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Boys Republic Members Profile – Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu and Suwoong

Boys Republic Members

Boys Republic Members Profile 2017 – Boys Republic Facts, Boys Republic Ideal Type, Names, Blood Type

Boys Republic debuted on 5 June 2013 with their single “Party Rock”. They are Universal Music’s first ever K-pop idol group. Managed by Happy Tribe Entertainment and rained wit hem for two years, they have five members; Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu and Suwoong.

Happy Tribe Entertainment also helped produced the first generation idols like g.o.d., H.O.T. and S.E.S. These boys have trained their skills and abilities when it came to acting, dancing, singing and the languages and cultures of other countries.

Boys Republic Profile

Group name: Boys Republic (소년공화국)
Fandom Name: Royal Family (로열패밀리)
Label: Universal Music Korea
Debut Date: June 5, 2013

Boys Republic Member Onejunn Profile

Boys Republic Member Onejunn Profile

Name: Jo One Junn (조원준)
Stage Name: Wonjun/ Onejunn
Nickname: Glutton member/ Glutton Leader/ Ajusshi Leader
Position: Leader, Main Vocal
Birthday: November 22, 1988
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 61kg
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Blood Type: AB

Boys Republic Jo One Junn Fun Facts

– He is known to be the troublemaker of the group next to Suwoong.
– Onejunn’s favorite fans are his Thai fans. He has always been very grateful to them.
– When it comes to music, he is the most passionate amongst his group members.
– The only member of the band to be a fan of One Direction.
– He wants to go back to Thailand for a meet and greet or even an Asia tour.
– He can imitate a Jazz singer.
– His favorite girl group is Girls Day and has admitted that he has been a fan ever since Expect Era.
– Onejunn can easily lick his elbows.
– He participated in the 2014 Idol Olympics alongside Suwoong. He scored a goal and had the position of a goal keeper.
– Onejunn likes food so much that one time, during a fan meet and greet, a fan gave him some food and he didn’t share it with the rest.
– His motto in life is “I will never think of betraying the law.”
– Onejunn was voted as the “Fashion Terrorist” according to the Boys Republic. Sungjun said, “One time, when we were about to go out, I saw a huge grasshopper come outside of the house but then I realized it was Onejunn dressed in all green.”

Sunwoo Profile

Sunwoo Profile

Name: Choi Sunwoo (최선우)
Stage Name: (Former) Dabin, (Current) Sunwoo
Nickname:Gentle Giant, Milky Prince
Position: Main Vocal, Visual
Birthday: March 12, 1992
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 65kg
Horoscope: Pisces
Blood Type: B

Choi Sunwoo Fun Facts

– Prior to Boys Republic, he trained under recording labels and talent agencies (YYG Entertainment and Cube Entertainment).
– Sunwoo revealed that he can shove his tongue all the way to his throat. How long can his tongue be?
– He has met music icon Zedd already. He’s a big fan of him.
– He was formerly known as Dabin.
– This is his reason for changing his name, “I change my name… My parents are the type to frequently go get their fotune told, an they suggested that I change my name.”
– Sunwoo is the tallest member of the group.
– He is known to be a former boy band member of Touch which is managed by YYJ Entertainment.
– His member profile says that he has six pack abs but people has yet to see it.
– Sunwoo oesn’t like people touching his things.
– He’s a big fan of the actor Lee Seung Gi. Sunwoo considers him as his role model when it coems to acting.
– Sunwoo enjoys swimming and is a caffeine addict.
– In July 2014, he posted on Twitter that he decided to change his name from Choi Dabin to Choi Sun Woo.
– Sunwooo enjoys annoying Suwoong.
– His ideal girl is someone who does well in her work and someone who will support him along the way.

Sungjun Profile

Sungjun Profile

Name: Park Sung Jun (박성준)
Stage Name: Sungjun
Position: Rapper & Dancer
Birthday: December 17, 1992
Height: 172cm
Weight: 55kg
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Blood Type: AB

Park Sung Jun Fun Facts

– He was a former trainee of JYP entertainment.
– Sungjun wants to become a famous dancer.
– He believes that people are unsuccessful because they lack courage.
– Sungjun revealed that he can bend his finger all the way to the back of his hand.
– He is considered the strongest member of he group.
– His ideal lady is someone who is tall, has straight and long hair, has pretty nails and with a lovely scent.
– He hates reptiles and rude people.
– Sungjun is the most stylish member of the band.
– He likes touching the other member’s man boobs.

Suwoong Profile

Suwoong Profile

Name: Lee Suwoong (이수웅)
Stage Name: Suwoong
Position: Lead Vocal, Maknae
Birthday: January 20, 1995
Height: 174cm
Weight: 56kg
Horoscope: Aquarius

Lee Suwoong Fun Facts

– He trained under Big Hit Entertainment.
– Suwoong is close with BTS and was trained along with them.
– Suwoong drools in his sleep. Sometimes, it was even recorded that he also sings Party Rock while sleeping.
– He gives the other boys a hard time because he’s a troublemaker.
– One member of the band has a picture of Suwoong drooling. He threatened that if Suwoong continues to misbehave, he will release it to the public.
– He often gets teased by the other members.
– Suwoong has the most number of fans among the rest of the boys and ranks #1 in visuals.
– Suwoong believes to never live in regret. In other words, YOLO (You only live once).
– He enjoys playing soccer.
– Suwoong looks up to Big Bang as his role models. He mentioned that T.O.P. can rap, act well and very entertaining in variety shows.
– Fans of the band pairs him with Sunwoo. They are called “WoongBin”, “DaWoong”, “SunWoong”, “WoongSun”, “Sweaty Couple”, “Mama and Baby” and “Loser Team”.
– He’s the only member of the group who participated in the winter Idol Olympics back in 2013.

Minsu Profile

Minsu Profile

Name: Kim Min Su (김 민수)
Stage Name: Minsu
Nickname: Russian Boy, Vampire Minsu
Position: Rapper & Dancer
Birthday: April 15, 1993
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55kg
Horoscope: Aries

Kim Minsu Fun Facts

– The only member who believes that the Boys Republic will become grandpas within ten years.
– He wants to become a singer-songwriter.
– Minsu is the only person we know that hates rainy days. But we’re not surprised he hates worms and ghosts also.
– He is a deep thinker. He usually thinks things through before making a decision or before doing them.
– Minsu believes so much in his confidence. One of his mottos in life is “If you do not have confidence, nothing will end well.”
– One time, Minsu was really happy after their debut that he even hit a pole on the way back to their hotel.
– He’s close with B-Bomb of Block-B and has also danced together in Project X with Doobu (3DColor), Daeil (24K) and J. Heart (N-Sonic).
– He was also in a dance unit with Cross Gene’s Sangmin and C-Clown’s Kangjun. Also Danced to HyunA’s RED with red lipstick on Idol School.
– Minsu would try modeling if only he met the requirements.
– He is a very clumsy boy.
– He is also called “Russian Boy” because of his sharp nose and chin.

Will Boys Republic Disband?

A recent survey showed that Boys Republic is one of those bands who will be disbanding this year. Unfortunately, it is reported that the band is doing very well in Japan this year.

They don’t have a lot of fans in Korea but have so many in other countries such as Japan, Philippines, China and other nearby countries.

Who is your Boys Republic bias? Do you think they will disband anytime soon? Let us know by commenting down below. If you think we’ve missed a couple of facts of your Boys Republic bias, tell us by writing it down in the comments.

Which Boys Republic bias would you want to have a slow dance with?


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