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Anna Faris’ Plastic Surgery – Breast Implants, Lip Job and Nose Job

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery
Anna Faris is a popular Hollywood celebrity known for the roles she played in ‘scary movies’. Anna Faris who acted in a series of scary movies admitted that she has done a bit work to improve her appearance. Rumors of Anna Faris Plastic Surgery went viral, when Anna came in front of media in a shocking appearance.

When it comes to physical appearance, female celebrities face all kinds of pressure. There are many Hollywood actresses who went under the knife to enhance their looks. Only a few people realize that they still look good without plastic surgery. It takes a lot of sacrifice to remain relevant and that’s the reason why Anna Faris couldn’t resist the temptation to go under the knife.

Anna Faris in Bikini, Looking Hot

Though Anna is very honest about her approach to plastic surgery, one thing we can say is that she never gave any concrete specifics about what all procedures she had already performed. Anna Faris looked totally different after having plastic surgery.

It is believed that she started plastic surgery after divorce with her first husband. She blamed her husband for the failure of their marriage and revealed her motive for undergoing plastic surgery. She decided to embrace being a single and started with boob job.

There is no doubt that she loved the way she looked. However, she decided to take help of a few cosmetic procedures to firm things up without going into much detail.

Anna Faris, Before and After Breast Implants of Boob Job

Anna Faris underwent breast augmentation to help her feel much beautiful. It is reported that she even tried a few other cosmetic procedures which she never revealed about.

Anna Faris Brest Implants Before and After

By seeing her before and after photos, we can say that there have been a handful of nips and tucks here and there. She doesn’t regret breast implants as she used to wear heavily padded bra before breast augmentation.

Botox and Chin Implant Surgery Rumors

There is some talk about Botox injections to eliminate wrinkles and laugh lines that she is carrying. However, there is no evidence to prove that she actually took Botox injections.

Anna Faris then and now

Her forehead shows no wrinkles her tight skin is a giveaway, which indicates that she might have used Botox or silicone injections. It is rumored that Anna also had chin implant surgery, as she is seen with tight skin under her eyebrows.

Anna Faris’ Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is one of the popular procedures that every actress would love to try. It certainly looks like Anna also decided to go in the same direction to correct her lips. There is a misconception that Hollywood need perfect looks. However, many celebrities say that it was their wish to enhance their looks and had nothing to do with the industry.

Anna Faris lip job

In her new book “Unqualified”, she revealed that she always felt self-conscious about her lips, and she got lip injections after her role in ‘The House Bunny’. She started to feel low when one of her friends pointed out her lips and said they were beginning to look big.

Nose Job

The past and present pictures of Anna Faris show that she might have had a nose job. However, one cannot rule out rhinoplasty, as the procedure focus on making the nose narrow. There are a few signs that she underwent rhinoplasty to match her nose with other facial features. Anna might have reshaped her nose structure to influence her appearance.

Anna Faris nose job

In an interview, Anna Faris admitted that plastic surgery helped her enhance her looks and career image. Hollywood celebrities are known to use different techniques to remain relevant. It seems Anna also followed the same path as other celebrities of the industry.

Many people know Anna for her roles in scary movies. However, she rose to prominence for her work in comic roles as well. It is hard to believe that Anna is a comedy queen and made a good living from her comedy role.

Whatever is the reason behind the cosmetic procedures she opted, she looks simply amazing. She got a satisfying result from plastic surgery.

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