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Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery – Breast Implants Before and After

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery
Esquire 2010’s sexiest woman in the world remains as beautiful and voluptuous as before. Is it Christina Hendricks plastic surgery to credit for her undying beauty?

Christina Hendricks is an American actress who is best known for her role in the television series Mad Men, playing as the character Joan Holloway. She is also known for her roles in Comedy Central’s Another Period and another drama series entitled Hap and Leonard. Aside from her TV acting career, she also has several movies including Drive, God’s Pocket, and Lost River.

Her talent in acting earned her six Emmy Award nominations, particularly for her role in Mad Men. Aside from being Esquire’s sexiest woman in the world, she was also dubbed as the Best Looking American woman by the same magazine and in the same year.

At 42 years old, Christina Hendricks doesn’t look a year over 35. So how does she do it?


Christina Hendricks is rumored to have had a rhinoplasty (nose job). Based on her before and after pictures, we can definitely notice a change in the appearance of her nose.

Christina Hendricks nose job

It looks smaller at the tip and overall thinner. The rhinoplasty, if true, seems to be completely unnecessary since the actress is still beautiful with her natural nose.


A facelift is performed in order to remove the wrinkles and tighten up the face, giving it a younger look. Thus, this plastic surgery procedure is popular in actors who are experiencing changes in their appearance due to aging.

Christina Hendricks Facelift


However, at 42 years old, some women don’t get too wrinkly. For Christina Hendricks, this can be the case. A few Botox injections could have been responsible for her smooth and wrinkle-free face. Although fine lines are definitely showing around her eyes, they don’t seem to be too noticeable to entail a facelift or eye surgery.

Christina Hendricks’ Hair

Although she has appeared as a redhead, and a hot one at that, in the famous TV series Mad Men, her hair is sadly not naturally red. According to the actress, she has been dying her hair red since the age of 10 (she is naturally blonde).

Christina Hendricks hot

However, Christina Hendricks hair revelations do not stop at that. Not only is she not a natural redhead, but she also wears wigs to improve her look. An article on beautyeditor also states that the makeup and hair team put wiglet pieces on her and build her hair around it. The wearing of wigs can also be the reason why in some red carpet photos, Christina Hendricks hair is completely devoid of any sight of a scalp.

Oh well, she is still the redhead that we all know and love. It’s just a little disappointing to know the truth, right?

Christina Hendricks Breast Implants Before and After

Christina Hendricks is also famous for having an amazing pair of breasts. Although there is a noticeable change in the size of the years, Christina Hendricks denies having had breast implants put in to increase the size of her bust. She states that she was born with naturally big breasts, and even experiences difficulties in shopping because of them.

Christina Hendricks breast implants before and after

However, the size of her breasts now compared to her earlier years as an actress begs the question: are Christina Hendricks breasts real or not? Well, if you consider that her breast size seemed to go up by a cup or two (and without having children, at that), breast implants are the probable reason.

Moreover, the actress’ breasts look too round and too big to be considered natural, especially if you check out her before pictures. So what’s the use in denying it?

Christina Hendricks boobs

Aside from the possible rhinoplasty and breast implant surgery, Christina Hendricks looks like she hasn’t had anything else done at all. By Hollywood’s standards, she is one of the most natural-looking females in the industry. It is undeniable that she is also one of the most beautiful, with her small face and beautiful smile.

It’s no wonder that people want to talk about Christina Hendricks plastic surgery. However, it seems like there’s not much else to talk about at all, since her case is one of the most successful plastic surgery cases to date.

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