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Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery – Facelift, Necklift, Botox & Boob Job

Goldie Hawn plastic surgery
As with most familiar names in Hollywood, the topic of Goldie Hawn plastic surgery definitely interests us.

Goldie Hawn is a 71-year-old American actress, director, and producer. Her ride to fame was the television show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, and award winning motion pictures Cactus Flower, Private Benjamin, and The Sugarland Express. Goldie Hawn is also the mother of famous actors such as Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson, and Wyatt Russell.

Overall, Goldie Hawn has had a successful career with lots of movies and television shows under her belt. However, she is not one of the veteran actresses to age as gracefully. Every person ages differently, but for Goldie Hawn, we don’t think she handled it very well.

Goldie Hawn Facelift and Necklift

Goldie Hawn facelift surgery

Goldie Hawn plastic surgery includes a facelift and a necklift. At the age of 70, women’s skin usually becomes loose and saggy. Thus, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging appear on the face and body. Goldie Hawn, being one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood in her prime, probably didn’t want to let go of her good looks just yet. That is why she enlisted the help of plastic surgery doctors to give her a refreshed face.

Two of the most noticeable changes in Goldie Hawn’s face is her suspiciously wrinkle-free skin. Women her age naturally have wrinkles to show for years of experience, but her face is smooth and supple in her recent pictures.

A facelift and a necklift are procedures done to relax the skin and return the volume lost due to aging. These plastic surgery procedures, along with a couple of Botox injections, may have been the reason for Goldie Hawn’s 60 (rather than 70) year old looking face.

Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Disaster

Goldie Hawn has naturally thin, yet beautiful lips. Back in the day, her lips were one of the most distinct features about her (and even looks exactly like her daughter Kate Hudson’s). However, an article on Huffington Post show her pictures as a plastic surgery nightmare—a lip injection disaster.

Goldie Hawn plastic surgery gone wrong
Goldie Hawn plastic surgery gone wrong

Lip fillers or lip injections are used to make the lips look fuller, and thus more attractive. Thus, Goldie Hawn’s recent mistake on lip fillers (we hope she sued that doctor right away) was colossal. Unfortunately, this unwise decision lead her to look like a cartoon fish, with irregularly-shaped and bloated pouty lips—ouch!

It just goes to show that not all people get what they want when they undergo plastic surgery. Unfortunately, it was veteran actress Goldie Hawn who got to suffer this fate. We don’t know why she did it either, her lips looked fine before!

Goldie Hawn’s Breast Augmentation

Goldie Hawn plastic surgery also includes a breast augmentation. Naturally, old age causes a woman’s breast to sag and droop. There’s nothing wrong about that; that’s life and it is natural. But when you’re used to having an hourglass figure with perky breasts, and with the media praising this figure even if you’re like, 50 years old, there’s a lot of pressure for older actresses to maintain their figure.

Goldie Hawn breast implants

Goldie Hawn is rumored to have had breast augmentation even before she started aging. She was a naturally flat-chested blonde just like her daughter, and she had a couple of breast implants to give her breasts a fuller, rounder look.

Today, we suspect that Goldie Hawn has had more surgeries done on her breasts to keep them from sagging too much. Perhaps a breast lift, because no one at 70 years old has breasts like that.

Although, breast augmentation is not such a bad thing, and Goldie Hawn pulls it off anyway just like always.

The talented actress Goldie Hawn was—and still is—a beautiful woman. Although, we wish she would have stayed away from the lip injections. She had thin, heart-shaped lips, and that was kind of her most distinctive features. It’s such a shame that she had the urge to even go through the surgery.

Other than that, all her other plastic surgery procedures seem to have worked for her. At 70 years old, she still looks good for the cameras and even has an upcoming movie this 2017. Well, seems like Goldie Hawn plastic surgery doesn’t stop her from still getting roles in Hollywood.

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