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BTS Jungkook Profile, Facts, Pre-debut, Ideal Type, Fashion & Hairstyles

BTS Jungkook Profile
Jungkook is among the 7 members of the K-Pop group BTS. Also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scenes, BTS is a South Korean boy band that was created by Big Hit Entertainment and had its debut on the 12th of June, 2013.

The group has had its share of success in the South Korean music scene and being a part of it, Jungkook enjoys the fame that comes with being a member.

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BTS Jungkook Profile

Actual Name: Jeon Jung Kook
Stage Name: Jungkook or JK
Other Nicknames: Jungkookie
Date of Birth: 1st September, 1997
Role played in Group: Lead vocalist, main dancer, sub rapper, Maknae and center
Horoscope Star: Virgo
Height in Meters: 1.78m
Height in Feet: 5’10”
Weight in Pounds: 145lbs
Weight in Kilograms: 66kg
Blood Group: A

BTS Jungkook Pre-debut

BTS Jungkook Pre-debut Photos

South Korean by birth, Jungkook was born on the 1st of September, 1997 in one of South Korea’s largest cities, Busan. Jungkook was born into a family of father, mother and an older brother. Not much is known about his family, only that his parents are still working and that his brother’s name is Jeong Jeong Hyeon.

Jungkook took up an interest in venturing into the entertainment industry quite early in life and judging from the effort he put into it, he was passionate about it.

He once stated in an interview that while in 7th grade, he learnt b-boying with a bunch of friends and hyungs in a club. Later on, he went for auditions at the Mnet where he got casted by the staff of his current company.

Although Jungkook’s dance performance at the audition was impressive, he was told by Bang Sihyuk PD that he needed to work on improving it. He was told that he did not show emotion in his dance. Determined to improve and make it big in the dance industry, Jungkook decided to move to the United States and take dance classes.

In the US, Jungkook was trained on quite a number of dance styles. Some of the styles that he learned include Urban Style, Powerful Dances, Female Dancing Styles and various other dancing styles. He also had the chance to meet some of the most renowned choreographers.

He says that he is currently able to properly bring out emotion while dancing and credits it to the training he took in the US. He loved the experience he had in the United States and shared it with the hyungs. He says that the hyungs named him Golden Maknae which he attributes to the fact that he tends to misbehave a lot.

Jungkook auditioned and was accepted into BTS as a singer, rapper and dancer. Although he joined the group in the year 2001, he was not shown to the public immediately. He was probably still being trained and being groomed for the limelight. Being the youngest member, the other members of the group find him adorable and actually pay more attention to him.

BTS Jungkook Facts

– Jungkook was born in Busan, the second largest City in South Korea and the country’s largest port city
– He has one brother who is older than him
– Being from Busan, several names related to the city were considered for his stage name some of which include Young Gun, Seagull and various others. It was however later decided that he stick with Jungkook as his stage name
– For middle school, Jungkook went to Baek Yang Middle School. In pursuit of his career in the entertainment industry, he proceeded to Seoul School of Performing Arts
– He graduated from Seoul School of Performing Arts in February of 2017, an event that was celebrated by the other members of BTS
– The other BTS members have stated in the past that Jungkook has a good memory
– They also said that due to his good memory, he memorizes when they talk and later imitates them making their voices sound funny in the process
– When talking about his favorite foods, Jungkook says that he likes lots of foods but the top three in his list are pork soup rice, sashimi and sea eel. He also says that he likes anything that has flour on it and that includes pizza, bread
– Being the youngest in the group, Jungkook is set to serve his compulsory military service later than the others, Rap Monster says that he at times feels jealous about that
– For his artist work, Jungkook’s net worth is approximated at $8.3 million
– He has some rather weird habits such as wriggling his fingers and sniffling a lot which is attributed to his rhinitis
– According to United States conversion, his shoe size is 7.5
– If Jin were a girl, Jungkook says he would date him
– His favorite number is the number 1
– Black, red and white are his favorite colors
– Other members of BTS have admitted that Jungkook is a pretty good cook
– He is fashionable and loves makeup and shoes
BIG BANG’s G-Dragon is his role model
– His ideal type is a lady that is not less than 1.68m tall but preferably smaller in size than him, a good wife, smart, skilled at cooking, long pretty legs and generally nice. He also likes a girl that is good at singing and likes him too.
– Jungkook’s favorite movie is Iron Man while his favorite BTS song is Dark & Wild
– No passion in life means same as die is Jungkook’s motto
– He has his own place in Busan
– Jungkook has got a passionate personality and has drawing as his hobby
– His favorite sport is Soccer
– He does not very much enjoy to eat vegetables
– His rapping and singing skills are lauded even by the other members of the group
– A.R.M.Y is his fan – club name
– He keeps short hair and is a Christian by religion
– When he is around other members of BTS, Jungkook gets happy but gets sad when he has to stay at his home without company
– After lessons, he gets sleepy but often feels relaxed when talking to his friends
– Singing in front of his fans makes him get high
– Besides Korean, he speaks two other languages which are English and Japanese
– He has a natural taste for makeup tips
– Other members say he is a typical teenager and he doesn’t have any tattoos on him
– Jungkook has a black belt in Tea Kwon Do
– He is rather shy and often touches his nose
– Jungkook played handball prior to joining BTS
– It is said that he is an enthusiastic person who works really hard and committed to achieve his goal
– He was inspired to venture into the music scene while in tenth grade when he listened to G-Dragon’s songs, a member of the South Korean renowned group BIG BANG
– As compared to the other BTS members, he is considered the best due to the fact that he is a fast learner and learns everything way faster than the others
– He may be the youngest in the group but he is also the one that does things the best way possible

BTS Jungkook’s Love Life – Whom He Is Dating?

Various speculations have risen about Jungkook’s love life. He has reportedly said that he currently has no girlfriend, something that he associates with the fact that he has been occupied with his career and education.

There are however rumors of him being in a relationship in his younger years while still in junior high school. The girl, Park Sewon went to the dame junior high with him. An image of the two started doing rounds on the internet and immediately sparked the rumors of a relationship between them.

Jungkook and Park Sewon

In the selfie pic that she posted on her twitter account, part of Jungkook’s face appears on the corner of the photo. They are said to have had a successful dating which they decided to end when he decided to focus in his debut with BTS.

Besides his junior high dating, there have also been speculations about who he is seeing after rising to the limelight. Some of the ladies that he has been said to be going out with include Jeong Yein and Jung Chae-yeon.

Jungkook and Jeong Yein
Jungkook and Jeong Yein

It has also been rumored that he had a thing with Ko So Hyun. None of these rumors has however been confirmed leaving them just speculation.

BTS Jungkook Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Jungkook's Hairstyles and Hair Colors

BTS Jungkook’s Style

Jungkook is particularly conscious about his looks and has a passion for fashion. His unique sense of style and fashion makes him one of the best dressed members of the group.

Jungkook's Fashion Style

Starting from his hair, Jungkook likes to keep his hair short and well groomed. His short hair makes him look even younger and vibrant. His favorite perfume is “Tease” body mist.

He would go for a chic and comfortable look any day. He likes sporting plain t-shirts with white and black being his best color options. They are on most occasions buggy and loose, probably to bring out the best of the comfort element. He also likes Beanie.

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