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BTS (Bangtan Boys) Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

BTS (Bangtan Boys) plastic surgery before and after
Bangtan Boys, popularly known as BTS, is one of South Korea’s biggest K-pop boy bands. Coming from Korea, you would think that they are all plastic. Are BTS Members addicted to plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Korean bands in South Korea are reported to be overdosing in plastic surgery. As the bands continue to invade the entire world, many questions that are uncomfortable to answer start to surface – “How much plastic surgery is just too much?”

Koreans want to look like Americans?

Plastic surgery is simply very common in South Korea just like how it is in America and other parts of the world. But Koreans’ faces, especially famous Korean celebrities’ plastic surgery addiction are just out of control.

Some management of these Korean groups require the members to get surgery, according to insiders. The practice is very widespread among both female and male Korean pop groups. This kind puts pressure to young fans to consider complicated and expensive surgeries.

Let’s take a look at the members of BTS and see how much plastic surgery have they done to achieve their looks today.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) Jin Plastic Surgery Rumors and News

BTS Jin is the only known member that looks plastic surgery free. All you need to do is to look at his jaw, chin, eyes and nose and you’ll see that they still look the same.

Jin Plastic Surgery

BTS Jin before and after pictures show that his nose may look more defined now and that’s more likely because of his contouring around the nose or just with the use of Adobe Photoshop.

Jin also is said to have done some sort of skin whitening procedure because in previous photos of him, he look a lot darker.

J-Hope Then and Now

J-Hope is suspected to have a jaw reshaping surgery done. It is usually done to make the face look thinner. However, his face didn’t look skinnier at all, even after losing a ton of weight, because his face had always look bigger because of the bone structure of his bone.

J-hope plastic surgery

There’s also some suspicions that he had some work done on his nose because in the past, his nose was disproportionately small for his face. However, we’re still not sure if he did a proper nose job or whether he just got fillers to change the tip of his nose.

If we remember correctly, J-hope’s pre-debut pictures showed that he had a flat-tipped nose and his pictures now show that he has a more pointed-tip nose.

Aside from the suspected plastic surgery procedure J-hope has done, some also think that he had a double eyelid surgery because he now has deep eyelid creases, which many believe are not natural at all.


Namjoon, even looking like a naturally handsome person, has two noticeable changes in his look at those are his jawline and his eyes. Maybe he had a similar procedure like Yoongi and J-hope when it came to the jaw reshaping surgery. But aside from that, Namjoon’s eyes look slightly larger than usual. He might had had a double eyelid surgery to open up his eyes more.

Rap Monster Kim Namjoon Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Some say he had something done on his face – especially the nose part. Rap Monster’s plastic surgeon did a great job because you know there’s a procedure done to Rap Monster, but it just isn’t noticeable.

Rap Monster’s nose changed the width of the bridge of his client’s nose as well as the slop angle contour.

There also could be some minor eyelid adjustments but still unsure if these could be due to angles or makeup. We’ve noticed Rap Monster could have used a lot of facial creams and careful application of makeup that enhanced his overall look.

Jimin Before and After

Looking at Jimin before and after pictures, you wouldn’t notice anything suspicious at first glance. But if you compare his pictures pre-debut, you’ll notice that his cheeks before were surely chubbier compared to his cheeks now.

Park Jimin Plastic Surgery

Maybe he went under the knife for that, maybe he just started to eat healthy and exercised a lot to remove the fluffiness on his cheeks – we’re not really sure.

Jimin has also had a chin reduction according to reports and their fans. Some of them noticed that his chin is slightly more pointed now compared to Jimin’s pre-debut pictures.

Jimin’s nose now look straighter, taller and more petite compared to his pre-debut photos. So, we believe that he may have altered his nose to look how it is now. It’s not that obvious unlike another member of BTS.

He has also suspected to have had done some work on his eyes, skipping a double eyelid surgery and opted for a corner cutting surgery because his eyes look more wide now, especially the corner of his eyes.

Although hard to tell, we believe he had a non-surgical procedure to get that look. Or maybe Jimin is just blessed with a Western look, a very common conception that BTS seems to go for.

BTS Taehyung (V) Plastic Surgery Before and After

Taehyung’s nose has always been talked about even though he looks really natural. He’s one of the only guys in BTS that has a completely natural look. There has been changes in look because now he looks more mature.

Taehyung BTS V Plastic Surgery

When he first saw him, we though he had a nose job. Sometimes when you see more pictures of them, it would become really hard to tell. V’s nose sometimes looks bigger, other times, not so, maybe that’s just due to the heavy lighting and makeup.

V’s face look untouched so we think that he has a natural beauty. He’s still young to even go under the knife.

One doctor said, “I don’t think BTS V had any procedures. Frankly, I don’t think he needs it.”


Jungkook has known to have altered his jawline and his nose. His weight gain and mature face are naturally-looking, for sure.

BTS Jeon Jungkook plastic surgery

It’s difficult to judge looking at Jungkook’s before and after pictures and the angle of his nose. But if many says he had a plastic surgery procedure done, then it’s not really noticeable at all.

Suga Pre-debut and Now

Digging into Suga’s before and after pictures, it looks like he didn’t have any plastic surgery at all. Some say he had corner-cutting surgery for his eyelids that created a more bulbous, widened look. His after pictures shows that there’s some sort of broader eye exposure.

Suga Plastic surgery

However, his nose raised a lot of suspicions due to promotional pictures that had more filter and too much Photoshop, so those can’t really be trusted. Also, we’ve noticed a lot of fansites also Photoshop their bias.

We have also considered that there’s a slight angle accentuation which we think is due to his weight loss and diet change.

If you look at Suga’s picture pre-debut, you could compare now that there are no signs of eyelid surgery. His nose still looks wide especially when he smiles, a clear indication that he didn’t go under the time.

BTS on the Billboard Music Awards

BTS on the Billboard Music Awards

When BTS splashed the Billboard Music Awards, many has blunt reactions to these Korean idols.

“The plastic surgery industry in Korea must be lit. Those BTS kids could barely move their faces during their speech.”

One remarked, “BTS = 7 proofs that plastic surgery doesn’t always work on some faces.”

Another person quipped, “I’m against children having plastic surgery”.

The question everybody is asking now is whether Korean superstars like Big Bang, BTS, EXO and more cross over into America given they have had overdosed on plastic surgery, or will their smooth complexions simply put-off the American culture?

Fans of the Korean band claimed that all members of BTS were cosmetic-surgery-free. But it just seems difficult to believe. Aside from that, there’s simply no debating that they use a ton of makeup to their faces to enhance their already enhanced looks.

The good thing is, members of BTS are serving as inspiration for a lot of makeup tutorials and tips, that is, for women, and not for men.

BTS Introduced Surgery-Friendly Cosmetics to Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

BTS introduced a sun protectant called “BTS x VT Essence Sun Pact” that targets toward domestic and global customers in their early 10s and 20s. It will be offered in seven shades; blue, yellow, gray, white, pink, green and purple.

We’re all just wondering why BTS Members are not admitting to plastic surgery when it’s obvious that they’ve gone under the knife.

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