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Coco Austin Plastic Surgery – Boob Job, Nose Job & Butt Implants

Coco Austin plastic surgery
Some people may still believe that models are all-natural because hey, why would modelling be so difficult to get into if anyone can just change up their look to enter that business? Well, Coco Austin proves that with enough money, you can become the best version of yourself and make money off of your looks. How much did Coco Austin plastic surgery change her look?

Coco Austin is an American actress, model, dancer, and social media personality. She also gained more fame when she married actor-rapper T-Ice in 2002. Today, they have one toddler together named Chanel. But for a then plain-looking Mary Jane back in her youth, Coco Austin transformed herself into a glamour Barbie using plastic surgery.

Coco Austin butt photo

You may be thinking that all the plastic surgery Coco Austin got probably cost her thousands of dollars. Well, you’re right. In this article, we’re going to find out which parts of her face and body she changed in order to look the way that she does now.

Coco Austin Before and After Breast Implants

If you look at Coco Austin’s picture, you could tell that her breasts are fake even without looking at her original photos. The difference would be much more obvious when you check out her before and after photos.

Coco Austin boob job

In her youth, Coco Austin had average-sized breasts for an American woman. She was a B-cup at most and the size was pretty modest. But when she delved into the world of plastic surgery, her breasts were steadily growing in size, leading us to believe that she got more than one breast augmentation surgery in the span of her career.

Recent photos would show Coco Austin with breasts that are at least a D-cup size. Even an inexperienced eye can tell that her boobs are fake not because of the large size, but because of the shape and form.

Nicole Coco Austin breast implants

Her breasts look overly stiff, indicating the use of breast implants. Moreover, the shape is unnatural, as if gravity wasn’t acting upon them. You can tell that they are rock hard even from one look. Yikes!

Coco Austin’s Nose Job

Another point of change in Coco Austin’s look is her nose. When she was younger, Coco Austin’s nose looked different such that it was button-shaped and a little bit wider than the nose that she has now.

Nicole Coco Austin Nose Job

Her rhinoplasty allowed her nose bridge to become thinner and more pronounced, while a tiplasty got rid of the button shape of her nose. Although her original nose was cute, she still changed the shape so that it follows the trendy narrow and sharp nose shape.

Coco Austin’s Butt Implants

Coco Austin is also rumored to have had butt implants done. Because she had big breasts, it would be expected that she got her bottom done as well in order to balance things out.

If you look closely at her butt, you would see that it is indeed increased in size compared to her original form. However, it is hard to tell whether she got a butt implant surgery or not because she is an advocate of exercise as well.

From her Instagram posts, you would see her yoga endeavors. So, this could mean that she got her rounded butt the natural way. Moreover, her thighs are also well-shaped which can mean that her butt was also shaped using workouts.

Coco Austin’s Liposuction

Unlike the butt implant rumors, the liposuction rumors surrounding Coco Austin offer more proof than the former. If you look at her bikini photos, you can see that Coco Austin has a tight stomach. But the shape and texture isn’t quite right, which may indicate that a liposuction was done in order to remove the fat there.

Coco Austin with husband Ice-T
Coco Austin with husband Ice-T

Coco Austin looks like a typical rich blonde, and that’s because she got so much plastic surgery in order to achieve (whether intentional or not) that stereotypical look. We don’t entirely agree with her huge breast implants, but at least her boob job wasn’t entirely botched.

Coco Austin plastic surgery transformed her from a plain Jane to a typical Hollywood bimbo. Although she is rich, she is admittedly not aging gracefully. Do we sense Botox in her plastic surgery endeavors as well?

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