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Did Catherine Zeta Jones Destroyed Her Face with Plastic Surgery?

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery
For this article, we have chosen another Hollywood veteran actress who has stolen our hearts with her beautiful looks and acting talent. She is none other than Catherine Zeta Jones. Here, we’re going to find out what what plastic surgery she’s had done and why.

Catherine Zeta Jones is a Welsh actress. She started out as a stage actress, particularly in musical theatre, making her breakthrough with 42nd Street. On the other hand, she made her screen breakthrough with the British program The Darling Buds of May back in the 1990s.

The budding actress later moved to Los Angeles where she gained bigger roles. Her early movies included The Mask of Zorro, Entrapment, Traffic, and Chicago. Other titles that Catherine Zeta  Jones starred in were Intolerable Cruelty, The Terminal, No Reservations, A Little Night in Music, and Side Effects.

Catherine Zeta Jones hot photo

Catherine Zeta Jones has definitely established herself as one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. Due to this, she has won many awards including Tony, British Academy Film, and Academy Award. At the current age of 47 years old, she has surely accomplished much.

You may known Catherine Zeta Jones for her undeniable beauty and sex appeal. However, age is steadily becoming a problem for her since her looks have started deteriorating naturally. So, what has she done to her face in order to combat the effects of aging? We’re going to talk about all that here, including past surgeries she may have done before.

Catherine Zeta Jones’ Breast Augmentation Before and After

Women like Catherine Zeta Jones have been regarded as sex symbols in the industry. They are known for exuding sex appeal and playing roles that are in need of this characteristic. Thus, Catherine Zeta Jones may have felt the need to improve her womanly figure, for both her sake and her career.

Catherine Zeta Jone Breast Implants

The breast augmentation surgery came early on in her career. If you would take a look back at her old pictures, Catherine Zeta Jones had smaller breasts. Today we see her with rounder and fuller breasts that are obviously the product of plastic surgery.

Even though Catherine Zeta Jones was sexy and beautiful with small breasts, her boob job greatly improved her figure and her image as a sexy actress. Another good thing about her boob job is that it isn’t exaggerated; her boobs are still proportionate to her body.

Catherine Zeta Jones’ Nose Job

The actress had a minor surgery done to her nose job. She didn’t change her nose drastically, but you may notice a slight difference at the top of her nose. Rumor has it that she got the top nodule removed so that her nose will become a bit smaller and more attractive.

Catherine Zeta Jones’ Botox Injections

Since no one can repel the signs of aging for long, Botox injections were invented in order to get rid of wrinkles for a limited amount of time. This cosmetic procedure is a popular method for many men and women in order to rejuvenate their looks.

Catherine Zeta Jones Young
Then and now

Catherine Zeta Jones is rumored to have had Botox injections to smoothen out the wrinkles on her face. Since she is not that young, it’s quite expected that she would have had these done.

Jones’ Mini Facelift

Recently, Catherine Zeta Jones has been under fire for getting an alleged facelift. A facelift is another plastic surgery procedure that takes away the wrinkles and fine lines from the face. The signs that are indicative that the actress got a facelift/mini-facelift are the unnatural smoothness and stiffness of her face.

Catherine Zeta Jones facelift

If you look at her recent red carpet photos (that allow a much better view of her face close-up), you would notice that she has little to no wrinkles or fine lines, which is unnatural considering that she is already 47 years old.

Another thing is that her smile seems rigid. This can only mean that the skin on her face has been stretched in order to give the rigid effect.

Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery includes procedures that keep her looking young. Unfortunately, no one can stay looking young for long, and we do hope that his talented actress does not do any more surgeries as this can ruin her look.

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