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Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery – Secret to Looking 30 Forever

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery photos
One of the most famous and most beautiful actresses in Hollywood is Cameron Diaz. She surely deserves a spot on that list because of her radiant and energetic beauty. But is all of that beauty God-given, or is some (or majority) of it because of a plastic surgeon? In this article, let’s find out if there’s any truth to Cameron Diaz plastic surgery rumors.

Cameron Diaz is an American actress, producer, and former model. She gained worldwide attention with her earlier movies such as The Mask, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and There’s Something About Mary. You may also recognize her from popular movies such as Charlie’s Angels, In Her Shoes, The Holiday, What Happens in Vegas, My Sister’s Keeper, Knight and Day, Bad Teacher, The Other Woman, and much more high-profile movies.

Cameron Diaz sexy photo

Thus, it’s no secret that almost everybody knows who Cameron Diaz is and what she’s famous for. She can perform in almost any genre like comedy, action, and drama, and she has proved that with the many movies mentioned above. Due to this, she has received four Golden Globe nominations so far. Today, she is 44 years old and one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

Cameron Diaz hot in red dress

No wonder Cameron Diaz can afford plastic surgery, she is so rich! But what plastic surgery procedures did the actress really get? And which ones were just pure rumors? Let’s find out.

Cameron Diaz Nose Job/Rhinoplasty

If you look at her before and after pictures, Cameron Diaz’s nose has definitely changed shape. It’s pretty obvious since the change is prominent. Before, Cameron Diaz’s nose lacked shape and detail. After the alleged nose job, she had a sharper nose bridge that made her look more elegant and beautiful.

Cameron Diaz nose job

If you look at her much younger photos, you can definitely tell the difference. Even though Cameron Diaz was still delightfully beautiful in her youth with that nose, she may have been pressured to get the perfect, pointy Hollywood nose that almost all actresses have.

Today, she is the proud owner of a pointy, detailed nose. Well, we’re definitely not complaining, but she could have made a not so drastic change since the plastic surgery is pretty obvious.

Cameron Diaz Facelift

It seems that Cameron Diaz is one of those women who show signs of aging early on in their lives. Cameron Diaz is only 44 years old, but she already has lots of fine lines, particularly around her eyes and cheeks. However, her career is not yet over so a facelift was due to come sooner or later.

Cameron Diaz Facelift

A facelift is a plastic surgery procedure used to tighten and smoothen out wrinkles, giving the person a more youthful look. Cameron Diaz’s have been making an on and off appearance ever since she hit 40. So, we’re already smelling facelifts or Botox injections here.

Botox injections could have made her forehead and other problem areas smooth and wrinkle-free for some time. However, she is aging much faster than we have expected. A facelift is a much more drastic procedure albeit a more permanent one. Thus, she could have gotten this procedure done in order to get a much younger look for her movies.

After all, she can’t be showing too much wrinkles and fine lines if she wants more roles, can she?

Cameron Diaz Boob Job

A breast augmentation surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that redefines the shape or size of the breasts. It’s very popular among women in this day and age since boobs play a big role in a woman’s image and appeal.

Cameron Diaz boob job

Cameron Diaz was naturally flat-chested. But even though she had super small breasts, she made this look work. However, pictures have surfaced online before that show her in a bikini with a much bigger top size.

We definitely sense that she got breast implants at some point in her career. After all, a flat chest can only work for so long and she may have wanted a more reasonably sized rack.

Cameron Diaz boobs

It’s a good thing that Cameron Diaz chose breast implants that were of reasonable size. They increased her breasts at least one cup size or so, but they are still proportionate to her body.

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery is another proof that not all stars are natural-looking. However, she is still one of the most beautiful despite this.

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