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Daryl Hannah Before and After Her Botched Plastic Surgery

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery
Daryl Hannah is an extremely popular actress in Hollywood. Not only is she on many director’s go-to list for roles, she’s also on the list of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

With her age, she started to get some wrinkles and loose skin – like maturing women do. So Daryl tried to fix her appearance by opting to go under the knife. She did undergo plastic surgery to look younger but apparently, she only looked worse.

The Hollywood actress has never talked about this openly, but looking at Daryl Hannah’s before and after pictures tell us that her look now is not natural and that there wasn’t a need for her to even go under the knife.

Daryl Hannah’s Eye Lift

To get rid of her sunken eyes and large eye bags, Daryl proceeded with an eye lift. If you look at Daryl Hannah’s then and now photos, you will see the skin around her eyes now are tight and firm and there aren’t any loose skin visible.

Daryl Hannah Eye Lift

However, her eye lift made her eyebrows look weird. Her then-sexy eyes are not looking weird and very unnatural.

Daryl Hannah’s Botox Gone Wrong

Gone is Daryl Hannah’s smoother, plumper face. She used to not have any forehead lines – online shine and straight. But that was before she matured.

Daryl Hannah Botox

Botox dramatically changed Daryl Hannah’s face. If you compare her pictures then and now, you will notice her facial skin had tightened in a very unnatural way. The Botox injections surely hid the hid wrinkles on her face. It was supposed to make her face look fresher, fuller, lighter and younger. People claimed that her face was already beautiful before. Many expected she would have aged gracefully and beautifully, but she ruined her face.

Facelift, when added with Botox injections, will surely make the face stiff and frozen. It looked like Daryl’s plastic surgeon has overdosed the actress with so much facial procedures making her look robotic and emotionless.

Daryl Hannah’s Cheek Augmentation

Before going under the knife, Daryl Hannah’s cheeks were natural. Now, her cheeks are fuller. Combined with her tight forehead, her face shows a total imbalance.

Daryl Hannah Cheek Augmentation

Another effect when over using of Botox. A lot of plastic surgeons agreed that she did overdo the whole procedure.

Daryl Hannah’s Cheek Implants

Because she wants to look younger and fresher, Botox on her cheeks was done to create a wrinkle-free face. The apples of her cheeks are more defined and on some days, look to be puffed up, plum shaped and rounded.

Daryl Hannah’s Lip Implants

Daryl Hannah Before and After Lip Implants

Even with thin lips, it suited Daryl Hannah. But now, she has “fish lips“. Oral cavity looks larger with her upper lip now larger than the lower one. Her lips are now very disproportionate to her face.

Daryl Hannah Handles the Red Carpet Despite Being Shy

Back in 2015, the Hollywood legend says she prefers to stay out of the limelight and off the red carpet. “I’m just going to lose my sense of self when there’s so much attention in my direction. I almost don’t know who I am and where my body is. I’ve been doing what I do for so long, I’m a little more used to knowing how to function.”

Daryl Hannah recent photos

She confesses, “A good trick is to take yourself out of the picture and think others may be feeling uncomfortable, even if they’re not it helps you re-orientate.”

Even though the actress hasn’t come out and admitted that she did go under the knife, comparing her pictures from the 90s up to today, shows that Daryl Hannah had completely changed and revamped just about every facial feature of management she could.

There isn’t a specific number to the amount of plastic surgery performed on Daryl Hannah, but it’s also likely hard to peg how many different she had and where those surgeries have focused on her face and body.

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