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Dawn Yang Plastic Surgery – Transformation from Human to Plastic

Dawn Yang Plastic Surgery
Many Internet celebrities nowadays also undergo plastic surgery in order to gain more followers. Dawn Yang plastic surgery is a perfect example of how people will go to achieve fame, even if it is considered as infamy.

This Singaporean blogger has undergone numerous plastic and cosmetic surgeries in order to modify her looks. She has been telling her followers that she was of Eurasian descent in order to cover up for her plastic surgery. This alone earned her many haters and critics saying that she is another plastic surgery addict begging for attention.

Dawn Yang Before Plastic Surgery

However, Dawn Yang plastic surgery is another interesting case for us since we don’t see transformations like this everyday. For this article, we’re going to scrutinize Dawn Yang’s features to identify which of them are plastic. But from what we can tell from her before and after pictures, a lot of them are products of plastic surgery.

Dawn Yang’s Eye Surgery

We’re starting off with Dawn Yang’s eye surgery since it is the most extensive procedure she had gotten so far.

Dawn Yang did not have wide and round eyes when she was younger. She had slightly slanted and hooded eyelids that are characteristic of her Asian descent. True enough, her eyes made her look very plain.

Dawn Yang Eye Surgery

However, the eyes were one of the first features of Dawn Yang’s to start changing once she became interested with plastic surgery. At first, her early eye surgeries made her eyes look wider and bigger, but as she repeated the eye surgeries, her eyes became cartoonish in their shape and size.

From first glance, you can tell that her eyes are not natural. In fact, they look far from it. Due to the repeated removal of skin and tissues around her eyes, it has come to a point that her eyes are almost popping out from her skull.

She supplements her wide eyes with big contact lenses that also change her natural eye color from brown to hazel, blue, or other non-Asian eye color.

Dawn Yang’s Nose Job

Another prominent change in Dawn Yang’s face is her nose. When she was younger, Dawn Yang had a flat and wide nose that was characteristic of her race. Thus, her earlier plastic surgery procedures also included nose jobs.

Dawn Yang Nose Job

We can tell that she had more than just one nose job because her nose has changed over the years. The sides of her nose has gradually become thinner and thinner until she has reached the ideal nose shape that is more Western than Asian in appearance.

On the other hand, the tip of her nose has also been modified with tiplasty in order to make it look sharper and smaller.

Dawn Yang’s Jaw Surgery

This blogger’s jaw surgery becomes evident when you check out her before and after pictures. Her jaw before was not defined and quite wide, as was her chin. Because this look was not trendy, Dawn Yang had it changed with plastic surgery.

Dawn Yang Jaw Surgery

First, her jaw became thinner and more defined. It is probable that she also had fat removed from the sides of her face in order to make way for a pretty jawline.

Then, her chin also became pointy such that her face had a new V-shape after plastic surgery. When you compare it to her previous face shape, you would notice the extent of her plastic surgery transformation.

Dawn Yang’s Skin Bleaching

Dawn Yang had natural tan skin when she was younger. In some Asian countries, whiter skin is more attractive than tan or darker skin. Thus, Dawn Yang probably wanted to look more attractive with fairer skin.

Dawn Yang Skin Bleaching

It is probable that she had skin bleaching treatments that come in different forms. Maybe she had extensive skin bleaching treatment, or perhaps she chose a lighter form of whitening procedure such as pills or injections. Either way, she now has very white skin that is obviously not natural.

Dawn Yang’s Boob Job

Dawn Yang Boob Job

Dawn Yang plastic surgery also involved a boob job to no one’s surprise. Because she was not gifted with big breasts, Dawn Yang had undergone a breast augmentation surgery and had breast implants inserted for a bigger, rounder set of boobs.

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