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Day6 K-Pop Members Profile, Music Videos, Singles & Nominations

Day6 K-Pop Members
Day6 (데이식스) is a South Korean boy band group that is under the management of JYP Entertainment. They debuted on 7 September 2015 when they released their first EP, “The Day”.

Day6 Official Members:

Jae – electric guitarist, vocalist, rapper
Sungjin – leader, acoustic guitarist, electric guitarist, main vocalist
Young K – bassist, rapper, vocalist
Wonpil – synthesizer, vocalist
Donwoon – drummer, maknae
Junhyeok (Past member)

Day6 Profile

Day6 Offical Music Videos:

  • Congratulations (콩그레츄레이션)
  • Letting Go (놓아놓아놓아)
  • I Wait (아 왜)
  • You Were Beautiful (예뻤어)
  • How Can I Say (어떻게 말해)
  • I’m Serious (장난 아닌데)
  • Dance Dance
  • I Smile (반드시 웃는다)
  • Hi Hello

Day6 Discography

  • The Day, Daydream
  • Every Day6 January (digital single)
  • Every Day6 February (digital single)
  • Every Day6 March (digital single)
  • Every Day6 April (digital single)
  • EveryDay6 May (digital single)
  • Sunrise, Every Day6 July (digital single)

Day6 Singles from their latest album “Sunrise”

  • Lean on me
  • I Smile
  • Man In A Movie
  • I Wait
  • How Can I Say
  • Letting Go
  • I would
  • Goodbye Winter
  • I’m Serious
  • Say Wow
  • Dance Dance
  • My Day
  • You Were Beautiful
  • Congratulations

Day6 Nominations

  • 2015 New Artist of the Year – Gaon Chart Music Awards
  • 2015 Bonsang – Seoul Music Awards
  • 2015 New Artist Award – Seoul Music Awards
  • 2015 Popularity Award – Seoul Music Awards
  • 2016 Best Band Performance – Mnet Asian Music Awards
  • Day6 Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/Day6official
  • Day6 Official Twitter: www.twitter.com/Day6official
  • Day6 Official Instagram: www.instagram.com/Day6kilogram
  • Day6 Official Fan Café: www.fans.jype.com/Day6
  • Day6 Official Website: www.Day6.jype.com

Day6 Member Sungjin Profile

Day6 Member Sungjin Profile

Stage Name: Sungjin
Real Name: Park Sungjin
Nicknames: N/A
Birthday: January 16, 1993
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Position in Group: Leader, Main Vocalist, Guitarist
Languages: Korean
Instruments: Guitar
Hobbies: Playing games, sports
Siblings: N/A
Education: N/A
Fans: N/A

Day6 Sungjin Facts

  • Sungjin was born in Busan, South Korea, but later moved to Seoul.
  • He enjoys falling asleep without one of his bandmates asking him weird questions like “Are you a bear?” and etc.
  • He once said that Wonpil looked better on screen than in real life.
  • Some of his hobbies includes gaming and sports. He enjoys working out his body.
  • Before the formation of the band Day6, he used to be a part of 5LIVE during mini promotions and debuts in 2014. They later changed their name because many people kept comparing them to Maroon 5.
  • Jae calls him “Bob” because he looks like Bob the Builder.
  • He was a trainee of JYP since 2010.
  • While recording for “I Hope/I wish”, Sungjin cried.
  • He’s very good friends with JB of Got7.
  • Sungjin is known to be the most quick witted member of Day6.
  • He appeared in “Hidden Singer”, one episode in season two where he competed against JYP to see who sounded more like JYP. Although he passed the first two rounds, he got eliminated on the third.
  • His acoustic guitar’s name is “Atom”.
  • When Wonpil buys Sungjin some food, he feels like he’s dating him, as if he was a girl.

