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Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery and How that Changed Her Face

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery
Who doesn’t know the name of Cindy Crawford? Maybe some of us grew up seeing her photos because she was such a successful model in her prime. It’s been a long time since she started quieting down her career. Today, we are here to find out how she is handling aging and if Cindy Crawford plastic surgery is involved.

Cindy Crawford is an American model and actress. She had been modelling for a long time and was one of the original five supermodels. She is also known for her relationship with Richard Gere and being one of the hottest women in the world. At 51 years old, how is she handling the years catching up on her face and body?

It wouldn’t take an expert to determine what plastic surgery procedures she got (at least the most obvious ones) but we are here to help you run them down.

Cindy Crawford’s Facelift

If you look at her recent pictures, you would see that Cindy Crawford doesn’t reflect her true age. This is because she still radiates youth with her smooth and almost wrinkle-free skin. Her forehead is amazingly free of wrinkles even at her age.

Cindy Crawford then and now

Thus, a facelift is the most likely cause. Either that or she has been getting regular injections of Botox to fend away the wrinkles and sagging skin for as long as possible. You can tell that she got them since her forehead is especially tight.

Botox is also evident since she has little to no wrinkles or fine lines on her face. These plastic surgery procedures definitely helped her to maintain her youth for as long as possible. As a result, she still looks like she’s in her early 40s instead of her 50s.

Cindy Crawford’s Cheek Fillers

Normally, aging women would lose the plumpness and vibrancy of their face especially in the cheek area. To combat this undesirable change, Cindy Crawford had cheek fillers done. You can tell that she got them because her cheeks are especially plump and more robust than ever.

Cindy Crawford’s Eye Surgery

To appear more radiant and rejuvenate her youth, Cindy Crawford probably got a surgery to get rid of the bags under her eyes. Since they were becoming evident as she aged, it is possible that she got them removed.

Apart from the possible surgery of having her eye bags fixed, it also seems that she got some sort of eyelid surgery to rejuvenate the look of her eyes. It looks like that she had some fat and tissue removed from the area around her eyes to ease the crow’s feet.

Did Cindy Crawford Have a Nose Job?

There has been also a rumor that Cindy Crawford got a nose job way back when she was young. This is supported with evidence using her before and after photos; the before picture dating back to when she was just a girl.

Cindy Crawford nose job

When Cindy Crawford was younger, she had a slightly bulbous nose and a big nose bridge. When she garnered fame as a supermodel, her nose was straight and sharp just like what the ideal nose would be. So, it is also possible that Cindy Crawford plastic surgery also included a nose job that occurred way back when she was younger.

Cindy Crawford’s Mole

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has a trademark other than her drop dead gorgeous looks. It is the distinct mole that rests on her upper lip, which has appeared in countless magazines and advertisements before. This trademark allowed her to be more recognizable and have something of her own apart from other models of her time.

Cindy Crawford's Mole

Apart from her signature mole, Cindy Crawford is also known for being naturally brunette. Over the years, she barely changed her hair color.

Cindy Crawford’s Body Measurements

Cindy Crawford has maintained a smoking hot body all this time. So, what body measurements does it take in order to reach that type of success?

Cindy Crawford hot body 2017

Cindy Crawford’s body measurements include a height of 5’9″ and a weight of around 60kg, but she probably weighed less when she was a supermodel. She is also around a 34B bra size with bust-waist-hip ratio of 36-26-35.

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