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f(x) Members Profile – Victoria, Amber, Luna, Krystal and Sulli

fx Members

f(x) Members Profile, Ideal Type, Name and All Interesting Facts – Victoria, Amber, Luna, Krystal and Sulli

f(x) is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2009. To this day, the group has already released four full-length albums, two extended plays and one repackaged album.

Their music is electropop-based and eclectic. They are one of the few internationally recognized Kpop group. f(x) was the first Korean pop group to perform at SXSW.

Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Genres: K-pop
Years active: 2009–present (hiatus)
Labels: S.M. Entertainment, Avex Trax
Associated acts: SM Town
Website: fx.smtown.com

fx Profile

f(x) Current Members

– Victoria
– Amber
– Luna
– Krystal

f(x) Past members

– Sulli

Details About f(x) Members and f(x) Profile

Victoria Profile

Birth Name: Song Qian
English Name: Victoria Song
Stage Name: Victoria
Birthday: February 2, 1987
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist
Nationality: Chinese
Instagram: @vic_to_ri_a2
Victoria was born in Qingdao, Shandong, China.

Victoria Facts:

– She was casted in 2007 through a Beijing dance competition.
– In 2010, Victoria appeared on the TV show, “How We Got Married”. Her husband on the show was Nichkhun of 2PM.
– She starred in the Taiwanese drama “Prince from a Lost Castle/Love Broke Into The Door”.
– During her 24 years of being alive, she thought her blood type was O. It was only recently when she found out she had a blood type A.
– Victoria really likes Faye Wong and Zhang Ziyi.
– It was Victoria’s dream to go to China with the rest of the group to pursue an active career there also.
– Victoria specialized in jazz and traditional dance.
– She is also known for her flexibility. You can see her all flexible on variety and reality shows where she’s proud to demonstrate them.
– In f(x)’s dorm, she shares a bedroom with Sulli.
– Victoria eats to relieve the stress she feels whether it is work-related or not.
– She’s a big coffee addict. She likes coffee so much.
– Victoria is known to be a very good cook.
– She once starred in a Chinese fantasy drama called “Ice Fantasy”. She was casted together with another big name like Feng Shao Feng.
– She is close to Kyuhyun of Super Junior, Zhou Mi and Henry of Super Junio M, Gyuri of KARA,and Tiffany of Girls Generation/SNSD.
– Victoria appeared in SHINee’s “Replay” music video, Super Junior’s “U’ music video and Kangta’s “In My Heart Someday” and “Breaka Shaka” music video.
– Rain taught Victoria how to do popping while filming for a commercial.
– She also appeared in TRAX’s “Let You Go” and “Blind” music video.
– Victoria’s first kiss was with a guy she dated for two years before she went to college.
– Her ideal man is someone who is taller than her.
– It is known that Victoria always has tissues wherever she goes.

Amber Profile

Birth Name: Amber Josephine Liu
Stage Name: Amber
Nickname: Llama
Birthday: September 18, 1992
Position: Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Nationality: Taiwanese/American
Instagram: @ajol_llama
Twitter: @llama_ajol

Amber Facts:

– Amber was born in San Fernando Valley, California, USA.
– She is a Taiwanese-American.
– She was selected from SM Entertainment’s global audition which was held in 2007. She sang MC Max’s “Oh Heart, Please Stop Now” and K. Will’s “Left Heart”.
– When Amber completed f(x)’s first ever performance, she called her mom and the first words that came out of her mouth were “Oh my God!”
– She is one of the main cast members of the reality show, “Invincible Youth, Season 2”.
– Amber was featured on Danson Tang’s single, “I’m Back”. He’s a Taiwanese singer.
– Amber enjoys playing basketball on her free time.
– She developed a love for rapping when she was very young.
– Her ideal type is someone who looks cool but also cute whenever he smiles.
– She loves Ddeokbokki.
– Luna was the first ever member who stood out to her the most because her voice is so powerful.
– In America, when she asked where the bathroom was, people would always point her to the men’s bathroom.
– Amber’s favorite musical genre is R&B.
– She’s a big fan of rapper Yoon Mi Rae.
– John Cena is her favorite professional wrestler from WWE.
– Amber said that she stopped eating junk food.
– She can play both drums and guitar.
– When she was younger, Amber said she used to imitate rapper Mike Shinoda.
– When Amber first heard Korean Pop, she started listening to R&B artists like Wheesung.
– The first time Amber stepped on South Korean soil to become a trainee, she started to feel like she was a complete stranger. Whenever she would ask herself why she was there, Krystal would help and calm her because both of them can speak fluent English.
– Both Krystal and Amber gradually learned Korean more together.
– In the US, her boyish image was completely normal.
– During trainee days, many fans thought Krystal and Amber were dating because Amber looked like a boy.
– One time, a girl once confessed her love for Amber.
– Members and fans of Amber are called “Embers”.
– Many said that Amber looks like Donghae of Super Junior.
– They also said that she looks like SHINee’s Jonghyun.
– All three of them take photos together sometimes and call themselves “Dinosaur Family”.
– Ever since elementary, Amber was already part of basketball teams. She enjoys playing the sport.
– She said her dream was to create a stage where there are no restrictions.
– When she’s bored, she practices taekwondo moves.

