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BTS Jin Profile, Facts, Names, Pre-debut, Ideal Type, Love Life & Style

BTS Jin Profile
Popularly known as Jin, Kim Seok-Jin is a famous South Korean model and singer. He is a member of the celebrated boy group BTS which was created by Big Hit Entertainment and made its debut on the 13th of June 2013. The group made its debut with No More Dream, a single from their album 2 Cool 4 School.

As part of the group, he has had quite a successful career in the entertainment scene. He has earned himself a reputation and is one of the most celebrated artist in the K-Pop music industry.

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BTS Jin Profile

BTS Jin Sexy Photo

Actual Name: Kim Seok Jin
Stage Name: Jin
Other Nicknames: Pink Princess, Jin Princess
Date of Birth: 4th December, 1992
Role played in Group: Visuals and Vocals
Horoscope Star: Sagittarius
Height in Meters: 1.79m
Height in Feet: 5’10”
Weight in Pounds: 139lbs
Weight in Kilograms: 63kg
Blood Group: O

BTS Jin Pre-debut

BTS Jin Pre-debut and baby photo

Jin was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do’s Gwacheon – South Korea in a family in which he has one older brother. Not much information is available about his brother or parents.

He has however made it clear that his parents supported his career choice and as a way of thanking them, he posted the cover of Mom, a popular Korean song on 2015’s Parents Day. Jin was a student at Konkuk University prior to his being street-cast for auditions. He majored in acting at the university.

As a kid, Jin had often dreamt of becoming a detective. Growing up however, he found the entertainment scene more exciting and decided to pursue a career in it. He found himself drawn to hip hop and got very interested in the genre.

Suga, his fellow group member in an interview stated that this made it a lot easier for Jin to train to become an idol.

Jin himself claims that training to be an idol was quite challenging at first since he was a student majoring in acting. He however adds that it got a lot easier when his colleagues started helping him prepare. They treated him really good and would occasionally offer him songs to listen to or recommend great songs.

Rumor has it that before making his debut on Bangtan Boys, Jin was an endorsement model. Some credible sources have it that this is actually a fact and that he still maintains good friendship with Jin Hyosang. Hyosang was formerly a member of BTS before the group made its debut but left for Topp Dogg.

As earlier stated, for his education, Jin attended Konkuk Univeristy where he studied art and acting both under the department of film. His graduation was on the 22nd of February 2017. Due to a busy schedule however, he was unable to attend the event and instead held his own ceremony with both members and fans through a live stream.

Jin’s performance at the audition was quite impressive that Big Hit Entertainment decided to accept him for the group they were creating. He has since proven his worth to the group by being an exemplary performer.

Jin is the oldest in the group and besides promoting with it, he is also an active dancer and singer. He plays the position of main vocalist and visuals. The other group members all say that he has the best looks and that his broad shoulder are pretty sexy.

BTS Jin's Shoulders
Jin’s Shoulders

BTS Jin Facts

– Jin has one older brother
– Of all the BTS members, he is the oldest having been born in 1992
– At one time, Jin had a dog which he named Jjanggu
– In the BTS dorms, he is in charge of cleaning up the dorm
– His favorite color is pink and he was nicknamed Pink Princess by the fans just because of this
– Blue is another of his favorite colors
– For numbers, 4 is his favorite
– Meat, lobster, naengmyeon, hamburgers, chicken and pizza are his favorite meals along with all kinds of greasy junk food

Jin eating food
– T.O.P, a member of the South Korean group Big Bang is his role model
– When he is hungry, Jin has the habit of blinking his left eye
– The other BTS members describe him by the word Hidetoshi from Doraemon which translates to Youngmin in Korean
– His dream for the coming ten years is to be Sergeant Kim Seokjin and he also dreams of succeeding in BTS so that he becomes a Jin that mothers love to watch on TV
– Jin particularly enjoys doing aegyo
– He is a health conscious individual who has profound love for healthy products
– Jin has an eye issue and wears very powerful prescription glasses. He however doesn’t like putting them on because he feels insecure when he does
– When asked about the member he is closest to in BTS, he chooses V
– Jin is conscious about his looks and as compared to the other members of the group, he is the one that takes care of his appearance the most. As a matter of fact, in 2014, he made a resolution to try and get muscle and abs. He says he thought it would be cool having them
– Spring sunlight is Jin’s favorite weather
If Jin was a girl, he says that he would date Jimin simply because he is the shy type and Jimin has the ability to help him be more social and open up
– Jin has a thing for Disney princesses
– As compared to most of the other group members, Jin is a pretty great cook that the others call him granny. At one time, he made soup for J-Hope and the latter found it amazing that he was left speechless as it tasted just like one his mother makes
– Jin knows how to speak Mandarin (Chinese)
– He is friends with Kiddo, a member of the group Topp Dogg who left BTS back in 2012
– Jin’s favorite items are Super Mario action figures, Nintendo Games and Maple Story Action figures
– Jin and Jimin hit the gym together quite often
– Jin says that the other members leave him in charge of the kitchen and that after grocery shopping, he is the one that puts the items in the fridge and throws out spoilt food
– Before making it big with Bangtan Boys, Jin was a cute maknae who listened to and respected his parents
– Jin is very proud of his lower lip and he actually mentions it as his charm
– His other charm is the back of his head which is roundish
– If given a chance, he would steal Jimin’s abs
– Jin becomes really excited and happy when he is told that he is handsome or cute
– He wakes up two hours ahead of the other BTS members in the dorm
– Jin is known as the hardest working member of BTS
– He is also a great singer
– Jin loves his fellow group members but loves teasing them from time to time
– A.R.M.Y is his fan club name
– He is a Christian by religion
– He keeps a short hairstyle
– While cooking, he gets excited
– When alone at his home, Jin feels sad
– He also gets mad when he is unable to sing well
– After lessons, Jin gets tired and sleepy
– Playing with his smartphone calms him down and makes him relaxed
– Singing in front of his fans makes him high
– Besides Korean, he speaks English and Japanese
– He has a natural taste for makeup
– He currently has no tattoo on his body
– When cooking or eating, Jin likes to capture himself on video and later uploads it on YouTube
– He cools in the dorm of the group
– While he was in the 8th grade, Jin was scouted by SM Entertainment
– Listening to music and snowboarding are his other hobbies besides cooking
– He has a very sensitive personality and Kanye West is his role model
– His favorite subject in school was English and Korean
– His favorite genre of music are Hip Hop and R&B
– Dark and Wild is his favorite BTS song
– The Matrix is Jin’s favorite movie
– His ideal type is a lady who is nice, a good cook and a person who can make a good wife

Jin’s Lovelife – Whom Jin is Dating?

Jin's girlfriend

In official statements, Jin is said to be single. The reason being that he is on a tight schedule and hasn’t had enough time to work on a relationship.

There are however speculations doing rounds on the internet about who he is dating. It has been speculated that Jin is dating the Korean comedian Lee Guk Joo. The reason for the rumors was because the two were close and Jin had earlier intimated that he would have liked to date a chubby girl. She was chubby.

The rumors were however dispelled when Lee said that Jin was not her boyfriend. Jin also made an accidental declaration of love for Sunny.

Jin’s Style

BTS Jin's Fashion Style

For his fashion style, Jin tries to keep it simple, yet stylish. He wears a cap occasionally and has a thing for sunglasses. Like the other BTS group members, Jin keeps his hair short.

Jin also loves wearing casual attire most of the time. He uses the L’OMBRE DANS L’EAU perfume from Diptyque. He often wears simple pastel-colored t-shirts and pastel coats.

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