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Eminem’s Plastic Surgery – Yielded Only the Saddest Results, Why?

Eminem plastic surgery before and after
Eminem is the rap name of the music icon, Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He is a renowned rapper in hip hop industry who received plethora of accolades and awards. He is a successful songwriter and rapper who took big screen as a platform to explore his acting skills, which reflects his love for rap music.

It is rumored that Eminem has undergone a number of plastic surgeries, which turned out to be a failure. However, there are no clear evidences about Eminem plastic surgery rumors.

Rumors started spreading about his career and affairs. However, the one that spread like a fire was Eminem plastic surgery rumor. Many critics claimed that he went under the knife to change his looks. A few news channels even reported spotting him near a reputed plastic surgeon’s clinic — hiding his face.

Eminem face
Looking much younger in 2005, how?

However, Eminem didn’t care to say anything about the rumors. His fans believe that he overcame drug addiction, which placed strain on his skin and facial features. But, there is no solid proof that drugs affect the skin and features. One thing we can say is that he was finally able to reach his target and with confidence.

If you compare before and after plastic surgery photos of Eminem, you will find that are a few changes in his facial features.

Rumor of Eminem’s Nose job

The previous photos of Eminem have an ugly bumpy nose, while the present photos show a different Eminem with slender nose. This is a clear evidence of nose job, as the ugly nose has been replaced by sharper nose.

By restructuring his nose, Eminem has been able to reduce his age by 5-8 years. The best thing about this change is that it enhanced his appearance and also boosted his confidence levels.

Eye lift and Forehead Resurfacing

Eminem may have done plastic surgery to his eyebrows as well as forehead. The eyes looked quite different from before.

In early days, Eminem looked little stressed and stern. He had lines on nose and forehead, which have disappeared now. We are not sure how this magic happened. Well, what do you think?

Eminem’s Facelift and Botox

Though Eminem is in his 40s, he looks like in 30s. There is not even a single wrinkle or line on his face, which directs us towards facelift and Botox. However, the reality is still hidden — as some people believe that it is just because of makeup.

Eminem is a high profile celebrity who has a goal to achieve. There is no doubt that good looking features always give additional benefit to celebrities, especially in Hollywood.

Eminem has a very fair skin that could be a result of highly level plastic surgery. Though a clever application of makeup, balanced diet and exercise can result in good looking skin — it is hard to rule out if Botox and facelift is the reason behind such a beautiful image.

Jawline Surgery

There is a visible change in Eminem’s jawline. It has been altered a bit with a sharp look. This clearly indicates jawline surgery, where extra jaw is shaved or removed.

Eminem jawline surgery

Eminem’s jawline look a bit sharper now and it is not easy to say if it is work of plastic surgeon or makeup. There is nothing to hide as the signs of retouch are clearly visible in a few photos.

Lip Surgery

Well, another plastic surgery allegation is the lip reduction surgery. His recent pictures show Eminem with thin lips, while his previous photos show a rapper with plumper lips.

It is reported that Eminem might have had undergone lip reduction surgery to remove excess fat. May be he is bored of his look and want to change it completely. Whatever is the reason, his fans appreciate him a lot for his talent and personality.

Though many people seem to agree with few rumors of Eminem plastic surgery — they do not want to settle with a definite answer. If you too are one of those people, leave your comments below! We would love to know what you think about Eminem’s plastic surgery rumors.

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