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Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery – Has She Had a Facelift?

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery
Even politicians like Hilary Clinton are not safe from the tabloids and gossip sites. So today, we’re going to talk about Hillary Clinton plastic surgery like any other celebrity.

Hillary Clinton is an American politician and was the former United States Secretary of State, former US senator, former First Lady of the United States when her husband was president, and a presidential candidate in 2016 Presidential Election from the Democratic Party.

When she was the First Lady, Hillary Clinton’s advocacies were gender equality and health care reform. When she ran for president just last year, she lost the presidency to Donald Trump from the Republican Party despite having the national popular vote.

However, we’re not here to talk about politics. Like the shallow beings that we are, we’re going to talk about Hillary Clinton plastic surgery.

Did Hillary Clinton Have a Facelift?

As a politician, Hillary Clinton has to keep up an appearance. Being currently 69 years old, she doesn’t have much of the youth like she did before, and her age has significantly shown up on her face. Wrinkles and fine lines are the most obvious signs of aging, and Hillary Clinton surely covered it up through plastic surgery.

Hillary Clinton Facelift Before and After

A facelift is essentially a plastic surgery procedure that tightens up the skin and removes most of the signs of aging, if not all. The evidence of Hillary Clinton’s facelift lies in the smooth and wrinkle-free appearance of her skin despite being almost 70 years old. At that age, most women would look like your regular grandma. But not for famous people, it would seem.

Cheek Implants

Aside from a facelift, insertion of cheek implants into the face is also a popular method to keep looking young. For Hillary Clinton, cheek implants may have seemed a good idea to refresh her face and maintain a youthful look. Sure enough, her cheeks look fuller and higher up on her face compared to a few years before.

Eyelid Surgery

Another sign of aging is the drooping of eyelids. When you compare the politician’s before and after pictures, an eyelid surgery would seem much probable. First things first, an eyelid surgery is meant to remove some of the fat and tissue from around the eyes to give your face a refresh looked, rather than the droopy and sleepy look you get with aging eyelids.

Hillary Clinton Before and After Plastic Surgery

Fortunately, her eyelid surgery left her with a more youthful look and seemed to have taken at least a decade off her face. This is more favorable rather than looking old and sleepy if you’re going to stand against someone like Donald Trump who needs to be told how it is.

Brow Lift

At the age of 70, the brows are most likely going to drop down along with your eyes. Thus, to keep looking young and fresh, a brow lift would most definitely help you out. Hillary Clinton’s brow lift, if she really did do the surgery, seems to be evident in the before and after pictures showing her rejuvenated forehead.

In the after pictures, you would notice that her brows look higher up on her head and they look better than before.

Botox Injections

Botox injections are used to smooth out wrinkles on the face. Hillary Clinton’s forehead, in particular, is free from wrinkles, and this can be the beautiful result of a Botox injection (or several, for that matter). However, her crow’s feet and laugh lines seem to be intact, so she may not have put Botox there.


Hillary Clinton may have had a neck lift. The evidence lies in the absence of loose skin under her chin or jaw. True enough, this procedure made her look younger than she really is and ready to take on the world.

Hillary Clinton plastic surgery is not too drastic, as she is not a movie star but is an important figure in US politics. However, they are necessary in order to keep up a fresh face for the people.

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