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Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Before-and-After Photos

Axl Rose plastic surgery gone wrong
The Axl Rose plastic surgery issue is also very popular due to the controversial results. If you want to find out how he ended up like that, read this article for more information.

Axl Rose, born as William Bruce Rose, Jr., is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and musician. He is the lead singer of iconic hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, as well as the other heavy metal band AC/DC. Known for his wide vocal range and wild performances, Axl Rose has made his name as one of the best rock stars of all time.

Axl Rose was attractive as a young man, and he became even more attractive as he matured while blossoming in the music industry. Definitely of rock star material, Axl Rose stole hearts with his usual long hairstyle and rugged good looks. Today as a 55 year old man, Axl Rose doesn’t look that much of his younger self. Was it because of plastic surgery?

Axl Rose Facelift

Axl Rose’s face looks suspiciously smooth and tight even while being more than 50 years old. Thus, there is high suspicion that the rock star had a facelift done in order to rejuvenate his face. If you look at his more recent pictures, you will notice that his face looks suspiciously devoid of any wrinkles, especially on the forehead where it is commonly found for men.

Axl Rose before and after plastic surgery

However, we don’t blame Axl Rose for wanting to maintain a youthful look. After all, he is still the lead vocalist of AC/DC. He is an icon of the true rock star. So it may be pretty hard for him to let go of his youthful look. However, the downside to having a facelift is that he looks unnatural and kind of waxy.

Axl Rose’s Secret to Looking Young

Well, it’s no secret that Axl Rose had been getting plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures done to improve his look and maintain youth. Aside from a facelift, it is also rumored that Axl Rose has had Botox injections and chemical peels done. Botox injections are done to smooth out any wrinkles or fine lines on the skin. With the rock star’s smooth and tight skin, it is highly possible that he is getting Botox injections to maintain it.

On the other hand, chemical peels are procedures done to exfoliate the skin and remove old cells. Most aging artists do it in order to stay looking young and fresh. For Axl Rose who is used to glorifying his good looks, he may have had a few chemical peels done to keep his face fresh.

Axl Rose 2017
Axl Rose in 2016

Moreover, the evidence of the chemical peel may be observed through the reddening skin on his face.

Cheek Fillers

Another plastic surgery procedure that Axl Rose may have done is get cheek fillers. Cheek fillers are inserted into the face in order to make up for lost volume due to aging. Some pictures show Axl Rose with puffy and roundish cheeks, so it is also likely that he had cheek fillers done. We can’t say for sure, though, since his round cheeks can be the cause of fat deposition.

Eyelid Surgery

If you look at the rock star’s recent photos, you will be weirded out by his eyes and brows. They look completely unnatural. For starters, his upper eyelids look swollen, almost forming a single eyelid over his eyes. This can be the result of an eyelid surgery meant to make the eyes look younger and avoid drooping.

Axl Rose then and now
Axl Rose then and now

Aside from an eyelid surgery, there is also reason to believe that Axl Rose has gotten a brow lift to improve his looks. We’re not sure why since he’s only 55 years old and doesn’t look that old, but it’s definitely a weird and unnatural looking change.

Axl Rose is one of the most iconic men in rock. Due to his good looks, unique style, and unrivaled talent in music, he will go down as one of the best.

However, Axl Rose plastic surgery didn’t end well, and he looks almost unrecognizable from his previous pictures. We think it’s safe to say that this rock star didn’t age gracefully as we would have liked him to.

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  1. I can’t understand why Axl did this to his face. He was so attractive when he was young. I hope he will not exaggerate.

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