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GOT7 Plastic Surgery Rumors – Pre-debut and Current Photos

GOT7 Members Plastic Surgery
Unlike having a tattoo, getting your facial features enhanced through plastic surgery is no big issue in South Korea.

Being in K-pop, the chances of getting plastic surgery is huge. It’s not like it’s a bad thing since it’s very common, but fans just couldn’t stop speculating if their idols have went under the knife.

GOT7 is one band that has been under the microscope because of their looks. Many compare them to BTS, since BTS members have done a lot of Botox to their faces. GOT7, there aren’t much news.

Let us check GOT7 before and after pictures to see if they are what we seem to believe or not. [Also readGOT7 Members Profile – The Best Profile Info For I GOT7S]

Did GOT7’s Jackson Get Plastic Surgery or Too Much Makeup?

Jackson is a really good-looking guy and lucky for us, a lot of Jackson’s predebut pictures emerged a couple of years ago, giving us a chance to dig dip if this GOT7 member went under the knife to enhance his looks.

GOT7 Jackson Plastic Surgery

The first thing we noticed on his predebut pictures were that his nose was once wide looking. It made us believe that he might have had it done – but we’re also quick to notice that it’s only because he was smiling in his predebut pictures, where as he was giving a more serious face in other pictures.

We think he didn’t have any plastic surgery done. He does wear a ton of makeup and we’re just thinking that the contours on his face could just be a result of makeup. Even Jackson’s eyes look the same as they are in his school photos. Nothing has changed to his appearance.

GOT7 Leader JB’s Plastic Surgery

Im Jae Bum, popularly known as JB is a member of South Korean band, GOT6. He is the leader, the lead vocalist and the dancer of the group.

JB Pre-debut and now

The leader – upon checking JB before and after pictures – showed that he has no plastic surgery done to his face. His entire appearance still looks the same, making us believe that he is indeed naturally handsome.

Yugyeom Before and After

Yugyeom is the youngest member of GOT7 and guess what, he’s plastic surgery free. Being at a young age, nobody would want to alter their appearance if they already look very handsome.

Yugyeom Pre-debut and now

Mark Pre-debut and Now

Mark has been through a lot of rumors about him getting a plastic surgery. He has been under the microscope by the media and the fans of the band.

Mark Pre-debut and now

In the past, there were a few comparisons that were made when it came to Mark before and after pictures, but guess what? He’s actually plastic surgery free. His looks are all natural.


This member of GOT7 is not only a singer, but also an actor. He had been starring on a few Korean dramas like “When a Man Love” and “Dream High”.

Jinyoung Pre-debut and now

Jinyoung, although a part of the band and is expected of him, is reported to not have any plastic surgery done. The singer has decided to go all natural, just like the rest. We’ve all just been deceived by their beauty and makeup team.


There aren’t that so many claims that Youngjae did something to his face to enhance his features. He has never been rumored or link individually to plastic surgery, except when they’re being speculated as a group.

Youngjae Pre-debut and now

Youngjae is believed to be all natural and the contouring features you see on his face is all just makeup.


Just like the other members of the group, Bambam has not gotten any plastic surgery done to his appearance. He continues to look adorable and youthful that easily grabs attention not only of South Korean ladies, but also of the others.

Bambam Pre-debut and now

It’s always so expected of these Korean pop bands go under the knife to enhance their looks. Right now, they may look all plastic surgery free, but who knows, maybe in the feature, they will all look different.

All we talk about is plastic surgery on their faces and not the other parts of their body. You just don’t know, maybe they did some alterations in some parts of the body, but not too drastic to be noticed.

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