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Dianna Agron Plastic Surgery: Admitted to Having Had 2 Nose Jobs

Dianna Agron Nose Job Before and After
Dianna Agron plastic surgery is an open topic, mostly because the actress openly admitted to having had plastic surgery. In this article, we’ll talk about her admitted nose jobs and if she has had anything else done on her face and body.

Dianna Agron is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She debuted in her television career with the role of Jessica Grant on CSI: NY. After that, she had recurring appearances in other TV series such as Veronica Mars and Heroes. However, she gained worldwide attention with her role as Quinn Fabray in the hit TV musical series Glee.

Aside from being a television actress, Dianna Agron also has several movies under her belt. These films are The Hunters, I Am Number Four, The Family, Zipper, and Bare. This year, she has a movie entitled The Crash.

Her talent in acting earned her a Screen Actors Guild Award, Gittoni Film Festival Award, and TV Land Awards. On the other hand, she has awarded with Grammy nominations for her singing career.

Dianna Agron Nose Job

An article on Daily Mail quotes Dianna Agron admitting to having had two nose jobs as she makes her debut on Letterman. However, her nose jobs weren’t due to cosmetic purposes, as she said in the interview. Rather, Diana Agron had the two rhinoplasties because of accidents (like what happened with Rose McGowan) involving the collision to her nose.

Dianna Agron Nose Job Before and After

The first time was when she was in high school when she broke her nose, the other while on the Glee set. Both times, she went to the doctor to have it fixed.

However, if you compare the actress’ before and after pictures her nose definitely looks modified. Instead of the wider and more bulbous one she had before, Dianna Agron now has a thinner and sharper nose that is very much popular with today’s actresses. Well, did she really just have reconstructive surgery for her nose due to “accidents” or is she telling us lies?

Either way, her nose looks great so the matter of argument isn’t really that important. With her new nose, she looks more beautiful and elegant than before.

Dianna Agron Breast Augmentation

Dianna Agron is also being rumored to have had breast augmentation surgery to increase the size of her bust. Well, we compared her before and after pictures, and the size of her breasts looked almost the same. The bigger and rounder appearance in some photos may be due to a good bra with padding and push-up, or Photoshop.

Dianna Agron Boobs

Overall, the size of her bust is just perfect. We don’t see any reason for the talented singer-actress to get a plastic surgery to interfere with the appearance of her breasts. We sincerely hope that she doesn’t feel the pressure to get implants just like her peers.

Dianna Agron plastic surgery is a short topic because this actress is one of the few who have been given innate natural beauty. Apart from the rhinoplasties, she doesn’t look like she has had anything else done to her face or body.

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