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BTS Jimin Profile, Facts, Names, Pre-debut, Ideal Type, Love Life & Style

BTS Jimin Profile
Park Jimin is a member of the South Korean boy band BTS. The band that was created by Big Hit Entertainment has risen in popularity and is currently one of the most renowned K-Pop groups throughout South Korea. Park Jimin is among the members of the band that debuted on the 12th of June 2013.

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BTS Jimin Profile

Actual Name: Park Ji Min
Stage Name: Jimin
Other Nicknames: Jimminnie, Dooly
Date of Birth: 13th October, 1995
Role played in Group: Main dancer and lead vocalist
Horoscope Star: Libra
Height in Meters: 1.75m
Height in Feet: 5′ 8.3″
Weight in Pounds: 134 lbs
Weight in Kilograms: 61 kg
Blood Group: A

BTS Jimin Pre-debut

BTS Jimin Pre-debut baby childhood photos

Born in South Korea’s Busan, Jimin started showing an interest in the entertainment industry from an early age. He started dancing way before he was a member of BTS and sources have it that he has been a prominent member of the Busan dancing scene from the time he was in middle school. Busan is one of the major cities in South Korea’s south.

He grew pretty popular in the streets for his remarkable dancing prowess and the fact that he joined several dance groups. He took part in quite a number of talent competitions and managed to win many competitions which is another fact that created a name for him.

Jimin also displayed an outstanding musical talent prior to becoming a member of BTS. For a while, he attended Busan High School of Arts where he was in the department of modern dance. The dance teacher saw the incredible talent that Jimin exhibited and suggested to him to audition for an entertainment company.

Jimin probably understood that he had no future in Busan and that to have a successful career in the entertainment industry, he had to relocate to Seoul. He definitely appreciates the move as it was the turning point of his entire career.

Of all the BTS current members, Jimin was the last be recruited into the group. He is therefore the one that trained for the shortest time under Big Hit Entertainment as he trained for only one year which is less than the training period of the other BTS members. He has reportedly revealed in interviews that getting into BTS was not a walk in the park.

Adopting to the new environment due to the move from Busan to Seoul was certainly one of the challenges that he faced. He also faced the pressure from the uncertainty of how things would go while bearing the fact that he had left everything behind to follow a new path.

Jimin had a pretty hard time getting into BTS and says that quite a number of people involved in the whole selection process had something against him. His fellow members have also stated that he faced various challenges and was almost cut from the group a couple days to their debut. He however managed to get into the group and made a debut with it performing the song No More Dream.

Jimin states that pre-debut, he considered himself fat. He further reveals that his feelings were not only as a result of the fact that he was bigger than the South Korean Beauty standards but also for the fact that his cheeks were rather chubby during his time as a trainee. The feeling made him very self-conscious not only about his weight but also his looks in general.

He has however managed to work his way out of being ‘fat’ and is currently popular for being the BTS member with “chocolate abs”.

BTS Jimin Facts

– Jimin was born in Busan of South Korea
– He has one brother who is younger than him
– Jimin’s real name is Park Jimin which is where his stage name was acquired from
– For his education, Jimin went to Busan High School of Arts after which he attended Global Cyber University
– In Busan High School of Arts, he was in the modern dance department where one of his dance teachers suggested for him to audition for an entertainment company
– He says that he trained through the night to dawn and slept during class time
– The number 3 is Jimin’s favorite number
– He is particularly conscious about his looks, his weight and his cheeks and is said to view himself as fat
– The colors blue and black are his favorite colors
– Sources have it that his favorite foods are pork, fruit, chicken, duck as well as Kimchijjigae
– Jimin loves a sunny and cool weather
– Although he feels he is fat, he is actually popular for his impressive abs that are considered among the best in BTS
BTS Jimin's Abs
– It has been stated that he occasionally beats the other BTS members as his way of showing them affection. He has even said that sometimes he feels sorry for hitting them so hard
– Jimin likes to dance so much that whenever music starts playing around him, he starts dancing and doesn’t mind where he is or who is watching
– Jimin is an ardent fan of BIG BANG
– The ideal type for Jimin is a nice girl who is cute and also smaller than him
– Dancing is his passion and he often works toward bettering his skills
– He is addicted to practicing dancing and is said to practice any time he has time to spare
– He practices so much that he only sleeps for three hours
– Since 8th grade, Jimin has been dancing popping and he has previously stated that he was inspired to pursue his current career line after watching Rain performances
– Other BTS members, Jin to be exact say that Jimin had a really good body when they first met
– Jimin is particularly knowledgeable about skin care
Chris Brown also happens to be his role model
– Jimin likes to be independent and likes to solve all of his problems by himself
He is close with V, also a member of BTS and whenever he is unable to solve his problems, he shares with V
– Jimin is regularly teased by Jungkook about his height
– Park Jiminie is his nickname
– His other nickname is Dochi which comes from the fact that he looked like a puppy since middle school and the name stuck
– His goal is to be a cool singer in 10 years to come
– He would love to wear a dinosaur costume on Halloween
– Jimin takes charge of the kitchen when the band is in the dorm
– His parents approved on his dream to venture into the entertainment scene
– He considers his eyes his charm
– Although he is friendly towards all the group members, he is particularly nicer to Jungkook who is the youngest member of the group. He has occasionally been referred to as Jungkook’s mom

BTS Jimin’s Love Life

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Jimin’s love life. A while back, speculations started doing rounds that he and Red Velvet’s singer Seulgui were a thing. There were even videos of the two together and an image that showed them enjoying each other’s company.

However, it later emerged that the video had been manipulated and that the two were actually not seeing each other. Although the rumor was proven to be inaccurate, during an interview in which he was asked whose number he would like to have, he said that he would like to have Red Velvet’s.

When asked about his ideal type, Jimin stated that he wanted a nice girl who was charming and had long hair. He also stated that he preferred single-edged eyelid and that the girl had to be shorter than him. The BTS star also mentioned that he was selective based on personality.

BTS Jimin’s Style

Just like all the other BTS members and K-Pop idols in general, Jimin has a rather striking style. He has got a unique fashion style that makes him stand out from his peers and fellow group members.

BTS Jimin Fashion Style

Jimin has in the past mentioned that GUCCI is his favorite brand. This explains why he has on several occasions been seen spotting GUCCI products. At one time, Jimin was seen wearing a GucciGhost Women’s Shirt in white. The shirt was a gift to him from V fellow group member V for his 2016 birthday and costs approximately $1100 USD.

In a majority of his photos, Jimin wears casual attire. He particularly has a thing for casual tees and trunks and finishes the look off with sport shoes or snickers. He also likes headwear which are casual too and puts on dark sunglasses most of the time.

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