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Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Transformations – Before and After

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery
Ariana Grande plastic surgery is one of the most popular topics on gossip sites and tabloids, partly because she has become so famous. So how did this princess pop star look before she rose to fame?

Ariana Grande is an American singer and actress, beginning her career in the Broadway scene and on Nickelodeon. Her music career went from the album Music From Victorious to her own debut studio album entitled Yours Truly. The reason for her fame skyrocketed was mainly because of her wide vocal range that critics compared to Mariah Carey’s.

Her second album entitled My Everything that was released just a year after her debut one hit the no. 1 spot on Billboard Top 100, too. Her singles like Problem, Break Free, Bang Bang, and Love Me Harder were constantly on the top charts. Two years after, she released another album Dangerous Woman in 2016 which takes on more adult concepts and themes.

Due to her amazing talent in singing and performance, Ariana Grande garnered four Grammy award nominations, MTV Music Awards, American Music Awards, and much more. Today at only 23 years old, Ariana Grande’s future looks bright as both a singer and an actress.

Ariana Grande Before Fame and Plastic Surgery

Ariana Grande Before Fame
Childhood Picture (source)

She looked a lot different when she was younger starring in Nickelodeon’s Victorious. She was a teenager with a different style and perhaps the changes in her appearance are because of puberty, maturation, and a different style altogether.

However, the pictures of Ariana Grande when she was younger sparked a lot of rumors that she got extensive plastic surgery to change her appearance.

Ariana Grande Nose Job

Celebrities often like to modify their nose to fit the beauty standard of a thin and sharp nose. For Ariana Grande, this is exactly the case.

Ariana Grande nose job

If you would look at her before and after pictures, Ariana Grande had a considerably larger and wider nose before. Even though it looked perfectly fine, she still got a surgery to take off some of the width and make it sharper.

This was not too drastic of a change, but it definitely improved her look. The alleged rhinoplasty made her look more elegant and mature.

Lip Injections

Lip injections are cosmetic surgery procedures that aim to improve the appearance of the person, making the lips look fuller and thicker. Ariana Grande is also rumored to have had lip injections to make her thin lips look more luscious.

Well, this definitely made her look sexier and fit her mature image much better. Her thicker lips also made her lip makeup look better than ever.

Ariana Grande Boob Job

Breast augmentation or boob jobs are very popular amongst women who want to improve their womanly figure with a bigger bust. Although for Ariana Grande, we’re not sure if it was the puberty or the breast implants working, because her breasts became considerably larger.

Ariana Grande boob job

Comparing her before and after pictures, though, with the before pictures being her post-puberty days, her breasts definitely look larger and rounder than before. This change is a telltale sign of breast implants. However, this is perfectly understandable since Ariana Grande’s small frame doesn’t allow for naturally big breasts to grow.

It’s a good thing that this young singer didn’t get breast implants that were too big. If anything, her breast implants look just right for her petite body.

Ariana Grande’s Hair and Makeup

Ariana Grande hot photo

Along with a little bit of plastic surgery, most stars use hair and makeup to further reach their desired look. Ariana Grande’s signature look is the high and tight ponytail that has become very popular among young girls. Her makeup staple consists of nude tones, fake lashes, and the cat eye that everybody loves.

Ariana Grande plastic surgery doesn’t need much attention, mainly because she has has minimal procedures. We can probably blame most of the changes in her appearance on puberty and the maturing of her face, as well as the changes in her overall style.

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