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Chris Pine’s Hair Transplant – Did He Really Get or Just Rumors?

Chris Pine Hair Transplant
Did Chris Pine Get a Hair Transplant?

We’ve seen so much of Chris Pine earlier this year because of the success of the movie, “Wonder Woman”. He’s got that perfect smile, incredible body and flawless abs. While Chris could seem like the perfect man for everyone because of his appearance, there have been reports that the actor has some serious hair problems. Chris Pine hair transplant rumors emerged.

Even back in 2012, the LA-born actor was known to have already freaked out over his hair being thin, especially on the set of “Jack Ryan”.

Chris Pine on Jack Ryan
A scene from Jack Ryan

A source close to Chris said he never realized how dependent he is on his looks until his hair begun to fall out. Since then, he panicked how his hair loss will affect his love life, career, personal life and everything else.

Luckily for the actor, he has found some solutions to his problem. He started to use rogaine and, even before, stated that hair transplant for Chris Pine could be an option. Rumors stated that Chris will not be able to get hair transplants until he finished filming for “Jack Ryan”, and that was in 2012.

Just earlier this year, in March 2017, Chris Pine debuted his newly-shaved head and the people are just shocked. One fan was quick to say that he “shaved his beautiful Disney prince hair and now he’s bald. Why has he not been taking care of his self?”, while another comment said “Can’t wait for Lex Luthor to appear in the WW premiere”.

These days, a lot of men are copying Chris Pine’s hairstyle in Wonder Woman. There have been so many YouTube tutorials focused on achieving his now popular hairstyle. Just take a look at this video.

Now that he has a shaved head, it’s pretty safe to say that Chris Pine’s hair transplant isn’t successful, and, or, non-existent.

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