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Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – What’s Wrong with Her?

Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery
Ayesha Takia is a very famous Indian actress who used to appear in numerous Bollywood films. The 31-year-old actress started her career as a model and then later appeared in several music videos which helped her gain a large following. Since then, she has been a household name in the Bollywood film industry.

These days, Takia hasn’t been filming. She’s still active in local scenes but not on screens, as well as Ayesha Takia plastic surgery rumors emerged.

Did Ayesha Takia Get Plastic Surgery?

Ayesha has been another victim of a number of online trolls after photos of the former actress’ botched plastic surgery went viral. These photos showed how Ayesha Takia’s face looked frozen and robotic, as well as her lips being enlarged, looking so unnatural.

She was, at first, quiet about the entire thing. In an interview with “Indian Express”, Takia said –

Online trolling and bullying has reached a new level, I guess. A handful of vicious people and gossip columns have decided to totally morph and distort my pics but the truth will prevail as I’m on social media every day and shooting/out and about. People can see what I really look like and luckily I have amazing followers on Instagram who I interact with daily, so they have not believed these lies and supported me all the way.

Ayesha Takia’s Botox

The frozen face totally hinted that she had Botox injected into her face. Maybe she did went under the knife since she talked about her comeback film where she didn’t fail to mention that she’s currently in the process of reading scripts.

Ayesha Takia then and now

If you want to make a comeback, surely, you would want to look your absolute best, that’s why plastic surgery rumors in Bollywood are very common, especially to those who are in their 30s.

Ayesha Takia’s Lip Injections

Is it just makeup or is it lip injections? Because the Kardashians made it a trend to have oversized lips, these days, seeing oversized lips on women is pretty common. Unless you grew up in the public eye and people know how you looked like back then, then that’s a different story.

Ayesha Takia Lip Job

People knew that Ayesha Takia’s lips were thin yet luscious and not these bee-stung-looking lips. Because of her new lips, she is more matured than her current age.

She has that Kardashian vibe going that’s making her look like a whole different person. Her Indian beauty used to shine so much back then, now, it’s all gray and dull. Nobody wants to see ladies with botched plastic surgery faces. Those aren’t very pretty at all.

Eyelid Surgery

Her wide eyes now simply screamed she underwent plastic surgery. Because of this, she has given the social media world sleepless nights and it’s not the nicest way. Fans are simply disappointed about their favorite actress becoming another victim of bad plastic surgery.

Ayesha Takia Hot Photos (Before):

Ayesha Takia Hot Photos

Ayesha Takia body

Ayesha Takia boobs

Ayesha Takia Dancing

Ayesha Takia in Saree

Ayesha Takia Sexy Photo

Ayesha Takia navel piercing

Ayesha Takia Cute Face

After – Only Disaster:

Ayesha Takia after surgery

Ayesha Takia 2018

Just look at the actress all beautiful and youthful in these before and after pictures. She made her debut in the entertainment industry in a music video “Meri chunarududjaaye”, by Falguni Pathak.

Ayesha Takia’s Comeback Film

The mother-of-three-year-old said she is open to doing films as long as they can fit into her schedule. Takia revealed that she is currently working on a film called “Borivali Ka Bruce Lee” which will be released at the end of this year. She also shot a music video for Amit Mishra which already released.

However, Ayesha Takia’s priorities are family and motherhood.

Ayasha Takia is Unrecognizable Now

And here are some of her most recent Instagram posts where she is very unrecognizable for the people who have seen her before.

Unrecognizable Ayasha Takia

One commented said, “Wonder why Ayesha Takia aspired to become a cross between Priyanka Chopra and Kylie Jenner”.

Another one wrote, “Why did she do it? Was she bored? Or just insecure about her perfect looks? Ayesha Takia I mean. How much anxiety people live with really?”

“Ayesha Takia just ruined my day. There I said enough…” a comment by famous Anindya Chatterjee.

It’s a personal choice of these celebrities to go under the knife if they want to enhance their beauty, but Ayesha Takia’s case is clearly different since her plastic surgery is a complete fail just like Anushka Sharma.

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