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Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Before After – Outrageous Butt Implants?

Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery
If you are an avid watcher of many hip hop videos, then you’ve probably seen Blac Chyna in one or two of them. You will also notice how she always looks polished in her appearances. However, how much of it is due to plastic surgery? This article will tackle just that: Blac Chyna plastic surgery.

Blac Chyna is an American model and entrepreneur, more well known for being the “video vixen” due to her numerous appearances in hip hop videos. Being a model and social media celebrity, Blac Chyna obviously has to keep up appearances. And we highly suspect that most of her features are due to plastic surgery.

Blac Chyna’s Hairline

Let’s start with Blac Chyna’s hairline, which is one of the weirdest features that she had before. Blac Chyna had a high hairline before up to the point that all of her forehead was showing. She embraced this distinct look until she got a cosmetic surgery done in order to lower her hairline a bit.

Blac Chyna real hair (before hair transplant)

We believe that she had undergone some kind of hair surgery or hair transplant to lower the hairline. True enough, her most recent appearances show her with a smaller forehead and a significantly better looking hairline.

However, it is obvious that she had something done to her hairline since the hairs along it look different. Nevertheless, her hair looks better now than before.

Blac Chyna’s Nose Job

Unfortunately, Blac Chyna did not embrace her African American roots and decided to modify her nose shape. Before the nose job, Blac Chyna had a wide nose which was characteristic of her race.

Blac Chyna nose job

Today, due to the many nose jobs, she has a straighter and pointier nose.

Lip Injections

It is very evident in Blac Chyna plastic surgery before and after pictures that she had collagen lip injections. When she was not that famous, Blac Chyna had thick lips due to her race. However, it has become thicker and thicker until her lips became twice the size than before.

Blac Chyna without makeup

Well, this change is not that bad considering that more things can go wrong. In fact, due to her African American descent, the thick lips look quite natural on her. Due to this change, she wears lip makeup better than before.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

The video vixen obviously has to be sultry and sexy to be able to perform in hip hop videos. Blac Chyna had a naturally big set of breasts before. However, it seems that bigger is better so she had a boob job in order to achieve the “ideal” size of breasts.

Blac Chyna Boob Job

She had breast implants inserted that made her boobs increase a size or two. In our opinion, her breasts look too big for her body. Her old breasts were just right and proportionate to the rest of her figure. In fact, her breast implants made her boobs just look fake and unnatural.

Blac Chyna Before and After Skin Bleaching

Blac Chyna’s skin tone became lighter than before which is probably due to skin bleaching treatment. This is obviously becoming the trend for many American celebrities who have naturally dark skin. Most of them, like Blac Chyna, are aspiring for a lighter skin tone.

Blac Chyna hot photo

However, this is just a rumor. Blac Chyna could have been only using a different kind of makeup and lighting for her photos in order to make her skin look lighter than before.

Blac Chyna’s Butt Implants

A big bottom is very important in hip hop videos, so Blac Chyna could have chosen the plastic surgery way in order to get a bigger and rounder bottom.

Blac Chyna butt implants

But we feel that the size of her butt is way too much 🙁 Plus, the size is not quite proportionate to her hips, thighs, and breasts so her figure looks weird.

Blac Chyna plastic surgery is quite extensive if you compare it to our standards. However, at least she still remains looking a bit like her original look.

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  1. Her hairline looked better before, it suited her face. She was beautiful naturally, the.surgery ruined her.

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