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DIA Members Profile – Know This KPOP Girl Group Better

DIA Members, DIA Profile, Facts and Everything Else You Want to Know – DIA (short for Diamond and an acronym for Do It Amazing) is a nine-member South Korean group that was formed by MBK Entertainment in 2015. DIA members are Eunice, Jueun, Huihyeon, Jenny, Yebin, Eunjin, Chaeyeon, Eunchae and Somyi. Former member Seunghee left the group in 2016.

DIA Members

In 2015, members Eunjin, Minhyun and Huihyeon were the first members handpicked by MBK Entertainment. But Minhyun left due to personal reasons so they added Seulgi and Chaeyeon to replace her.

Final three members that were added to the group were Yebin, Eunice and Jenny and later added Eunchae (added after Seunghee left), Jooeun and Somyi (in 2017).

DIA Profile

The group released their albums “Do It Amazing” in 2015 and “YOLO” in 2017.

DIA Official Twitter Account: www.twitter.com/dia_official
DIA Official Instagram Page: www.instagram.com/mbk.dia
DIA Official Fan Café: officialdia
DIA Official Website: http://mbk-ent.com/main_dia

Complete Info About DIA Members and DIA Profile

Eunice Profile

Stage Name: Eunice
Real Name: Sooyeon Heo
Hangul: 유니스
Position: Vocal
Birthday: September 2, 1991
Nationality: Korean
Height: 166centimeters (5feet 5inches)
Weight: 49kilograms (108pounds)
Sub-Unit: B.C.H.S.S

Eunice Facts:

– Eunice was born in Busan, South Korea.
– She has one older brother.
– Eunice graduated from the Korean National University of Arts with a major in Dance.
– She can fluently speak Japanese.
– Before debuting, she once trained with Star Empire Entertainment for another band.
– She was a member of a girl group called “Jewelry” that debuted in 2012.
– When she’s not busy, Eunice browses the web and sings a lot.
– Homer Simpson is her favorite cartoon character.
B.A.P’s Daehyun is someone who she’s really good friends with because they went to the same school together.
– Eunice is also close to Keumjo of 9Muses.

Jueun Profile

Stage Name: Jueun
Real Name: Lee Joo Eun
Hangul: 주은
Position: N/A
Birthday: June 7, 1995
Sub-Unit: L.U.B

Jueun Facts:

– Jueun was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– She has one older brother.
– Jueun graduated from the Mangpo Middle School, Mangpo High School and Korea Nazarene University with a major in practical music.
– It was only in April 2017 when Jueun was added to DIA.
– This Kpop star can play the violin and the piano.
– She became a member of Kpop Star 2.
– Jueun is very close with Loona’s Hyunjin.

Huihyeon Profile

Name: Huihyeon
Real Name: Ki Hui-hyeon
Hangul: 희현
Formerly Stage Name: Cathy
Position: Leader, Rap
Birthday: June 16, 1995
Nationality: Korean
Height: 166centimeters (5feet 5inches)
Weight: 48kilograms (106pounds)
Sub-Unit: B.C.H.S.S

Huihyeon Facts:

– Huihyeon was born in Namwon, North Jeolla, South Korea.
– She used to compete in Produce 101 but has been eliminated during the final round.
– Prior to the debut of DIA, she was known as Cathy.
– Huihyeon injured her right leg during the making of “Can’t Stop” music video.
– She attended Namwon Elementary School, Namwon Hanbit Middle School, Namwon Girls’ High School and Inha Technical College and majored in Airline Operations Division but eventually dropped out of college.
– Huihyeon was a Woollim Entertainment trainee and trained with the group Lovelyz.
– One musical instrument she’s confident in playing is the piano.
– She once said that she’s a huge fan of Eric Nam.
– When bored, she composes raps, plays the piano and buys clothes.
– EXID’s L.E. is one of her very good friends.
– Huihyeon has one older brother.
– She’s also close to Mijoo, Jia of Lovelyz, Nayoung of Pristin, Lee Seojung and Ailee of i-Teen Girls.

Jenny Profile

Name: Jenny
Real Name: Lee So Yul
Hangul: 제니
Position: Vocal
Birthday: September 14, 1996
Nationality: N/A
Height: 165centimeters (5feet 4inches)
Weight: 47kilograms (104pounds)
Sub-Unit: L.U.B

Jenny Facts:

– Jenny was born in Incheon, South Korea.
– She has one older sister.
– She graduated from Seoul School of Performing Arts with a major in performing arts.
– In 2015, Jenny appeared as a part of T-ara’s web series called “Sweet Temptation”.
– Jenny is also known as a popular ulzzang.
– She admires all the girls of S.E.S.
– On her spare time, she watches a couple of movies and sometimes would listen to music.
– She also became a trainee of Source Music Entertainment.
– Prior to becoming a part of DIA, Jenny was supposed to debut with GFRIEND and Project A.

