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Big Bang Members Profile – G-Dragon, T.O.P., Daesung, Taeyang, Seungri

Big Bang Members
Everything you need to know about Big Bang Members, Big Bang Profile – Big Bang is a popular South Korean boy band who originated in Seoul. They have been active since 2006 until the present but are currently on hiatus.

Big Bang’s music consists of K-Pop, J-Pop, Hip Hop, Dance and R&B. The band has 5 members; G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungi.

Big Bang is the most popular – that they have set the standard of boy groups and has most influence as to why K-Pop is big in the global scene. With their successful albums, they defined and redefined Korean Pop.

Facts About Big Bang You Would Like to Know

Big Bang Profiles

– Big Bang is considered to be the best-selling digital group of all-time in Asia and one of the best-selling boy bands in the world.
– Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang were already training under entertainment agency YG Entertainment since they were 11 years old.
– When G-Dragon learned that YG Entertainment was going to form a boy band, he contacted his childhood friend T.O.P. and told him to audition.
– The band’s song “Lies” was supposedly a solo song to be sung by G-Dragon but instead, they sang it as a band. The song was also chosen as the “Song of the Decade” in 2014 by Mnet’s M! Countdown.
– In 2016, the band landed the second place on Time Magazine’s “Most Influential People in the World” poll, just next to Bernie Sanders.
– Big Bang is the first Korean artist to enter Forbes Magazine’s “Celebrity 100”, as well as the “30 Under 30 Influential Musicians in the World”.
– Their concert in London was known to have gathered the largest crowd for a Korean-pop concert in the history of the United Kingdom.

Big Bang Member G-Dragon Profile

Big Bang Member G-Dragon Profile

Real Name: Kwon Ji Young
Born: 18 August 1988
Position: Leader, rapper, vocalist, dancer, song-writer

Big Bang G-Dragon Facts

– He was a member of Ivy and Boa’s fan café when he was younger.
– In the past, G-Dragon said his ideal girl was one with a short hair and a tomboyish personality.
– He is known to be good at coaching relationships and giving advice but sucks at dating.
– G-Dragon has written a number of songs for Big Bang and other artists and bands in Korea.
– He’s also known as the “Iguana Idol” because he changes his hair color several times a year.
– G-Dragon has the cleanest and neatest room among his band members.
– When he was a kid, he appeared in a children’s television show, “BBO BBO BBO”.
– At the age of 7, G-Dragon was already rapping and became part of the underground rapping scene and a group called “Little Roora”
– He is a perfectionist saying he couldn’t listen to his older songs because he’s always going to find faults in them.
– G-Dragon said that if he wasn’t a singer, he would be involved in the fashion industry.

T.O.P. Profile

T.O.P. Profile

Real name: Choi Seung Hyun
Birthday: 4 November 1987
Position: Rapper

T.O.P. Fun Facts

– In high school, T.O.P. was overweight. He lost of all it during filming of the Big Bang documentary where he showed off his weight loss success.
– To this day, he doesn’t show off his undressed body because he’s often very conscious of it.
– Before joining Big Bang, he was a rapper known as “Tempo”.
– T.O.P.’s landed his first acting gig in “I’m Sorry” in a video clip for Gummy. In 2007, he debuted his professional acting career for the Korean Drama “I am Sam”.
– It was only in 2009 when he gained popularity as an actor for being the assassin on the show, “Iris”.
– He became a member of Seatanji’s fan café.
– T.O.P. is also known as “Furniture Maniac” to most of the band’s fans because of his love for furniture. He was reportedly heard saying chairs were “sexy”.
– His screen name was originally supposed to be “Mark” according to YG Entertainment but he didn’t like it. So he went to his senior in YG, Se7en, and they both came up with T.O.P.
– He’s the tallest member of the group.
– He curated the prudential Eye Zone Art Exhibit in Singapore

Daesung Profile

Daesung Profile

Real Name: Kang Dae Sung
Birthday: 26 April 1989
Position: Lead vocalist

Daesung Fun Facts

– He is obsessed with the cartoon character Doraemon.
– Daesung was once considered the ugliest member by the people at YG Entertainment.
– If he could date any member of the band, he said it would be T.O.P.
– He loves the subject Math because he enjoys the questions that would really make him think hard to solve them.
– Daesung has became active in hosting a few variety shows.
– His dad initially opposed to him becoming a singer.
– Because of a car accident injury, Daesung has undergone a cosmetic surgery.
– He made ice cube trays to the shape of his lips and nose that became part of the official merchandise.
– In his dressing room, he has so many gels, creams and stuff for his skin that he owns.
– One of Daesung’s nicknames is “Smiling Angel”.
– During a parody video of the band for “Boys over Flowers”, he played as the evil step mom and a female student.
– Deesung likes to come home to a neat and organized place.
– After suffering stage fright, he was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules.

Taeyang Profile

Taeyang Profile

Real Name: Dong Young Bae
Birthday 18 May 1988
Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Taeyang Facts

– He’s the only member of the Big Bang to be awarded a plaque of appreciation for being a role model tax payer.
– If Taeyang wasn’t famous now, he would be a comedian, he said.
– He’s most confident about his eyebrows.
– Taeyang often talks in his sleep.
– He and G-Dragon was supposed to debut as a dup but YG Entertainment changed their minds and added 3 more members.
– He became interested in music after hearing Brian McKnight’s first album when he was younger.
– Taeyang could pass off as a gymnast, showing off his flexible skills on variety shows.
– He once had a big fight with G-Dragon during their younger years to a game of basketball.
– During his training, Taeyang used to always rip his pants while dancing.
– He is the shortest member of the group.
– Taeyang’s backpack usually has his bible, iPod, energy drinks and English vocabulary cards.
– If he was a girl, he said he would date Daesung but once went on a date with Girls Generation member Yuri.

Seungri Profile

Seungri Profile

Real name: Lee Seung Hyun
Born: 12 December 1990
Position: Maknae (the youngest), vocalist and dancer

Seungri Facts

– He was the first member to act in a Musical back in 2008 on the play, “Sonagi”.
– Seungri enjoys imitating his other band members.
– He is best friends with renowned music producer Steve Aoki.
– Aside from the Korean language, he can speak Mandarin and Japanese fluently.
– He has his own dance academy named “Seungri’s Academy” and most of his students are also famous artists like 2NE1’s Minzy, B.A.P.’s Zelo and BTS’ J-Hope.
– He’s very good friends with KARA member, Goo Hara.
– Seungri once toured Japan with Flo Rida.
– If Seungri wasn’t famous, he said he would be a kindergarten teacher.
– He was the last person to be added to Big Bang.
– After reading a negative comment about him on Big Bang’s fan café, he secretly wrote something positive about himself.
– In the past, he and G-Dragon weren’t on good terms but then eventually bonded over K-Drama.
– If Seungri could date any band member, he said it would be G-Dragon.
– He choreographs most of the dance steps for Big Bang’s songs.
– In the past, he has mistakenly worn G-Dragon’s underwear.
– He is a big fan of Psy’s “Gangam Style” who’s also under the same agency as him and the band.
– Suengri has a weird fascination with the world, “everything”.
– He was initially booted off of the band but was given a second chance to impress.

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