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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Before and After Photos

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery
Scott Thompson, or more popularly known as Carrot Top, is considered to be one of the greatest comedians in America. He’s also a producer, director, actor and a writer, and has risen to fame for his prop comedy shows, bright red hair and the use of his self-depreciating kind of humor.

Before plastic surgery, Carrot Top has a completely different face. All of him, especially his looks have changed after steroids and plastic surgeries. The comedian is one example of unsuccessful results of plastic surgeries and simply went too far with the procedures.

While his fans still laugh at his jokes and comedic acts, he has now become a laughing stock to some because of his face and body. Carrot Top is a top contender for most terrible plastic surgery disasters.

Carrot Top’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Carrot Top before and after

Carrot Top first went under the knife back in 1995. It was the time plastic surgery became a fad in Hollywood celebrities. Unfortunately, not all plastic surgeries are successful. Carrot Top plastic surgery is one of those who failed.

Carrot Top’s Series of Surgical Transformations

Many fans wondered if the actor has lost his mind because of the never-ending surgeries he has done for himself. Carrot Top has never addressed these plastic surgery rumors to the fans or media.

In an interview before, he did say that he still looked the same. He said that he doesn’t see any difference in how he looked before and how he looks now.

Botox Injection

Carrot Top before had very thin cheeks. There was no puffiness present on his face. Also, if you look at photos of him now, the area around his eyes are clearer than before and that’s due to Botox injections he had.

Carrot Top Botox

You can see on Carrot Top photos that he doesn’t have wrinkles around his eyes anymore and he’s already 51 years old.

Brow Lift Surgery

Carrot Top Brow Lift Surgery

His eyebrows, in the previous years, were straight. If you compare Carrot Top before and after photos, you will see how his brows back then were normal-looking. Now, they’re sort of shaped like a devil’s brows—totally unflattering. His brows look like they are “drawn on” by a kid.

Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Carrot Top Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Carrot Top’s skin was spotty and uneven in the 90s. He underwent laser treatments like Fraxel and chemical peels which also reduce the appearance of his freckles.

Chin Reduction

Carrot Top Chin Reduction

The comedian had a narrow chin the 1990s. Just look at Carrot Top before and after plastic surgery pictures.

Cheek Implants

His cheeks are fuller than how they were before. Many plastic surgeons believe that Carrot Top may have gotten cheek implants as well.

Carrot Top on Steroids

When you look at Carrot Top’s body, it doesn’t really suit his plastic surgery face. Judging by the muscles on his body, Carrot Top’s failed plastic surgery procedure didn’t match the muscular body. Everybody suspects that he has been on steroids but there have been reports that he continues to lift weights and works out.

In Hollywood, it’s normal for famous people to be on Botox and steroids. Although he did mention that he likes to work out and keep fit to be in great shape. “I worked out more, I really got into training stuff where I’m like, ‘Holy crap, I’m big!’ You really forget how big you can get.”

Carrot Top believes that in his line of work, you have to really look your absolute best. “I get a lot of grief because I’ve always been in shape and I think for comedy in general, they don’t expect comics to be in shape.”

A lot used to say that he uses mascara on his eyelashes and under his eyes to make his face look so sharp. Before all of the plastic surgery, he looked really decent.

Carrot Top continues to make everybody laugh. He continues to turn all negative comments about him into jokes and even if he looks different from what and how we remember him to be, he’s still the Carrot Top can make the world laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

Unfortunately, he scared the hell out of so many people so Carrot Top plastic surgery procedures need to stop.

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