Yebin Profile

Name: Yebin
Real Name: Baek Ye Bin
Hangul: 예빈
Position: Vocal
Birthday: July 13, 1997
Nationality: Korean
Height: 164centimeters (5feet 4inches)
Sub-Unit: B.C.H.S.S

Yebin Facts:

– Yebin was born in Chuncheon, South Korea.
– She has one younger brother.
– Yebin graduated from the Chuncheon Girls’ High School and Seocho High School.
– When she’s not busy, she just listens to music.
– Her favorite food is Dakgalbi, a very well-known Korean dish.
– According to the other DIA members, Yebin is the most talented singer of them all.
– Yebin has so many aegyo.
– She was also the last member to be added to the group.
– She can also play one musical instrument and that’s the guitar.

Eunjin Profile

Name: Eunjin
Real Name: Ahn Eun Jin
Hangul: 은진
Position: Dance
Birthday: August 31, 1997
Nationality: Korean
Height: 170centimeters (5feet 6in)
Weight: 49kilograms (108pounds)
Sub-Unit: L.U.B

Eunjin Facts:

– Eunjin was born in Mokpo, South Jeolla, South Korea.
– She has one older sister.
– Eunjin attended Seongnam Elementary School, Boseon Girls’ Middle School, Mokpo Movie Middle School, Jeonnam Arts High School and Seoul High School of Performing Arts with a major in roadcasting.
– Prior to joining the group, she used to train with LOEN Entertainment.
– She’s very close with GOT7’s Youngjae.
– Eunjin’s favorite colors are black, white and red.
– When she’s free and bored, she just watches movies and does some stretching.
– Eunjin admitted that she really wanted to be close to Gikwang of Highlight because she has always been a fan of him every since she was younger.
– She said that she would like to meet him and shake his hand and then fan girl over him.
– Eunjin covered the dances of “Short Hair” and “Heart Attack” by AOA, “Stop Stop It” by GOT7 and “Bubble Pop” by Kim Hyuna.

Chaeyeon Profile

Name: Chaeyeon
Real Name: Jung Chae Yeon
Hangul: 채연
Position: Vocal
Birthday: December 12, 1997
Nationality: Korean
Height: 165 centimeters (5feet 4inches)
Weight: 49 kilograms (108pounds)
Sub-Unit: B.C.H.S.S
Also part of: I.O.I

Chaeyeon Facts:

– Chaeyeon was born in Suncheon, South Joella-do, South Korea, but grew up in Anyang City.
– Jung Siyeon is the name of her older sister.
– She attended Seoul School of Performing Arts.
– When she’s not busy doing DIA-related tasks, Chaeyeon would roam the streets all by herself or would play with her dog.
– Alongside Jenny, Chaeyeon is the second visual of the group.
– It only took five months of training before she was added to the group.
– Chaeyeon admitted that she had a nose surgery to enhance her nose and make it look pretty.
– She also was featured in “Sweet Temptation”, T-Ara’s web drama and in “Drinking Solo”.
– Chaeyeon landed several roles for several web dramas including “I Am” and “109 Strange Things” which was released just earlier this year.
– Chaeyeon is part of I.O.I.

Eunchae Profile

Name: Eunchae
Real Name: Kwon Chaewon
Hangul: 은채
Position: N/A
Birthday: May 26, 1999
Sub-Unit: L.U.B

Eunchae Facts:

– She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Eunchae has one older brother.
– She attended Jongpyong Middle School, Hanlim Multi Art High School and had majored in performing arts.
– Prior to debuting with DIA, she trained with Ensoul Entertainment and was part of Project A.
– Eunchae described herself as a clumsy person.
– Because she’s a huge fan of Youngjae of GOT7, she really wanted to be friends with him. She said she wants to get a signature.
– Eunchae admitted that she admires Younjae’s voice so much and that she thinks that he’s so talented.
– She released a song called “Remember” which was part of the group’s second mini album, “Happy Ending”.

Somyi Profile

Name: Somyi
Real Name: An Som Yi
Hangul: 솜이
Position: Maknae
Birthday: January 26, 2000
Height: 167centimeters (5feet 5inches)
Weight: 47kilograms (104pounds)
Sub-Unit: B.C.H.S.S

Somyi Facts:

– Somyi was born in Changwon, South Gyeongsang-do, South Korea.
– She is an only child.
– She attended Wonju Girls’ Middle School and High School, Seoul High School of Performing Arts and majored in practical music.
– Somyi was only added to the group recently in April 2017.
– Somyi is considered a very nice and sweet person according to her friends.

Former Member of DIA

Seunghee Profile

Name: Seunghee
Real Name: Cho Seung-hee
Hangul: 승희
Position: Leader, Vocal
Birthday: June 3, 1991
Nationality: Korean
Height: 166centimeters (5feet 5inches)
Weight: 43kilograms (95pounds)
Former Member of: F-VE DOLLS

Seunghee Facts:

– Seunghee was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
– She attended Jungheung Middle School Anyang High School and Kookmin University and majored in theater and film.
– On her free time, she watches movies, bakes cookies and goes shopping.
– Prior to DIA, she became a member of Co-ed School and F-VE DOLLS.

Who is your DIA bias? Tell us in the comments below –

Your DIA bias is your all-time favorite comfort food –

Eunice – pizza
Jueun – macaroni and cheese
Huihyeon – chocolate
Jenny – ice cream
Yebin – fried chicken
Eunjin – French fries
Chaeyeon – macarons
Eunchae – milkshake
Somyi –cheeseburger

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