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Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery – Botox, Nose Job & Eyelid Surgery

Burt Reynolds plastic surgery
Burt Reynolds is considered to be the man during his time and place. He was Hollywood’s pretty boy – every woman loved him, every man wanted to be him. So it’s no surprise that the A-list star felt desperate to stay young and turned to plastic surgery.

He first gained fame when he starred on shows like Hawk and Dan August. In 1972, Burt’s star status was established after appearing in the cult classic Deliverance. During the 70s and 80s, he continued to maintain to be the big man, delivering blockbuster film after film.

Burt first auditioned for his ever starring film with the persistence of his dear friend, Clint Eastwood.

Burt Reynolds Before and After Plastic Surgery

Rumors started pouring in when there have been a major change in the Hollywood star’s face. He ascribed having a medical condition which also resulted to him losing a lot of weight.

Burt reynolds surgery transformations

Pictures surfaced on the internet where we saw dramatic changes in Burt Reynolds looks. They were very clear – a change in his eyelid area, little to no more wrinkles – but he continued to deny all the allegations, claiming that these were the results of repairing damage that has done after a fight scene in one of his movies.

He once acknowledged that he had work done for his eyes for “medical purposes” but didn’t admit to the plastic surgery on other face features. Unfortunately, we don’t need to hear his confession because the results of Burt Reynolds plastic surgery are extremely obvious.

Most celebrities deny that they’ve ever went under the knife because they’re afraid it might affect their image. Professional surgeons are all over the globe and they could surely shed some light on celebrity plastic celebrities. Also, plastic surgeons said that there isn’t a need for a public confession.

Burt Reynolds Firmer Skin Due to Botox Injection or Facelifts

Looking at Burt Reynolds before and after plastic surgery pictures, it is noted that he might have gotten a face lift combined with Botox injections. Unluckily, he got too much of the said filler making his entire face look weird and unnatural. Inspect Burt’s cheek; they look fleshy and better than his age. It’s always better to have wrinkles that a plumped, weird-looking face.

Burt Reynolds botox

A lot of celebrities use this treatment for them to achieve a more rejuvenated look.

Previously, he was cited attributing his good looks and smooth skin due to good genes he got from his father.

Burt Reynolds’ Nose Job

During Burt Reynolds later years, his nose looked to be more refined and thin which already gave away that the action star had a nose job. Just look at these before and after pictures of Burt Reynolds.

Burt Reynolds nose job

The Possibility of an Eyelid Surgery for Burt Reynolds

The eyes are the window to one’s soul. Sadly, the eyes can tell if you’re a young soul or an old soul. Judging by the eyes of Burt Reynolds where it doesn’t seem to be saggy, he definitely had an eyelid surgery.

Burt Reynolds eyelid surgery

The procedure is not very common among men. Look at his eyes looking awake, as if he’s only 30 years old. He also had a Blepharoplasty surgical procedure where they remove the fat around the eyes.

Burt Reynolds’ Chin Augmentation

There are also signs of the actor having his chin augmented due to the fact that it is squarer now than the previous years. Burt just wanted to look young but had done a lot into his face now it all looks a little odd.

Did Burt Reynolds Really Get Plastic Surgery?

This still-hunk actor has not confirmed that he had gone under the knife but at his age, we can still see his classically rugged features. And while he did go through some changes as if he has found the fountain of youth, we might still want to watch him on the big screen or on movie streaming sites. He continues to be a legacy of what real male Hollywood stars should follow.

No matter what he changes and how many times he changes his appearance, we will always love him. Unfortunately, Burt Reynolds plastic surgery found its way to the top ten failed plastic surgeries.

What do you think of Burt Reynolds’ look now?

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