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Dove Cameron Before & After Plastic Surgery – The Picture-Perfect Beauty

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery
We’re familiar with the face of Dove Cameron, since she is one of the industry’s most beautiful rising stars. However, we must always ask the question: is all of her beauty natural? Or was some of it the result of plastic surgery? In this article, we’re going to talk about Dove Cameron plastic surgery and what exactly is there to it.

Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery

Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery

Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer. Her most prominent role is that of Liv and Maddie on Disney channel’s Liv And Maddie. Moreover, you may also see her in Descendants as Mal, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty’s villain, Maleficent. She is also known for starring in other films (most of them being television films), R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls, Cloud 9, and Hairspray Live! Among others.

Aside from being an actress for popular kids’ shows, she is also a singer. Her singing talent was showcased in the two soundtrack albums for Liv and Maddie and Descendants. Dove Cameron’s face is very distinct since she has that dainty princess look as well as an eternal baby face. This is probably why she was casted for so many kids’ movies.

No doubt that this young actress is very beautiful. However, we have noticed that there were changes in her face that cannot be due to puberty or maturation. After analyzing her before and after pictures, we can only guess that she had a little nip/tuck to achieve the perfect Hollywood look.

Dove Cameron’s Nose Job

One of the most prominent facial features is the nose since it takes up the central area of your face. Dove Cameron plastic surgery included a nose job that altered her look completely. You will notice the changes right away if you look at her before and after pictures. Before, the actress had a weird nose shape with a slightly hooked nose tip.

Dove Cameron nose job

You have to admit that her nose didn’t make her very attractive. Since the nose was slightly flat and wasn’t that defined, Dove Cameron didn’t look very mature. However, after the supposed nose job/rhinoplasty, her nose shape was redefined.

Today, she has a more prominent and detailed nose. The nose bridge became narrower and sharper, while the nose tip became less hooked. You can definitely say that her nose job made her look very much more attractive. Moreover, the change made her look more mature.

Dove Cameron’s Boob Job

Another pretty obvious plastic surgery procedure that Dove Cameron had is a boob job. Essentially, this plastic surgery procedure increases the size of the breast to make the person look more womanly and sexy. Since Dove Cameron is already 21 years old, she may be feeling that it’s time to take a step back from the Disney look.

Dove Cameron boob job

It seems that a boob job was the way to go. Yes, we do realize that she may have just gotten through puberty but no one gets two sizes bigger overnight. Moreover, her breasts were unlikely to have gotten that large through maturation, and it seemed that before, her breasts were already fully grown.

Now, her boobs became at least a C cup. The change is very much obvious since her breasts became bigger and much rounder than before. In red carpet photos, Dove Cameron’s breasts became more cleavage-y and much more prominent.

Dove Cameron hot photos

However, they don’t look natural at all. Even if you didn’t know that she got a boob job, her breasts are too round and not really proportionate to her body. Nevertheless, she looks sexier and more mature now, thanks to the boob job.

Dove Cameron’s Lip Injections

Lip injections are a great way to make the lips look sexier. Dove Cameron seems to like the idea on becoming a mature woman rather than the Disney poster girl.

Dove Cameron's beautiful lips

Her lip injections are pretty obvious if you look at her before and after pictures. Before, she had reasonably sized lips. Today, her lower lip is much bigger and fuller than before. We can only blame lip injections for this change.

Dove Cameron’s Natural Hair Color

Dove Cameron had her hair dyed a very vibrant shade of purple for Descendants, and we’re used to seeing her with honey blonde to strawberry blonde locks in photoshoots. So, what is her natural hair color? From pictures, you can definitely tell that she is naturally blonde. However, her natural hair isn’t that light.

Dove Cameron plastic surgery is a pretty interesting story. However, it’s such a shame that so much plastic surgery already happened for someone so young.

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