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BTS (Bangtan Boys) Members Profile – All the Info and Trivia You Need

BTS (Bangtan Boys) Members

BTS (Bangtan Boys) Members Profile – Facts, Former Members, Ideal Type, Birthday, Height, Weight, Blood Group etc.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) is a South Korean boy band who is currently taking over the world by storm. Both Korean and international fans are enamored with the boys’ talent in dancing and singing, more so with their deliciously good looks. So if you’re a fan, check out this article on BTS members profile and read more on your bias’s information.

BTS was formed by Big Hit Entertainment. They debuted in 2013 with No More Dream. Also known as Bangtan Boys, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, or Beyond the Scene, the seven-member South Korean band has certainly gained a large fanbase since then.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) Profile

BTS currently has four albums under their name, half of which are Korean and the other half Japanese. Just this year, Bangtan Boys released their second full-length album entitled You Never Walk Alone. This album consisted of top hit singles with Spring Day even reaching the US Billboard charts.

Needless to say, BTS is one of the most successful K-Pop bands of the later generation. With a wide fanbase and lots more talent to offer, BTS would surely achieve more in their career.

If you’re a fan of them now, then you probably have your own bias in the group. This article hopes to provide you with all the best information on your favorite idol, but don’t forget to read up on the other members as well!

BTS Members Profile

Jin Profile

BTS Member JIN

Stage Name: Jin
Real Name: Kim Seok Jin
Birthdate: December 4, 1992
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Role: vocalist, visual
Height: 179 cm or 5’10”
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: singing, dancing, cooking, playing videogames
Personality: carefree, responsible, confident, quiet, calm, hardworking

Jin Facts:

– Jin is the oldest member of BTS
– He is a fan of anime and games
– He likes the color pink and Disney princesses
– According to the other members, Jin has the best body amongst them
– His role model is T.O.P from another K-Pop group Big Bang
– His ideal type is someone who can be a good wife e.g. a girl who is domestic, can cook, etc.
– Jin is allegedly in charge of cleaning up BTS’ dorm
– He is also in charge of the kitchen
– Jin collects Nintendo games, Maple Story action figures, and Super Mario action figures
– Jin doesn’t have good eyesight; he wears strong prescription glasses
– He is an early riser, often waking up before the other members
– Jin likes to look at recipes and photographs
– He has an older brother
– Jin doesn’t like to watch scary movies because he gets easily spooked
– Jin is also a big foodie; he likes to eat and go to restaurants
– He is a Christian
– He likes to wear natural make-up
– Jin likes to wear pastel colored shirts
– Jin went to Konkuk university and graduated with a degree in art and acting in the Department of Film
– Colored contact lenses work well for him
– His favorite movie is The Matrix
– Jin is known as the most hardworking member of BTS
– He can speak English and Japanese apart from Korean

BTS Member Suga Profile

Suga Profile

Stage Name: Suga
Real Name: Min Yoon Gi
Birthdate: March 9, 1993
Zodiac: Pisces
Role: lead rapper
Height: 174 cm or 5’8″
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: singing, dancing, rapping, writing songs and bars, basketball
Personality: quiet, calm, meticulous, talkative, passionate

Suga Facts:

– Suga is known to be quite lazy; he often avoids having to do work
– He is family oriented and often misses his family; he has a dad, mom, and older brother at home
– He idolizes Western rappers such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, and Hit Boy
– Before he got recruited, Suga was an underground rapper
– His ideal type is someone who likes music
– His stage name ‘Suga’ is from ‘Sugar’ because he is pale and is sweet
– Suga did not come from a well-off family; his family was poor according to him
– He has a habit of biting his nails
– Suga doesn’t like dancing or loud and crowded places
– His favorite food is meat
– His nicknames are Motionless Min (because of laziness) and Mr. Appendix (because he had appendicitis)
– Suga is a good songwriter and can write songs almost anywhere and anytime
– He is known for his nice legs which, according to him, can rival SNSD’s
– Suga knows how to drive and owns a driver’s license
– He likes to tease his younger members
– He likes to sleep a lot
– Suga is the youngest child and he has one older brother
– He is rumored to be bisexual or pansexual
– His favorite film is Inception

J-Hope Profile

J-Hope Profile

Stage Name: J-Hope
Real Name: Jung Ho Seok
Birthdate: February 18, 1994
Zodiac: Aquarius
Role: lead rapper, main dancer
Height: 177 cm or 5’10”
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Gwangju, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: listening to music, singing, dancing, rapping, eating
Personality: friendly, bright, mischevious, playful,

J-Hope Facts:

– J-Hope is the best dancer of BTS; that is why he’s the main
– J-Hope is a dog-lover and he has a dog whom he named Mickey
– Before he debuted with BTS, J-Hope belonged to a street dance crew called NEURON
– He loves teasing and having fun with the younger members
– His favorite color is green and mostly owns green things
– Before he was recruited by Big Hit, he trained under JYP; another Korean entertainment company
– J-Hope doesn’t like to exercise or work out
– He is a foodie; he loves to eat, eat, and eat!
– He likes to wear graphic t-shirts, t-shirts with bold art, and ripped jeans
– He is a Christian
– He knows how to speak English, Chinese, and Japanese
– J-Hope has a close relationship with the maknae, Jungkook
– He has an older sister
– He also loves to eat
– J-Hope considers Jimin as the member who is most similar to him
– He is known to be bright, positive, and to have good aegyo
– He doesn’t like ginger
– He idolizes A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Beenzino, and G-Dragon from Big Bang
– When sleeping, he has both arms raised above his head
– Ever since he was a kid, J-Hope wanted to be a singer
– He likes to go to the fan café
– He likes color food with lots of toppings
– J-Hope is a good-solution finder, much like Doraemon

