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B2ST (BEAST) Members Profile and Interesting Facts

B2ST BEAST Members

B2ST (BEAST) Members Profile and Facts – Yoon Do-joon, Yong Juhnyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang and Son Dongwoon

B2ST is one of the Korean boy bands that has been around for a long time. Having debuted in 2009, B2ST has gone through a lot of ups and downs as a K-Pop group. Today, they are known as Highlight with only five of the original members composing the new band.

When they were still known as B2ST under the entertainment company Cube Entertainment, the group made a lot of albums including three Korean albums, nine mini-albums, and two Japanese albums. They also had a lot of singles which garnered worldwide attention and earned them tons of awards.

B2ST BEAST Profile

Five of the original B2ST members, composed of Yoon Do-joon, Yong Juhnyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang, and Son Dongwoon moved to another entertainment company, namely Around Us Entartainment, to start afresh under another band name: Highlight.

Highlight made their debut this 2017 with a new mini album entitled Can You Feel It? Former member Jang Hyunseung left the original group to pursue his own solo career in 2016, triggering the cascade of events including the transfer to a new record label.

Since most fans are not yet transitioned to recognizing their favorite K-Pop band as Highlight instead of B2ST, we are going to bless you with a B2ST members profile with all the six original members. After all, we are still loyal to the original B2ST, right?

B2ST (BEAST) Members Profile

Doojoon Profile

Stage Name: Doojoon
Real Name: Yoon Do Joon
Birthdate: July 4, 1989
Zodiac: Cancer
Role: leader, rapper, vocalist, visual
Height: 179 cm or 5’10”
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Goyang, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: dancing, singing, rapping, soccer, piano, playing games
Personality: emotional, stubborn, overprotective, passionate, neat and clean

Doojoon Facts:

– Doojoon has one elders sister to whom he is overprotective
– As the leader of the group, he is like the father of B2ST
– Doojoon is known to be very emotional, crying at the littlest things and missing his members when they are absent
– He was supposed to be a member of 2AM or 2PM but didn’t make the cut
– Doojoon will wake the other members once he gets up, which is probably why other members say he’s a great alarm clock
– His image is manly and yet he is the most emotional member
– He was voted most likely to fall in love at first sight
– Doojoon likes to snack as soon as he wakes up
– When he was younger, Doojoon wanted to be a high school PE teacher
– His fear is heights
– Doojoon is quite messy and will throw things around
– Doojoon is the best at videogames and boardgames
– He is quite a lightweight and will turn red as soon as he drinks alcohol
– Doojoon is known for his well-sculpted body
– Despite many failures, Doojoon never gave up on his dreams
– Doojoon is not talented at taking selfies
– He has the best handwriting out of all the members
– Doojoon often changes his ideal type and has crushes on lots of girls
– Before debuting with B2ST, he was supposed to play a role in the Korean sitcom High Kick Through the Roof but later turned it down
– He was a part of reality TV series Danbi
– His nicknames are General Yoon, National Boyfriend Idol, and Falling Do Joon
– He is called Falling Do Joon because he often trips
– Doojoon likes hip-hop and R&B music
– Doojoon is not very good at acting cute or aegyo

Hyunseung Profile

Stage Name: Hyunseung
Real Name: Jang Hyun Seung
Birthdate: September 3, 1989
Zodiac: Virgo
Role: lead vocalist
Height: 177 cm or 5’10”
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: dancing, singing, fashion, bowling, surfing the web
Personality: neat, fashionista, perfectionist, unpredictable

Hyunseung Facts:

