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Helen Hunt Before And After Plastic Surgery – What Happened to Her Face

Helen Hunt plastic surgery
Helen Hunt, popular American Actress and movie director has been active in the entertainment industry since 1973. There are a number of evidences that support the rumors of Helen hunt plastic surgery. It is not a big story that what sort of surgeries she underwent and when. Before we go into much details about her plastic surgery, let’s know a few interesting things about her.

Helen Hunt began her acting career at the age of 8. She worked in a number of films and TV shows. Some of her hit shows are – The Sessions, Mad About You, Cast Away, What Women Want etc. She won the prestigious Oscar award for her role in the movie ‘As Good As It Gets’ in the year 1998.

Helen Hunt bikini picture

She has worked really hard to maintain excellent career graph. Her look has always been the talk of town, rather than her acting skills. Helen never came out to confirm anything about the controversial surgeries that changed her looks drastically.

What Happened to Helen Hunt’s Face?

It is believed that Helen Hunt underwent many cosmetic procedures, but none of them worked well for her. The result of her first plastic surgery was not even close to what she expected. This might explain why Helen Hunt doesn’t want to speak about her plastic surgery issues.

Helen Hunt young picture

Many of her fans had the question – what actually happened to her face? According to sources she has had plastic surgery in 2009. But, it seems the plastic surgery went terribly wrong and the results were very horrible.

The surgery was failed giving her the face of an old granny. Her neck and face was filled with wrinkles and she became almost unrecognizable. The corners of her mouth were sagging with jowls, as a result of which her face looked older than rest of the body. It is expected that was the result of not just one procedure, but multiple cosmetic procedures that she experimented with.

Helen Hunt Face

She had to go under the knife once more in 2013, and this time she got the desired look. The changes seen after the second cosmetic procedure were clear and drastic. Her new surgeon was good find for her, as he gave her a new look with his knowledge and magic hand. She not only managed to repair the damage, but could eradicate the signs of natural aging.

She appeared in the red carpets of Film Independent in a completely new look and stunned the media forums. Though it is beyond the rules of nature, it gave her a sign of relief and happiness for little more time.

Did Helen Hunt Have a Facelift?

Though she never mentioned anything about facelift and neck lift, it is much clear from her appearance and vanished wrinkles that she has had facelift. Due to facelift, neck lift and a combination of Botox treatments, she is once again young.

Helen Hunt facelift

If you compare her before photos, you will notice that he cheeks have gone inside towards mouth jaw with lot of lines under her eyes. She also has lot of lines on her neck and forehead, which could never be hidden. However, the recent photo tells a completely different story. She has filed cheeks and there were hardly any lines on her forehead.

She appears much younger — as she evidently took a facelift and necklift to get rid of wrinkles. It is also believed that she used cheek fillers and underwent nose job.

Helen Hunt then and now

Despite of being in 50s, many young actors are ready to act with her. She always gave her best performance, whenever she was given a role. She is the one of living legends and was always remembered for her beauty and acting skills. She learned a lot from her mistakes and has been making every effort to preserve her beauty. Whatever is the reason, she is succeeded in maintaining her charm and beauty — even after years.

Today, she looks even more beautiful and younger. Though the rumors of Helen Hunt plastic surgery have not yet been confirmed, we are sure about it. Well, you don’t need to be a plastic surgeon to find the difference in her looks. We are glad that the last surgeon did a great job. What do you say?

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