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BTS V (Taehyung) Profile, Facts, Pre-debut, Ideal Type, Love Life & Style

BTS V Taehyung Profile
Kim Tae – hyung is a South Korean singer, popularly known as V and is a member of the famous South Korean K-Pop boy band, BTS also Bangtan Boys. The group that was founded by Big Hit Entertainment made its debut on the 13th of June, 2013 with No More Dream a song from their first album.

Although the group was supposed to make its debut in 2010, it was delayed for three years due to the fact that some of its members had departed.

BTS V (Taehyung) Profile

BTS V Taehyung Cute Foto

Actual Name: Kim Tae Hyung
Stage Name: V
Other Nicknames: Tae Tae, Blank Tae
Date of Birth: 30th December, 1995
Role played in Group: Vocalist
Horoscope Star: Capricorn
Height in Meters: 1.78m
Height in Feet: 5’10”
Weight in Pounds: 137lbs
Weight in Kilograms: 62kg
Blood Group: AB

BTS V (Taehyung) Pre–debut

Although V was born in Daegu, he moved to Geochang where he grew up living with the rest of his family. He later on moved to Seoul with the aim of pursuing a career in the music scene.

BTS V Taehyung Pre-debut

He has once stated that although his parents were initially not supportive of him joining the music industry, they later changed and thought it was a great idea if he gave it a shot. V was encouraged by his father to have knowledge of playing at least one musical instrument.

He says that his father advised him that it was important for a singer to have skill with at least an instrument and it is then that he decided to try out a saxophone. He practiced playing the instrument over a period of 3 years beginning from the time he was in 7th grade.

BTS V further admits that there was a point in time in which he fell so in love with playing saxophone and wanted to be a saxophone player more than he wanted to be a singer.

However, he stopped playing the instrument in his fourth year and hasn’t improved his playing skills since then. It is then that his dream of becoming a singer became more eminent.

Before officially becoming a member of the renowned boy band BTS, V had already made a name for himself in showbiz. He pretty well-known on the internet and went by the name Ulzzang which means someone with a pretty face. Ulzzangs are basically personalities that are quite famous online for having exceptionally good looks.

Anybody with good looks can be an Ulzzang as it does not require one to be a professional model or have any career along that line. There are however certain contradictions about V being an Ulzzang before BTS.

Some sources indicate that he became an Ulzzang only after Big Hit Entertainment revealed his face on the internet as the last member of the group. On the other hand, there are sources that claim that he was an Ulzzang before joining BTS.

V’s audition for BTS has often been attributed to pure coincidence. It is said that the only reason he was at the venue where Big Hit Entertainment was hosting the auditions in search of a trainee was because he had accompanied his friend who wanted to audition. A member of Big Hit spotted him and encouraged him to give the auditions a shot.

In an interview, Taehyung said that he was so unprepared for the audition that he had to call his parents and ask for permission to do it. Although he had dreamt of becoming a performer after realizing in school that he liked the stage, he did not take his instincts seriously and wasn’t even thinking about auditioning for a spot on BTS.

It can therefore be said that his was a case of being at the right place at the right time with the right skills and the right looks.

Prior to moving to Korea Art School, Taehyung attended the Daegu First School. He graduated from the former in the year 2014 alongside fellow group member, Jimin. He then proceeded to Global Cyber University. He is considered a brilliant singer by fellow group members.

The first time that he was announced to be a member of BTS was when a teaser image of him was released by Big Hit Entertainment. He was kept a secret from the general public while the other BTS members were exhibited on Facebook, Twitter and Fancafe.

His announcement increased the number of BTS group members to 7 from 6. He trained for 3 years under Big Hit and was scouted for his gorgeous looks.

BTS V Without Makeup

BTS V looks same even without makeup, very handsome 🙂

BTS V Without Makeup

BTS V Facts

– Although V was born in Daegu, he lived in Geochang before making the move to Seoul
– He has two siblings, a brother and a sister who are both younger than him
– Besides Korean, he speaks fluent Japanese
– Black, green and white are V’s favorite colors
– The number 10 happens to be his favorite number
– He likes some rather unique items such as big dolls and various other unique products
– His favorite items are clothes, shoes, his computer and accessories
– His friends and fellow group members call him Tae Tae because it is easier to say or blank Tae because of his blank expression
– He is one of the most popular members of the group and it is said that 5 personal fan clubs were created when a teaser image of him was released
– While he was in the group and training under Big Hit, fans did not know about him until a short while before the debut
– Of all the members of BTS, he is the pickiest eater
– Eric Bannet is his favorite artist while his dad is his role model
– V says that he dreams of becoming a father like his own who was caring, loving and inspirational of his kids
– He and Jin share the same hobbies
– V says that he is closer to Jimin and Jin and will share his problems with them. He however adds that he finds it a lot easier to talk to Jimin given the fact they are of about the same age
– Together with Suga, V is a mood maker in BTS
– Sources have it that he is the most popular member of BTS in Taiwan
– In the BTS dorms, V is in charge of the washing machine
– V has a thing for amusement parks with his favorite spots being roller coasters, gyro swings and gyro drops
– He is a good tree climber but doesn’t know how to get down after climbing
– V was born in a poor family of farmers
– Health, honor and family are V’s requirements for happiness and a fulfilled life
– When he gets nervous or anxious, V has the habit of biting his nails
– V’s favorite dishes are Japchae and just about any kind of meat
– The other BTS members say that he is a terrible cook
– For V, the ideal type of girl is one that not only loves him but also takes care of him and has lots of aegyo
– His dream in ten years is to be taking his two kids, a boy and a girl to the zoo
– The other BTS members say that he is the most whimsical member of the group
– V says that before becoming an artist, he used to work in the farm
– Taehyung feels his eyes are his charm and even though they may be blank most of the time, they can actually radiate a unique feeling
– All the other members say that he has the most girl fans
– V is a hard worker, especially when he is faced with a challenge. He loves winning and will do anything to win
– Taehyung is a fan of doing kkumul kkumul dance
– He acts quite a lot
– Most of the other BTS members consider him the most mysterious member of the group
– If at all he may have any superpower, he would love to be able to talk to cars
– A day hardly goes by without V watching an anime and each time, he writes something about it on his social media account
– He wants to get married to his very first lover and spend their lives together for eternity
– Sources have it that he hasn’t been in any serious relationships
– He started playing guitar after he saw Jungkook playing it. Jungkook attributes this to his competitive nature

BTS V Hairstyle and Hair color

1. Blonde Balayage hairstyle

Blonde Balayage hairstyle

2. Mid Length Bangs on Messy Hair

Mid Length Bangs on Messy Hair

3. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

4. Layered Hairstyle

BTS V Layered Hairstyle

5. Brown Hair with Headband

Beown Hair with Headband

6. Side Combover and Bangs

Side Combover and Bangs

– Some of the fellow group members feel that he wants to do everything but is mostly impatient

BTS V’s Style

V keeps his style simple but classy. He likes black hoodies and jackets. He also wears casual attire quite a lot. Rubber shoes are his thing and he keeps short hair.

Taehyung BTS V Fashion Style

BTS V’s Love Life

Although Taehyung is yet to make any official comments about his love life, there are several rumors doing rounds on the internet about it. In early 2015, there were several rumors connecting V to a fan girl. Rumor had it that the two were secretly lovers. She has also been named on a number of occasions as V’s girlfriend.

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