– Hyunseung left B2ST in 2016 to pursue a solo music career under Cube Entertainment
– He has one younger sister
– He used to train for YG Entertainment, but did not make it to debut with Big Bang
– Hyunseung is a neat and organized person
– He likes meat and junk food
– Hyunseung is known to pay attention the clothes that he wears; he’s a fashionista
– Hyunseung takes good care of his voice by drinking pear juice
– Hyunseung performed the controversial sexy music video Troublemaker with Hyuna, a former 4Minute member
– Hyunseung likes the attention that his fans give him
– Hyunseung likes to eat but still pays attention to his health
– Ever since he was young, Hyunseung’s dream was to become a dancer
– He is a perfectionist
– Hyunseung’s ideal type is a girl with milky skin and double eyelids
– He idolizes the model Miranda Kerr
– Hyunseung was recognized as the prettiest member of B2ST
– Hyunseung is known to be unpredictable
– He likes to maintain a good relationship and communication with fans
– Hyunseung’s body type is naturally skinny
– Hyunseung likes to wear scarfs and other neckwear
– He is a big fan of Usher and Omarion
– Hyunseung is known for his charisma when he is working
– At the dorm, he took out all the softdrinks from the refrigerator and replaced them with water for his members’ health

Junhyung Profile

Stage Name: Junhyung
Real Name: Yong Jun Hyung
Birthdate: December 19, 1989
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Role: main rapper
Height: 178 cm or 5’10”
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: dancing, singing, rapping, composing songs, producing
Personality: cute, charismatic, organized, tactful, lazy

Junhyung Facts:

– Junhyung is good at writing and producing his own songs and earns his own royalties from it
– Junhyung likes to listen to underground rappers for inspiration
– Junhyung has tattoos in different parts of his body
– Junhyung is quite a neat freak as well
– He likes to put accessories on his hands, e.g. rings
– His favorite singer is Bon Jovi
– Junhyung is quite clingy to his other members and says he can’t be separated from them
– Junhyung is quite a gadget freak; he has a lot of phones and gadgets
– Junhyung is the second laziest member when it comes to waking up
– Junhyung is a former member of the boy band named XING
– Junhyung likes to keep the bathroom clean and organized
– He likes to use the computer up to very late at night
– Junhyung is known to rap in the shower instead of sing
– Junhyung dislocated his shoulders; since then, he switched to popping style of dance
– He never quits on his dreams and passion for music
G-Dragon from Big Bang is one of his role models
– Junhyung’s nicknames are Yong Sama and Yongjun
– He is not a very athletic person and he doesn’t like exercising
– When he is tired, Junhyung mumbles nonsense
– He doesn’t like to listen to others
– Junhyung is quite a neat freak; he doesn’t like it when members don’t clean up after eating
– Junhyung is the mother of the group alongside Dojoon who is known as the father

Yoseob Profile

Stage Name: Yoseob
Real Name: Yang YoSeob
Birthdate: January 5, 1990
Zodiac: Capricorn
Role: main vocalist
Height: 171 cm or 5’7″
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: dancing, singing, beatboxing
Personality: mischevious, cute, romantic, cheerful

Yoseob Facts:

– Yoseob used to train for JYP Entertainment and M Boat Entertainment
– He has a close relationship with fellow member Kikwang
– Yoseob is quite mischevious
– He is known to be cheerful and always laughing in spite of tough times
– Yoseob likes to eat but he also likes to work out and exercise
– He was a cast member for the reality show Law of the Jungle
– He is the shortest member
– He is known to be girly and sensitive
– Yoseob is good at beatboxing; he even does it in his sleep
– He is good at playing Mario Kart and can beat all the other members
– Yoseob is the member with the longest training time
– Yoseob is known to be the most romantic member and can make a girl feel special through effort
– Yoseob’s ideal type is a girl with long, straight, black hair
– Yoseob likes dressing in casual clothes
– Yoseob often wakes up Junhyung
– He likes to look himself up on the Internet
– He has quite a small head
– Yoseob bears a close resemblance to Yang Shih Tzu
– He can do a good imitation of a bird
– Yoseob’s favorite food is ramen
– He has one older sister whom he was quite jealous of when they were kids
– He likes to take Hyunseung’s food because Hyunseung doesn’t hurt him
– Yoseob accepted fan fiction from fans

