitko hot body

Anastasiya Kvitko can be considered an attractive woman even before she had all the plastic surgery. She had a pretty face that only needed a few improvements, but it is fortunate that plastic surgery worked well for her. People who get too much plastic surgery can be pretty prone to having horrible results.

Nevertheless, Anastasiya Kvitko plastic surgery is a good example of plastic/cosmetic surgery. Hopefully, she doesn’t get too addicted and end up ruining her face and body entirely.

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  2. Those are “big” breasts in her “before” picture? LMAO ur kidding right?… You must not get out much, u seem pretty ignorant to womens body tyoes. I didnt know an a-cup was considered big by any standard, even if thas what ur into for some reason.
    The average woman? Cut the bs, Your comparing her to curveless, flat chested, small butt, size 3 and under women who arent attractive at all. Nothing abnormal about her curves or naturally accented body parts. Like you said about her thighs not being proportional, not all naturally curvy women are.
    That before pic is her of a teen… Shes over 20 now, that is at least a 2 year difference, a lot can happen to your body in one depending on your diet and exercise routine. I went to school with girls curvy like her. albeit not that thick but on a smaller scale they had the exact same body tyoe. Unkess your telling me they all had plastic surgery too? GTFOH.
    Im not saying she didn’t go under but the standard your comparing her to is rediculously unattractive , there is no “average”its all based on genetics. Girls are getting more curvy younger and younger each generation.

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