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Catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery – Before & After Photos

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Photo
Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery or Catwoman plastic surgery is another trendy issue. That is, if you’re talking about plastic surgery nightmares.

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a European-American New York City socialite and the wife of late billionaire Alec Wildenstein. She is infamous for none other than her extravagant lifestyle and extensive plastic surgery procedures. Jocelyn Wildenstein was dubbed as Catwoman due to her feline features post-surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein and her husband were in the headlines of many tabloids back in 1999 due to their scandalous divorce. From the divorce, Jocelyn received 2.5 billion dollars and got a settlement of 100 million dollars per year for the following 13 years.

The socialite’s unnatural and weird-looking appearance was reportedly due to extensive plastic surgery. The surgeries were meant to make her look more feline in order to please her ex-husband, who apparently liked big cats. Jocelyn Wildenstein reportedly spent over four million dollars on plastic surgery.

Cat Woman Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Early Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein wasn’t that pretty to begin with, but what she did to her face is downright horrifying. In her early years, the plastic surgery wasn’t that bad.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Cat Woman plastic surgery

Her older pictures show that the socialite had probably gotten a brow lift in order to give her eyes a more feline look. Again, not too bad but it already looked unnatural.

Secondly, her nose looks a bit natural but it was sharper and more elegant than before. So Jocelyn Wildenstein probably also got a rhinoplasty. On top of that, her lips appear to be thicker and fuller than before, which was probably the result of lip injections or lip fillers.

Apart from these plastic surgery procedures, a facelift was also probably done in order to smooth out any imperfections such as wrinkles. The result was a waxy-looking face with a few lumpy parts.

Cat Woman Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Further Descent into Plastic Surgery

The Catwoman is not afraid to admit that she has been, and still is, addicted to plastic surgery. Well, it definitely shows on her face—if you can even call it that. The next years after her controversial divorce from Alec Wildenstein, her face changed even more.

Cat Woman After Plastic Surgery

Her eyes became smaller and smaller, trying to achieve a cat-like appearance. Though at some point, one of her eyelid surgeries were botched and left her looking abnormal (one eye was bigger than the other). Her lips also became fuller and bigger, until they became too swollen.

Her whole face, on the other hand, became larger, more swollen, and lumpy. We don’t know exactly what she did with her face, but we can tell that her skin is giving up on her.

Catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Worst Years

Jocelyn Wildenstein became the poster child of failed plastic surgeries when she was at her worst state. At this time, her face was completely splotched, puffy, and almost cartoon-like. Needless to say, it was horrifying. Her eyes were still in the same cat-like formation (she got corrective surgery on her botched eyelid surgery), her lips were still very puffy, and her brows were still high up on her forehead.

In this period of the socialite’s life, many people were shocked to see what she had become. Truly, her face became the stuff of nightmares due to too many plastic surgery procedures and treatments. However, all was not too late.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Today

In her 2011 pictures, Jocelyn Wildenstein looks more human than she had ever been before. It appeared that she had been getting corrective surgery for her past plastic surgery. For starters, her face appeared to be smaller than before and less puffy. However, that was back in 2011.

Cat Woman Jocelyn Wildenstein After Corrective Surgery

When the socialite was arrested last year for the assault on her boyfriend, the mugshot revealed something horrifying—a Jocelyn Wildenstein without makeup. It appears that she had not been getting corrective after all because her face was still the same.

Jocelyn Wildenstein without makeup

Some rich people definitely are crazy. With a four million dollar cost on plastic surgery, of course something’s bound to go wrong somewhere. Unfortunately for this wealthy socialite, everything went wrong for her.

Today, the Jocelyn Wildenstein or Catwoman plastic surgery still remains as one of the most horrific plastic surgery cases to date.

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