Rap Monster Profile

Rap Monster Profile

Stage Name: Rap Monster
Real Name: Kim Nam Joon
Birthdate: September 12, 1994
Zodiac: Virgo
Role: leader, main rapper
Height: 181 cm or 5’11”
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Ilsan, Gyeonggi-d, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: singing, dancing, rapping, surfing the web, composing
Personality: relaxed, sensitive, passionate, outgoing, playful

Rap Monster Facts:

– He went to New Zealand to study once
– Before debuting with BTS, Rap Monster was an underground rapper with quite a reputation; he had already released a few songs informally
– Rap Monster is very intelligent. In fact, he pays attention to his education despite being an idol and is currently enrolled in a Global Cyber University
– Rap Monster is reportedly the one who makes messes at the BTS dorm
– Rap Monster’s image is that of a tough and cool guy
– In reality, Rap Monster is playful and cute according to his other members
– Rap Monster has a younger sister who he refuses to introduce to the public
– He pays attention to fashion
– He is the leader of BTS and the first member to join the band formally
– Rap Monster allegedly had open heart surgery when he was 15 years old wherein he had low chance of survival
– Rap Monster knows how to speak English perfectly
– He has a younger sister
– He likes A$AP Rocky and Kanye West
– He is a supporter of the LGBT
– Rap Monster loves his computer and books
– His ideal girl is someone who is casual, tall, pale, and simple
– He aspires to be a famous and rich rapper in the future

Jimin Profile

BTS Jimin Profile

Stage Name: Jimin
Real Name: Park Ji Min
Birthdate: October 13, 1995
Zodiac: Libra
Role: lead vocalist, main dancer
Height: 173 cm or 5’8″
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: singing, dancing, listening to music
Personality: shy, cute, kind, obedient, gentle, considerate

Jimin Facts:

– Jimin’s eye smile almost makes his eyes disappear
– Jimin likes bandanas and snapbacks
– Jimin has an insecurity regarding his puffy cheeks and thinks they make him look fat
– He is the proud owner of abs
– He idolizes Taeyang from Big Bang, Chris Brown, and Rain
– Jimin went to Busan High School but later on transferred to Korea Arts High School with fellow member V
– Jimin is among the smallest member of the group
– He is known to be nice and kind, according to the other members
– He has a little brother whom he is very close to
– He likes to dance no matter the place or time
– He was inspired by Rain to become a singer
– Jimin is considered as the member who changed the most ever since they debuted


BTS V Profile

Stage Name: V
Real Name: Kim Tae Hyung
Birthdate: December 30, 1995
Zodiac: Capricorn
Role: vocalist
Height: 178 cm or 5’10”
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: singing, dancing, looking up obscure indie music, Japanese, acting
Personality: charming, playful, weird, cheerful

V Facts:

– V is the eldest child among three children; he has a younger sister and brother
– He went to Korea Art School and then took up a course in Global Cyber University
– He often looks up music that not many people listen to because he likes anything that is unique
– V is also dubbed as Blank Tae because he often has a blank expression on his face
– He can speak fluent Japanese
– He is a nail-biter
– His father is his role model
– V collects big dolls
– V is a fan of amusement parks
– He didn’t come from a well-off family; he came from a family of farmers
– V is also an actor; he acted in the Korean drama Hwarang
– V’s ideal girl is someone who is charming, loving, loyal, sophisticated, chic, warm-hearted, and soft
– When he was younger, V used to play the saxophone
– He is knowledgeable in regional dialects
– His favorite animal is the lion
– He becomes fussy before going to sleep
– He already decided on the names of his future kids, which are Taekwon and Taegeuk
– V is also interested in photography
– His stage name represents Victory for BTS
– He has a close relationship with Jin, the oldest member, and Jungkook who is the youngest
– He is a cat lover and has a cat named Kkangji
– V is the best at fan service during fan signs and events

Jungkook Profile

BTS Jungkook Profile

Stage Name: Jungkook
Real Name: Jeon Jeong-guk
Birthdate: September 1, 1997
Zodiac: Virgo
Role: main vocalist, visual, maknae
Height: 178 cm or 5’10”
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Hobbies and Skills: singing, dancing, rapping, drawing, playing games, soccer
Personality: passionate, kind, innocent, kind, timid, cute, stubborn

Jungkook Facts:

– Jungkook went to the Seoul School of Performing Arts
– He is burdened by allergic rhinitis so he sniffles most of the time
– He knows how to speak Japanese and English, although not extensively
– He idolizes G-Dragon from Big Bang
– He is the youngest member and often likes to annoy the older ones
– When working out, Jungkook believes you have to apply sports science
– Jungkook’s favorite class was PE and he likes working out
– Jungkook doesn’t like school classes other than PE, arts, and music; he also doesn’t like bugs, bland food, and pain
– Jungkook is bad at expressing his feelings
– His nicknames include Golden Maknae, Jungkookie, Kookie, and Nochu
– He has a talent for drawing and arts; he comes from a family of artists
– He is not confident at acting
– When he was younger, Jimin was quite addicted to gaming
– Jungkook really likes shoes and make-up
– Jungkook also likes reading books and comics
– Jungkook went to America to study different types of dancing, such as urban, powerful, and female type
– He has one older brother
– He aspires to be a tattoo artist or restaurant owner in ten years


So there you have it—our BTS Members Profile! We really hope you enjoyed reading all the fun facts and trivia about your favorite Bangtan Boys. Tell us what you think in the comments down below. Don’t forget to share this with your K-Pop friends as well!

Before you go, do us a favor and answer this quick poll: Who do you think is the best-looking member of BTS? Be honest!

– Suga
– Jimin
– J-Hope
– Rap Monster
– V
– Jungkook
– Jin

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