Day6 Jae

Day6 Jae

Stage Name: Jae
Real Name: Park Jaehyung
Nicknames: Chicken Little, Hashtag King
Birthday: September 15, 1992
Birthplace: Argentina
Blood Type: B
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Position in Group: Main Guitarist, Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group
Languages: English, Korean
Instruments: guitar
Siblings: one older sister
Education: Cerritos High School; California State University
Fans: N/A

Day6 Jae Facts

  • Born in Argentina, he moved to California together with his family when he was only 5 years old.
  • Jae’s guitar’s name is “Mary”.
  • Jae placed sixth on the Kpop Star’s first season, the time he also signed with JYP entertainment.
  • He once said to a fan that he’s really bad at remembering names.
  • He graduated from California State University.
  • Jae edited his own wiki profile into “Chicken Little”.
  • Before becoming a part of Day6, he used to post song covers to Youtube. His channel was named “yellowpostitman”.
  • Jae was discovered on Kpop Star and then became a trainee for JYP and became a part of the 5LIVE project.
  • He’s also called the hashtag king because he used a lot of hashtags.
  • Before deactivating his twitter, Jae used to be very active on the website, tweeting hilarious statement every single day.
  • One of hobbies is playing badminton.
  • He’s the founder of Jaehyungparkian (his ship name with young K).
  • Jae doesn’t like aegyo.
  • He enjoys foam cleansers so much.

Young K Profile

Young K Profile

Stage Name: Young K
Real Name: Kang Younghyun/Brian Kang
Nicknames: Burger King, Yam-ddo
Birthday: December 19, 1993
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood Type: B
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Position in Group: Main Rapper, Bassist, Vocalist
Languages: English, Korean
Instruments: bass, guitar
Siblings: N/A
Education: York Mills Collegiate Institute; Dongkuk University; Major in Business Administration
Fans: N/A

Young K Facts

  • Born in Ilsan, South Korea, they later moved to Toronto, Canada and lived their for 4 years.
  • He enjos eating Burger King.
  • He started his career in 2010 and used the name Brian Kang and became a part of a musical trio in Canada.
  • His guitar’s name is “Jane”.
  • Young K was scouted by his current management together with his band mate Don Lee from the musical trip. They came to audition for the label.
  • Young K was featured in Baek Ah Yeon’s song “Shouldn’t Have”.
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.
  • He also appeared in Dream High 1 and 2 as a backup dancer.
  • Although he really wanted to be called “Young K”, many still calls him Brian.
  • In Canada, his group won first place in a math dance competition.
  • He enjoys listening to Dowoon’s vocal lessons.
  • Young K contributed so much in writing their songs.
  • One sad part in his life was when he spent Christmas alone in 2016 just watching cartoons and drinking grape juice.
  • He is currently a business management student.
  • Brian used to have a Youtube channel called “o0BrianLife0o”.


Day6 Wonpil

Stage Name: Wonpil
Real Name: Kim Wonpil
Nicknames: Pencil
Birthday: April 28, 1994
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Position in Group: Lead Vocalist, Synthesizer, Visual
Languages: Korean
Instruments: synthesizer
Siblings: one older sister
Education: N/A
Fans: N/A

Wonpil Facts

  • He was born in Incheon, South Korea.
  • Wonpil is one of the founding members of 5LIVE. This was the band that was formed before Day6.
  • He has a lot of aegyo.
  • His collections are mostly those of action figures.
  • Wonpil gets sad when Sungjin doesn’t answer his weird questions.
  • His ideal girls are those who know what they want and they just go for it.
  • He and Young K and secondary vocalist for the group.
  • He was very glad when Dowoon joined the group because he isn’t the maknae anymore.
  • Wonpil enjoys writing songs for the group as well.
  • He plays the keyboard and synthesizer ever since Junhyeok left.
  • He and Sungjin share a room together.

Dowoon Profile

Dowoon Profile

Stage Name: Dowoon
Real Name: Yoon Dowoon
Nicknames: Douner
Birthday: August 25, 1995
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Blood Type: O
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Position in Group: Drummer, Maknae
Languages: Korean
Instruments: Drums
Siblings: older sister Sanghee
Education: Peniel Art High School; Busan Art College
Fans: N/A

Dowoon Facts

  • Dowoon was born in Busan, South Korea.
  • He has been playing drums since he was only five years old.
  • You’ll knoe when Dowoon is shy – his ears will turn bright red.
  • Among the members of the group, you will find this maknae is the cutest.
  • He’s learning how to speak fluent English through Jae. Therefore, he became Jae’s student in English and has been getting A+ grades.
  • He likes girls who have a pretty smile.
  • He hates how he has to share a bed with Wonpil.
  • Dowoon was added five months before the debut to complete Day6 today.
  • Wonpil has always been clingy with Dowoon because he wanted to have a younger brother.

Who is your Day6 bias? Let us know in the comments below. Also, we would like to know if we missed some important facts on your Day6 bias. Tell us more in the comments!

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