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B.A.P Members Profile, Facts, Names, Blood Types, Awards and Nominations

B.A.P Members
B.A.P (also known as Best Absolute Perfect) is a boy band group from South Korea who was formed in 2012 under TS Entertainment. Their musical debut was in January 26, 2012 with the song “Warrior” which sold over 10,000 copies in just two days. The following month, they released their debut album “Warrior”.

B.A.P members are Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo.

B.A.P Origin – Seoul, South Korea
Active Years – 2012 – present
B.A.P Genres – Hip Hop, R&B, K-Pop, Rock
B.A.P Official Website – http://www.tsenter.co.kr

B.A.P Profile

Current B.A.P Members

Yongguk (용국), born Bang Yong-guk (방용국) on 31 March 1990 is the group’s leader
Himchan (힘찬), born Kim Him-chan (김힘찬) on 19 April 1990
Daehyun (대현), born Jung Dae-hyun (정대현) on 28 June 1993
Youngjae (영재), born Yoo Young-jae (유영재) on 24 January 1994
Jongup (종업), born Moon Jong-up (문종업) on 6 February 1995
Zelo (젤로), born Choi Jun-hong (최준홍) on 15 October 1996

B.A.P Member Yongguk Profile

B.A.P Member Yongguk Profile

Birth Name: Bang Yong Guk (방용국)
Stage Name: Yongguk (용국)
Matoki: Shishimato (시시마토)
Other names (Nicknames, etc.): Bang, Jepp Blackman, Inversion Rapper
Birthday: 31st March, 1990
Position: Leader, Main rapper
Blood Type: O
Height: 182cm
Weight: 60kg
Place Of Birth: Incheon, South Korea
Speciality(ies): Composing, writing songs, writing lyrics
Favorite artist(s): Yongguk really respects Teddy
Hobbies: Baseball, basketball
Favourite movie: Constantine

B.A.P Yongguk Facts

  • He likes his women who are virtuous.
  • All the boys have different assigned chores. Yongguk’s is the one who manages what goes inside their dormitory.
  • This Korean idol was featured in Secret’s music video “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight.”
  • In the past, he has released a song entitled “I Remember” together with B2ST’s Yoseob and “Going Crazy” with Secret’s Song Ji Eun.
  • He and Himchan used to be roommates in the dormitory.
  • Yongguk’s favorite colors are red and black.
  • Though he is Korean, his favorite food is Sushi.
  • He’s really close to his band mate Himchan.
  • He used to be a part of an underground hip hop group called Soul Connection.
  • Yongguk has a twin brother named Youngnam and he is also an underground performer.
  • In 2010, Yongguk was recommended by the hip hop duo Untouchable to TS Entertainment.

Himchan Profile

BAP Himchan profile

Birth Name: Kim Him Chan(김힘찬)
Stage Name: Himchan (힘찬)
Matoki: Tatsmato
Other names (Nicknames, etc.): Instrument Ulzzang
Birthday: 19th April, 1990
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Rapper, Visual
Blood Type: O
Height: 180cm
Weight: 69kg
Place Of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Himchan Facts

  • His task when they were still living together was to always throw the garbage.
  • He is the mom of B.A.P
  • Himchan was also part of Secret’s “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight” music videos alongside Yongguk.
  • He was featured in Bang&Zelo’s music video “Never Give Up”.
  • He and Yongguk are very close, they’re like brothers.
  • His favorite colors are red, black and gold.
  • Himchan’s ideal girl is someone who is very nice and kind.
  • This Korean idol is against war and a peace maker. His personality include cherry and hyperactivity yet gentle.

Daehyun Profile

B.A.P Daehyun Profile

Birth Name: Jung Dae Hyun
Stage Name: Daehyun
Nickname: Busan’s Wonbin
Bunny: White
Birthday: June 28, 1993
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: A

Daehyun Facts

  • His favorite singer is Shin Yongjae of 4MEN.
  • Daehyun is awkward when he’s alone with Yongguk.
  • He’s popular for being the band’s Hidden Card.
  • Daehyun is in-charge of cleaning the bathroom.
  • His closest friend in the band is Youngjae.
  • Daehyun is the only member of the group who still gets nervous around fans.
  • He co-hosted “Idol Battle Likes” for its first two episodes.
  • He sued to share a room with Zelo but has now left the dorm and now lives on his own.
  • His ideal girl is someone like Shin Saimdang.
  • He’s known as Busan’s WonBin and then everybody laughs.
  • Daehyun likes fluorescent colors.
  • He would try acting in the future because he learned some acting while they were acting for Skydive.
  • Daehyun is the last member to join B.A.P
  • He is known to have a heavy Busan dialect.
  • He said that if he could become another member, he would be Himchan. “He’s cool, good looking and popular among women. I would like to react to the popularity among women.”
  • He’d be the eldest son if B.A.P was a family.

Youngjae Profile

B.A.P Youngjae Profile

Birth Name: Yoo Young Jae
Stage Name: Youngjae
Nickname: Brain
Bunny: Yellow
Birthday: January 24, 1994
Position: Lead Vocalist
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: AB

Youngjae Facts

  • His favorite food is meat, never a fan of vegetable and fruits.
  • Youngjae’s favorite color is sky blue and likes to keep everything organized in the room.
  • He used to share a room with Jongup.
  • He was a trainee for the label for about a year then joined TS because his debut didn’t seem to be nearing.
  • Youngjae auditioned together with BTS’s J-Hope and Halo’s Dino.
  • He’s good friends with JB from GOT7.
  • Youngjae’s ideal girl is someone who likes him so much.
  • He was also featured in Secret’s music video “Starlight Moonlight” and “Shy Boy”.

Jongup Profile

B.A.P Jongup Profile

Birth Name: Moon Jong Up
Stage Name: Jongup
Nickname: Dance Shindong
Bunny: Green
Birthday: February 6, 1995
Position: Sub-Vocalist & Main Dancer
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Blood Type: B

Jongup Facts

  • His favorite color is black and enjoys eating hamburgers.
  • Jongup’s chores in the dorm were to clean the dishes.
  • He likes his girl older than him no matter what her personality it may be.
  • Jongup is the closest to Zelo and is known to be the most awkward person in the grou.
  • He would be the second eldest son if B.A.P was a family.
  • Jongup idolizes Chris Brown very much.
  • He was also featured in Bang and Zelo’s music video “Never Give Up”.

Zelo Profile

B.A.P Zelo Profile

Birth Name: Choi Jun Hong
Stage Name: Zelo
Nickname: 15-Year Old Genius
Bunny: Blue
Birthday: October 15, 1996
Position: Maknae, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: A
Specialty: Rap, dance, beatbox

Zelo Facts

  • He wants the fan girls to call him “Oppa” despite him being younger than most of them.
  • His favorite colors are green, gray and red.
  • Zelo is considered the cute and pure maknae of the group.
  • He used to share a room with Daehyun.
  • He likes his future girlfriend to be good at English and to have a pretty smile.
  • Zelo’s stage name came from the Greek word “Zelos” which is the god of rivalry. He was named that because he worked hard among all his hyungs.
  • He’s very good at skateboard.
  • He’s part of the sub-unit “Bang & Zelo”.
  • He idolizes Kanye West and Will.i.Am.
  • His favorite movie is 2012.

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