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Angelababy Before and After Plastic Surgery – Shocking Transformations

Angelababy plastic surgery
Angela Yeung Wing, famously known as Angelababy, is one of the biggest models and actresses in China. She’s very popular because of her beautiful looks and is highly regarded as the best example of what plastic surgery can do.

Her exquisite face has become the ideal standard of beauty for so many young women in this generation.

If you browse through the World Wide Web, you will be able to see numerous Angelababy before and after plastic surgery pictures just to prove that she had multiple enhancements done to her face.

Angelababy Proving She Didn’t Go Under the Knife

Angelababy performing CT scan

It was pretty hot news in China during that time the actress went to a clinic to get checked by a very well-known plastic surgeon, Qi Zuoliang. Angelababy did a CT scan to prove that she had never had plastic surgery and well, the result showed that the bone is natural. There were no indications that the hot model had plastic surgery.

She didn’t have cut marks on her eyelids, around her eyes or even around her mouth. This was during the time Angelababy sued a beauty clinic that published an article alleging that she had undergone procedures to enhance her facial features.

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Rumors

Angelababy Predebut and now

Maybe it’s true that Angelababy never had plastic surgery, but if you look closely at her photos, you’ll just understand how and why her face has changed so much in so many years. Do you think that the changes on her face are due to her aging? Is it simply just genetics or is it really possible to change without going under the knife?

Is Angelababy A Natural Beauty?

The surgeon added that “Double eyelids that were made usually have two distinct layers. Angelababy isn’t like most people. She has several layers of her own.” During the initial stages of her career, we could say that she has the talent, but is that really all?

Angelababy’s Eyelids: Genetics or Surgery?

Angelababy Eyelid Surgery

If you’ve been following her first steps in the show business when she was only 14 years old, you will notice her eyes were different back then. Now, Angelababy’s eyelids are wider than the usual. And while she is a Chinese lady, she gives credit to her bigger eyes from her Germany-descent grandfather.

Angelababy’s Nose Job Results

Angelababy nose job

Angelababy’s nose today is more refined in changing facial lines and is now tucked inside. The rhinoplasty procedure is to also make her nose bridge longer. Gone is her flat and small nose.

Angelababy’s Jaw Surgery and Chin Implant

Angelababy's Jaw Surgery and Chin Implant

Angelababy is reported to have a jaw surgery to reduce jaw protrusion and to make her face look slimmer. Her chin made her face looked big in the past and now that it looks to have been reduced, it triggered speculations regarding the possibility of an Angelababy chin surgery.

Also, her jaw is almost a perfect V-shape which looks perfect on her – but she wasn’t born with it according to the before and after photos.

Angelababy’s Botox Injection Rumors

Angelababy before and after Botox

Botox was added to add her face to look like she has fuller-looking face. Many young celebrities already inject this anti-wrinkle substance on their face that they don’t even need it yet.

Angelababy’s Lip Fillers

Angelababy Lip Fillers

Her lips before were thinner compared to now. If you look at Angelababy old and new pictures, you’ll notice how thick and full her lips are in the present.

Spending Money to Look Like a Clone of Angelababy

A woman from South Korea allegedly spent $1,000,000 on plastic surgery just to look lie Angelababy. Unfortunately, many netizens feel like she looks more like one of the girls from SNSD.

Although the media has tried so many times to get the beautiful actress to spill the beans, they all failed. But a couple of reviews and reliable sources confirm that Angelababy did in fact get a series of plastic surgeries to correct her face.

We just don’t understand why she has to deny and hide it all since it’s already pretty obvious. In China, plastic surgery is accepted. Angelababy even publicly cried over the issue when she was asked about this topic in the past.

Angelababy’s plastic surgery seems to come to a gray area. What do you think, has the Chinese model slash actress went under the knife? Or is it another natural gift from the Almighty God?

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  1. she is product of plastic surgery.
    People’s chin, eye nose don’t change much. You don’t change much from 14. Those modeling photos are from 14 showing a much more oriental looking face . Later she had plastic to give herself a more western look. Her mom had plastics too. There is dissolveable plastic screws that melts. South korean plastic surgery doctors use them. I dig and found some used them. It dissolve in time and that is why they don’t see any screws in her bones. I don’t care about her fake doctor exams. All paid and fake to protect the obvious truth. She is so plastic like Kim Kardesian of USA.

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