Kikwang Profile

Stage Name: Kikwang
Real Name: Lee Ki Kwang
Birthdate: March 30, 1990
Zodiac: Aries
Role: main dancer, lead vocalist, visual
Height: 171 cm or 5’7″
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Naju, South Jeolla Province, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: dancing, singing, soccer, working out
Personality: athletic, hardworking, funny, gullible

Kikwang Facts:

– Kikwang likes to drink protein shakes
– He is known to have the best body in the group
– He has a great set of abs and thus is known as the ‘six pack god’
– Kikwang cannot eat seafood because he’s allergic
– He has one younger brother
– He trained for five to seven years before debuting; he trained for DSP, JYP, and Cube
– Kikwang used to have bad eyesight until he got Lasik laser eye surgery
– He can also be called as Gikwang
– Kikwang likes to please his fans
– Due to his crumping dance style, he often rips his clothes at the crotch area
– He can fall asleep easily; he is known to fall asleep once laying on the bed
– Gikwang is also addicted to using the computer
– He is the shortest member as well next to Yoseob
– Yoseob once gave him foot warmers in the middle of summer and he fell for the prank
– Aside from falling asleep easily, Gikwang is also a deep sleeper
– He played a role in the High Kick series
– Despite loving to eat, Gikwang pays attention to what and how much he eats
– Gikwang is quite trusting and gullible
– He is Christian
– Gikwang doesn’t like to eat unhealthy foods; he doesn’t smoke or drink either
– Gikwang once opened for Lady Gaga’s Korean show
– He prefers vanilla flavored cake instead of chocolate
– He was part of Ailee’s music video entitled Heaven

Dongwoon Profile

Stage Name: Dongwoon
Real Name: Son Dong Woon
Birthdate: June 6, 1991
Zodiac: Gemini
Role: lead vocalist, rapper, maknae
Height: 181 cm or 5’11”
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: singing, dancing, collecting action figures, speaking different languages, playing instruments
Personality: immature, silly, nice, polite

Dongwoon Facts:

– Dongwoon can speak three languages: Korean, Chinese, and English
– He can play a lot of musical instruments including the piano, violin, and electric flute
– Dongwoon is the tallest member of B2ST
– He looks older than he actually is
– Dongwoon has a solo album in Japanese entitled Kimishka
– He studied in the Philippines when he was in grade school
– Dongwoon isn’t much active in his social media accounts
– He is also a foodie and likes to eat a lot
– He likes the character of Wolverine from X-Men
– Dongwoon is often asked about his race since he looks like a mixed race person
– Dongwoon likes reading sci-fi books
– Dongwoon has a dog named HeulHeul
– He aspires to be part of reality TV shows such as We Got Married
– Dongwoon likes to organize and read letters from fans
– He is rumored to be an online player
– Dongwoon’s ideal type is naturally cute girls who don’t need to use aegyo
– Dongwoon idolizes his father, who is a professor at Cheongju University
– Despite being the youngest member, he looks very mature and collected
– Dongwoon wants to get into We Got Married and experience a fake marriage with a noona
– His nickname is Male God
– He took his college entrance exam at the same time as Gikwang, Hyunseung, and Junhyung
– He is said to be the moodmaker in the group
– He once stated that he also wanted to be part of Invincible Youth
– He has a hand-me-down backpack from Doojoon


B2ST has certainly come a long way since their 2009 debut. Now named as Highlight, we don’t expect any less from them as one of the best K-Pop boy groups of all time. This B2ST members profile was made to emphasize that no matter how much they have gone through, they will always remain as our inspiration.

So, b2uty, who is your all-time bias from B2ST? Tell us using the poll below. Don’t forget to comment on this article and share it with your friends as well. Thanks for reading!

– Dongwoon
– Kikwang
– Junhyung
– Yoseob
– Doojoon
– Hyunseung

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