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Big Bang’s G-Dragon Before After Plastic Surgery – Drastic Transformation Ever

G-Dragon Plastic Surgery Before and After
G-Dragon is considered one of the most famous Korean pop idols in the entire world. He’s also been one of the first famous superstars to have been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their look.

About G-Dragon

G-Dragon is a South Korean rapper and song writer. He was born on August 18, 1988 and it considered the leader and main rapper of the most famous group, Big Bang. He was the first ever person to be added o Big Bang as a group, after training with YG Entertainment for six years. [Also read – Big Bang Members Profile – G-Dragon, T.O.P., Daesung, Taeyang, Seungri]

When he was only five years old, he started to star in “Little Roo’Ra” which ignited his passion for music. At the age of thirteen, GD was the youngest rapper in South Korea to be ever featured in Flex album. Aside from rapping, he’s also involved in writing, composing and producing hit songs of Big Bang.

GD is considered as the “most fashionable” one in the band. He has been influencing a lot of fashion trends in South Korea that even gotten him an awards like the “Style Icon of 2008” and one the “Most Influential Man of 2008” by Arena Magazine.

G-Dragon’s Plastic Surgery Transformation

GD is already a fine rapper and by all standards, his talent has never been in doubt, but people are talking about his looks. He has been accused of getting a nose job, a chin implant and an eyelid surgery.

Let’s dive into the details.

G-Dragon’s Chin Implant

After appearing in a Chanel Exhibition in Seoul, there were so much buzz surrounding the leader of Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon. The fans couldn’t simply help but notice that something was up with GD’s chin. Fans said, “This isn’t photoshop?”, “That chin, oh Lord!” and “his chin is so sharp”.

G-Dragon’s Chin Implant

The combination of a more defined chin and an angular face made him look more manly if you compare GD now and then pictures. Together with his very neatly groomed eye brows and perfect makeup, he’s one of the pretty boys for sure.

If you look at certain angles of his face, you will see that he now has a chiseled and defined chin, which suggests that he did in fact get a plastic surgery.

G-Dragon’s Weight Loss

In the same Chanel exhibition, his chin wasn’t the only center of attention. Fans noticed also that their favorite Big Bang member lost a ton of weight, even though he was already very thin. Though, he looked a little chubbier in 2014. (middle in the below pic).

G-Dragon's Weight Loss Transformations

“He looks sick”, “He’s so underweight”, “Is he anorexic?”.

G-Dragon’s Nose Job Surgery

GD was once a nerdy little fella, believe it or not. Looking at G-Dragon before and after pictures, it’s hard to believe that the two on the picture are just the same person. Same person but with different nose.

G-Dragon Nose Job

GD’s after photo show just how long and defined his nose is now, compared to before. He clearly had it shaved and then thicken the nose bridge to increase the height of the silicone implant.

Nose job is very popular in the Korea. Generally, Asians have smaller noses that tend to be less pointed. That’s why a lot of Asians, especially South Koreans, undergo a nose job to have a sharper nose and a narrower nose bridge.

G-Dragon’s Teeth Surgery

Many do not really consider teeth surgery as plastic surgery. But in South Korea, having a bad set of teeth can seriously cause major problems, especially if you’re a superstar. These celebrities’ job is to be in front of the camera all day, so it’s important for them to get their teeth done to improve their smiles.

G-Dragon Teeth Surgery

G-Dragon’s photos show that before, there were some unevenness in his teeth arrangement. In his latter photos, it showed his smiles are more confident and has a perfect set of teeth. We’d like to believe that he got veneers, but some say he really did get a procedure done.

G-Dragon, in South Korea, as a celebrity, manages to look and entertain the world with his talent. We’re glad that G-Dragon’s face, even after plastic surgery, turned out successful and not failed unlike the other celebrities.

Most of the overdone face in Korea are usually female celebs, if we’re not wrong. However, male celebrities have been getting better luck going under the knife.

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