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Brad Pitt’s Hair Transplant – Before and After Pictures

Brad Pitt then and now
We’ve seen so much of Brad Pitt in the past that he basically became every woman’s dream man. His fame and looks are both unquestionable but Brad Pitt’s hair transplant got everybody buzzing about his still-the-same hairline even with his age now.

The actor’s hair now continues to look thick and healthy and it’s just extremely weird that for his age, he hasn’t mentioned about his hair transplant procedures. Maybe he’s always been blessed with great hair that came from genetics? Who knows.

Because of the stress of most Hollywood actors undergo, it’s highly likely that even Pitt’s health and lifestyle wouldn’t make his hair fall. We’re sure that he has experienced some hair receding in the past as well as other conditions that many people undergo when stressed and overworked.

Brad Pitt hair transplant

If Brad Pitt did undergo a hair transplant procedure, it would require him to keep his hair thin without having to touch up the bald patches. We haven’t seen him out and about with bald patches or receding hairline but the hats he wore kind of gives us an idea of something he’s hiding.

Brad Pitt’s hairstyle has also been the center of controversies and mockery in the past but it still doesn’t stop him from being one of the sexiest men alive.

Brad Pitt hairstyle

He once sported a shaggy hairstyle (when it was cool) and even a dirty, sexy hairstyle that makes him look like he’s some sort of mechanic. Some even said he’s wearing a wig and has gotten a couple of weaves.

Another Brad Pitt hairstyle that made it obvious that his hair is receding is when he did a slicked back hair with tons of gel on it.

Brad Pitt slicked back hair

Once you look at Brad Pitt’s before and after pictures, you would see that even before, he already had a thick hairline and now you can definitely tell that it has thinned slightly, but not noticeable at all.

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