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Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery – Nose Job, Blepharoplasty and Botox

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery
Catherine Bell reined television shows from 1997 until 2005. She’s an Iranian-American actress who was recognized for playing the role of Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie on the TV series JAG. Since then, there have been Catherine Bell plastic surgery rumors floating around the web and the media.

Because she has European and Persian ancestry, Catherine Bell became one of the most beautiful women to grace television screens.

When she’s being interviewed, you can ask all types of questions except plastic surgery related ones. That could be acceptable since most women in Hollywood are not open to talking about their enhancements.

Catherine Bell Sexy Photo

One thing these actresses forget is that they have a huge following that these people will study their faces and learn more about them. There’s simply no escape. It’s either you admit you had underwent cosmetic surgery or not. Her fans are still hoping that the actress didn’t go under the knife since she’s already good-looking to begin with.

Catherine Bell Before and After Plastic Surgery

Many celebrities opt for a plastic surgery if they don’t like how they look or if they’re not very attractive to begin with. However, Catherine is a naturally beautiful woman and people went berserk because how could a pretty woman like her go under the knife to improve her already perfect face?

Fans of Catherine Bell loves her natural looks compared to her current look. If you compare her before and after plastic surgery photos, you can see that her facial appearance has changed.

Catherine Bell’s Rhinoplasty – Was It Really Necessary?

One of the notable changes in the actress’ facial features is her nose. Maybe she thought nobody would notice because she already has a beautiful nose shape to start with. It’s still a mystery she even had it done.

Catherine Bell Nose Job

Her nose now looks sharper and the nostrils are smaller. Many fans argue that they prefer her old nose instead of the new one, saying that the rhinoplasty wasn’t even necessary.

Catherine Bell’s Blepharoplasty

These Catherine Bell plastic surgery speculations are also attributed due to the fact that she looks more youthful than her age.

Catherine Bell Blepharoplasty

Many have noticed that the actress underwent a procedure to remove the bags under her eyes. Look closely at her before and after cosmetic surgery photos and you’ll notice that her eye bags have completely disappeared.  You would see her now and her face just always look so fresh.

Catherine Bell’s Botox Injections

The skin on her face is looking tight, given the fact that she’s already in her 40s. This is a very common procedure for women her age would undergo to void the wrinkles.

Even though the actress did inject Botox onto her face, her complexion looks natural, making it look as vibrant as ever. We’re just glad she didn’t inject excessively because having too much Botox can make you look weird and unnatural.

Catherine Bell then and now

Most celebrities who have done plastic surgeries are above 40 of age and to hide the aging, Catherine Bell chose knives. These actresses always feel the need to keep their looks for as long as they can just to keep working in their roles or to land them even bigger roles.

However, Catherine Bell continued to maintain her beauty well. Have you noticed that she doesn’t look like she’s aging? Maybe we should also give credit to her healthy lifestyle and workout regime. Whether Catherine Bell had plastic surgery or not, her beautiful looks can surely last her a long time. She was destined to grow old gracefully in a way a lot of us could only dream of.

Where is Catherine Bell Now?

She starred in The Good With, a 10-episode series on the Hallmark Channel where she played the role of Cassandra Nightingale. The show ended earlier last year.

Catherine Bell 2017

She joined the likes of Tom Cruise as a practicing Scientologist despite being raised as a Roman Catholic by her Scottish father and Iranian Father. Catherine Bell appeared in a Scientologist music video alongside Lynsey Bartilson, Erika Christensen, Isaac Hayes and Jenna Elfman.

Despite her success as a TV actress, Catherine Bell believes that the best job in the world is to be a mother to her daughter Gemma and son Ronan.

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