Luna Profile

Birth Name: Park Sun Young
Stage Name: Luna
Birthday: August 12, 1993
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @fx_luna_sunyoung

Luna Facts:

– Luna has a twin sister and a brother.
– She thinks that her voice is the weakest in her family.
– She said that the member that first stood out to her was Sulli because she likes her innocent smile.
– Luna always wanted to become a singer ever since she was seven years old.
– During their first live performance as a group, Luna felt like she was in a daze because it felt so surreal, according to her.
– Her favorite season is Autumn.
– Luna joined in singing a few drama OST like shows of “God of Study”, “Please Marry Me” and “Cinderella’s Sister”.
– Luna even starred in a musical “Legally Blonde”. She played Elle Woods.
– Also, she starred in a musical for “Coyote Ugly”.
– Luna became a host for MTV’s “The Show” alongside Hyosung of Secret.
– She is best friends with IU.
– Luna enjoys eating pizza but she said she couldn’t eat it because of her restricted diet.
– Her role models are Lee Junhyung, BoA, Whitney Houston and Brown Eyed Soul.
– Luna also enjoys eating rice.
– Her favorite song ever is the collaboration of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s “When You Believe”.
She likes men who is dedicated to their work, loves music and knows how to value it.
– She also said she likes men who look like Japanese singer and actor Takuya Kimura’s fashion sense.
– At a very young age, Luna’s alarm clock has always been the classical music. That’s because her dad loves Choplin so much that it would wake her and her siblings up every morning to Chopin’s music.
– When she’s not busy, Luna watches Chinese movies and learn Chinese language and Chinese musical dance.
– She said she prefers the fast beats of the songs of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey rather than their slow ones.
– She said that one must-have item she can’t live without is a mirror.
– Because of her toned thigh muscles, she is dubbed as “muscle idol” and “horse legs”.

Krystal Profile

Korean Name: Jung Soo Jung
English Name: Krystal Jung
Stage Name: Krystal
Birthday: October 24, 1994
Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Nationality: Korean/American

Krystal Facts:

– Krystal Jung was born in San Francisco, California, USA.
– She attended Korea Kent Foreign School and Hanlim High School.
– She is the younger sister of Girls Generation/SNSD’s Jessica Jung.
– Krystal enjoys taking selcas.
– Her voice is more mature than Jessica’s despite her being the youngest.
– She was in Shinhwa’s “Wedding March” music video as well as SHINee’s “Juliette”, Rain’s “Still Believe”, Alex’s “Sweet Dreams” music videos.
– She was in the sitcom, “High Kick: Season 3”.
– Krystal once co-hosted The M Wave music show alongside Thunder of MBLAQ.
– Krystal said that if she were to have a boyfriend, she would pick a guy who isn’t that good looking because he doesn’t want him to have a lot of girl fans and doesn’t want girls to stalk them while they’re dating.
– She and Sulli are very skilled when it comes to the kitchen department.
– She enjoys wearing hats but gets annoyed when the hats get itchy.
– Her favorite foods are mangoes, beef and Mexican burritos.
– Krystal picks sneakers over high heels.
– Lotion is one essential Krystal always has with her in her bag.
– She said she would rather have people call her by her Korean name (Soo Jung) over Krystal.
– Krystal is the only member who doesn’t stay in the f(x) dorm. She lives with her parents.
– Krystal hates cucumbers.
– Krystal loves to eat apples but is allergic to them.
– She has a bear keychain that has “Harvard University” written on it.
– Krystal signed for all fans outside their hotel in LA during an SM Town concert. She only stopped when the security guard told her to.
– She idolized Christina Aguilera.
– On March 2015, she started dating Kai of EXO.
– Earlier this year, SM Entertainment confirmed that she ended her relationship with Kai just this June.
– Krystal acted in several dramas like “Cutie Pie”, “The Heirs”, “Potato Star”, “Legend of the Blue Sea”, “Bride of the Water God” and “Wise Prison Life”.
Her ideal type is someone that’s good looking. Someone who can sport the horn-rimmed glasses, white shirt and jeans combination.

F(x) Former Member Profile and Facts

Sulli Profile

Birth Name: Choi JinRi
Stage Name: Sulli
Nicknames: Ssul, Giant Baby, and One Million Dollar Smile
Birthday: March 29, 1994
Position: Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, Face of The Group
Nationality: Korean

Sulli Facts:

– Sulli was born in Yangsan, South Korea.
– She has two older brothers.
– In 2005, she was casted into SM Entertainment after starring in “The Ballad of Seodong”.
– She hates tight clothes and would rather wear comfortable shirts and leggings.
– Sulli debuted as a child actress and had started acting in a lot of drama shows and movies before debuting with f(x).
– She is afraid of birds.
– She always has her journal with her.
– She left the group on August 2015.
Sulli’s ideal man is someone who is dependable – someone who doesn’t act cute and will listen to everything she says.
– She likes men who are dignified, sexy and is open-minded.

Who is your F(x) bias? Tell us in the comments below.

Your f(x) bias is your future destination

– Victoria – Moscow, Russia
– Amber – Bora Bora, French Polynesia
– Luna – Sau Paulo, Brazil
– Krystal – Helsinki, Finland
– Sulli – Rome, Italy

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