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Brad Pitt, Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Brad Pitt Had Plastic Surgery?

Brad Pitt, the 53-year old star is a Hollywood actor who decided to age gracefully following divorce from his wife Angelina Jolie. According to sources, Brad Pitt is not happy with his current looks and wants to improve his facial features.

Brad Pitt 2017 Photo

He is very upset about his sagging eyelids and other facial features, which could be one of the primary reasons behind Brad Pitt plastic surgery rumors. However, his fans argue that his diet and fitness routine is the secret behind his handsome looks and he never opted for plastic surgery.

It is speculated that Brad Pitt, who gained recognition for his role in Thelma & Lousie went under the knife to improve his looks. He is considered as one of the attractive men in the world and has come a long way since late 80s. He is one of those Hollywood actors who continued to build success in almost all the projects he took.

The question is “Did Brad took help of plastic surgery to maintain his looks even at 53?” If yes, then what are all procedures he opted?

Rumors of Brad Pitt’s Botox and Facelift

We all know that Botox, facelift and rhinoplasty are the most common cosmetic procedures opted by celebrities. It is believed that Brad Pitt has had Botox and facelift to achieve a wrinkle free face.

Brad Pitt plastic surgery

Even at the age of 53, he has a tighter and glowing skin. In fact, he became more handsome in the recent years — which cannot be possible without the help of plastic surgery. He is afraid of old age just like other celebrities.

Rumors of Brad Pitt’s Eye and Ear Surgery

According to sources, Brad Pitt has undergone eye surgery to get a wrinkle free and open eye area. This is done very professionally to prevent the possibility of botched eyelid surgery. The eyelid of Brad is free from wrinkles and lines.

Brad Pitt Before And After Plastic Surgery

Besides the above procedures, it is believed that Brad Pitt had undergone ear surgery as well. You can see in his previous photos, his ears used to stand out. However, his ears are completely hidden in his recent photos. It is suspected that Brad Pitt also fixed his jawline shape to match his ears.

Has Brad Pitt Had Nose Job?

If we compare his before and after photos, we can see a noticeable change in the shape of his nose. The pictures suggest that he has had nose job. You can observe that his present nose is in a better shape than his previous one. The bridge was too little in the before plastic surgery photos. Now, his nose has a proportional bridge with a smaller bottom part.

Brad Pitt then (young) and now

It is believed that his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie pushed him to surgery to maintain youthful looks. The cosmetic procedures he opted never went out of control. He succeeded in maintaining natural looks even after Botox and Facelifts.

The procedures have benefited his career and made him more famous now. His fans not only admire him for his looks, but also his great acting skills.

Interesting things about Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was born in 1963 and his full name is William Bradley Pitt. His mother was a high school counselor and father was owner of a truck company.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Before starting his career as an actor, he did many small jobs. Some of the notable jobs include – dancing mascot in restaurant and chauffeur. He went to acting class and met the famous coach Roy London.

Brad Pitt gained recognition for his role in Thelma Louise in 1991. He is an actor, philanthropist, and furniture designer who is considered as the sexiest man.

Brad Pot was banned for entering China because of the role he played in Seven Years in Tibet in 1997. It is believed that Brad suffers from prosopagnosia, which is the inability to remember faces. Brad is an ambassador of DATA, an advocacy group that campaigns AIDS relief in South Africa.

Brad Pitt never admitted anything about plastic surgery allegations. He continued to deny the rumors of plastic surgery. What do you say about Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery allegations? Leave your comments below!

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