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Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery: Transformation from Ugly to Pretty

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery
It may be harsh, but ugly is definitely the word to describe Frances Bean Cobain before she got plastic surgery. Thus, the story of Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery is another good example of how much plastic surgery can improve a person’s look.

Frances Bean Cobain is an American visual artist and model, the only child of the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney love, both icons in the music industry. However, it would seem that she would have never got the title of model without plastic surgery.

Her look changed so much over the years, and it is always interesting to find out what famous people have done to their faces. Thus, in this article, we’re going to find out how much plastic surgery did Frances Bean Cobain get to achieve her current look.

Frances Bean Cobain Before and After Weight Loss

The most notable change of Frances Bean Cobain’s look is her weight. When she was a teenager, Frances Bean Cobain was overweight, probably even obese. But today, she definitely lives up to the title of model with her normal weight.

Frances Bean Cobain weight loss before and after

The weight loss definitely helped her to become more attractive more than ever. Moreover, it changed her face because she lost so much mass around that area, making her cheekbones more prominent and her features to become more noticeable.

Frances Bean Cobain’s Jaw Surgery

Perhaps the worst facial feature that Frances Bean Cobain had was the huge jaw. Even when she was thinner, Frances Cobain’s jaw was still dead set on being too large. Even though the shape of her face is V-shaped, it was still unattractive because of the size of her jaw.

Frances Bean Cobain jaw surgery

Thus, she obviously got a jaw surgery to shave off the excess jaw and make way for a more feminine face. After this change, we definitely got to see her in a new light. This is probably the most notable change in her plastic surgery story.

We definitely think that it was a change for the better since a smaller jaw helped to become more attractive. Moreover, a smaller jaw enhanced the rest of her features because it took attention away from her large jawline.

Frances Bean Cobain’s Lip Injections

Back in 2013, news of Frances Bean Cobain’s collagen lip injections circulated around the net and social media. Well, it wasn’t bad news at all since she looked even better with larger lips. But it obviously wasn’t her first lip job.

Frances Bean Cobain Lip Job

As a child, Frances Bean Cobain’s lips were of average size. As she was growing older, her lips also began showing a plumper appearance, indicating the use of collagen injections.

But the 2013 issue burst because the model stepped up her game and got larger lips done. It got to the point that she had Kylie Jenner lips, with emphasis on the increased size of the lower lip.

Frances Bean Cobain’s Nose Job

When she was a young teenager, Frances Bean Cobain still had her huge and slightly crooked nose. This nose was definitely not going to work out for her if she wanted to be a model, so she had to get a nose job to fix it.

Frances Bean Cobain Nose Job

The rhinoplasty made her nose thinner and straighter than before. Although, it doesn’t look like she had anything done to the tip of her nose because it looks just the same as before.

Frances Bean Cobain Today

Frances Bean Cobain hot 2018

After all that plastic surgery, Frances Bean Cobain became very beautiful and she got more attention for her looks. Thus, it definitely improved her image as both an artist and model.

Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery included a lot of procedures which amazingly didn’t end up making her worse than better. Thus, we dub her as a good example of plastic surgery since it helped her improve so much.

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