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Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Is One of the Worst Surgery Cases

Barry Manilow Young Then and Now
It’s amazing and saddening at the same time to see talented people succumbing to the vices of fame, like drugs, alcoholism, and plastic surgery addiction. Barry Manilow embodies this sentiment, because as of today, Barry Manilow plastic surgery case is one of the most disastrous plastic surgery cases we’ve ever seen. And trust us when we say we’ve seen a lot.

Barry Manilow is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. He is known worldwide for his contributions to pop music, with his most famous singles such as Mandy, Can’t Smile Without You, and Copacabana (At the Copa) to name only a few among many, many others.

Barry Manilow’s career has spanned over five decades. Within this career, he has produced about 50 top-charting singles, 32 studio albums, 4 live albums, and 15 compilation albums. Due to his very extensive career and sheer talent as both a singer and musician, he is considered¬† one of the top-selling artist to date with 80 million albums sold.

Barry Manilow and Rod Stewart
Barry Manilow and Rod Stewart

When he’s not making his own music, he serves as a producer and arranger for other artists and purposes, such as Bette Midler, Dionne Warwick, and musicals, films, and commercials as well.

In his youth, Barry Manilow was not considered one of the best-looking, but he had his own charms. However, this subpar appearance can be the reason for his obsession with plastic surgery in the years to come since he hit it big. Today at 73 years old, Barry Manilow still produces wonderful music for his fans, but he has become the poster boy for disastrous plastic surgery cases.

Barry Manilow Facelift

Let’s start with the reason for his bizarre appearance today. Barry Manilow obviously got multiple facelifts to combat the effects of aging. Men his age are normally wrinkled and riddled with fine lines, but for him, this is not the case. At his age of 73 years old, Barry Manilow’s facial skin remains smooth and with minimal wrinkles. The cause? Multiple facelifts.

Barry Manilow Facelift

Even though it looked fine in the earlier years when he was beginning to lose his youthful look, Barry Manilow continued to combat aging with facelifts and (probably) a lot of Botox injections. The skin can only take so much. And Barry Manilow’s skin is starting to protest.

Due to the repeated facelifts, his face is puffy, waxy, and definitely unnatural looking. However, it looks like the facelifts cannot hide all of the wrinkles and fine lines, since he still has crow’s feet and laugh lines that are a bit evident. It definitely takes more surgery to hide that which we hope he doesn’t pursue.

Barry Manilow Eyelid Surgery

At some point, Barry Manilow possibly had an eyelid surgery to make him look younger. An eyelid surgery is essentially a procedure wherein bits of fat and tissue are taken from the area surrounding the eye in order to give a more rejuvenated look to the face.

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery

You can tell the difference if you look at Barry Manilow plastic surgery before and after photos. His eyes look different from before. In the past, he had sleepy looking eyes that were kind of big. Today, his eyelids look puffier and they are droopy. Due to the eyelid surgery, he looks more unnatural and perpetually sleepy-looking.

Most eyelid surgeries don’t usually end well, and Barry Manilow’s eyelid surgery is one of those examples. Due to this, he looks so much different from his original look, which is quite regrettable.

Barry Manilow Nose Job

Another plastic surgery procedure that Barry Manilow keeps on repeating is a nose job/rhinoplasty. This plastic surgery procedure is used to change the shape or size of the nose. Before, Barry Manilow had a big nose that took up much of his face. It wasn’t unattractive, but the singer-songwriter seemed to think otherwise.

We can’t tell when he had the first nose job, but he thankfully didn’t end up with no nose like Michael Jackson. Today, his nose is modified such that it’s thinner and less prominent than his natural nose.

Barry Manilow plastic surgery is not a case we admire. However, the altered look still doesn’t take away his immeasurable contribution to the music industry.

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