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History Members Profile – Kyungil, Dokyun, Sihyoung, Yijeong and Jaeho

History Members
Current History Members Are – Kyungil, Dokyun, Sihyoung, Yijeong and Jaeho

History separated on May 12, 2017. Song Kyungil is enlisted earlier this year and the remaining four members will later be accomplishing their military service soon.

FAVE Entertainment said a statement, “Even though HISTORY have decided their promotions as a group, all five members will still stay with the company. After returning from the military, they will be carrying out separate activities. We are sincerely thankful for all the encouragement that the fans have given them for four years.”

History Profile

Detailed Info About History Members and History Profile

Kyungil Profile

Real Name: Song Kyung Il
Popularly Known As: Kyungil
Born On: November 28, 1987
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Position in History: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper
Height: 183 centimeters
Weight: 72 kilograms
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @_ilstagram
Twitter: @_songkyungil

Kyungil Facts:

– Before becoming a part of the HISTORY boy band, Kyungil first became a model
– Before debuting for the band, he trained with the agency for 3 years
– He’s part of the elite group called Nuthang (pronounced as “new-thang”). It’s a group of close friends that include other famous people like Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P., models Lee Hyuksoo and Yang Seungho and other celebrities, stylists and more
– KyungIl is considered the “appa” of HISTORY
– One of his strengths, which is his fans favorite, is him being a positive person. He’s never the person to think of negative things
– He first suggested their group name to be “QUEEN”
– KyungIl’s favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar
– Because he enjoys working out and eating healthy, he won first place for best abs among the idols back in 2015 for MV Bank
– He received the nickname “Song Leader” because he always take good care of their group members
– If there’s one thing he could do when he’s bored, it would be going shopping. So ladies who enjoy shopping would definitely enjoy being with this idol
– A weird talent Kyungil has is to mimic a hen who is laying an egg. You’ll definitely laugh so hard when you see him because it’s simply hilarious
– He’s the only member of the group that has owned a black cat
– Because there’s a six-year gap between him and the band’s youngest, he often act childish and immature—luckily, the other members like him that way
– He prefers women who resembles Song Hye Kyo or IU and a woman who can respect and who he can always look up to

Dokyun Profile

Real Name: Na Do Kyun
Popularly Known As: Dokyun
Born On: February 1, 1991
Star Sign: Aquarius
Position in History: Main Vocalist
Height: 184 centimeters
Weight: 65 kilograms
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @_nadokyun

Dokyun Facts:

– One of his charming points are his beautiful, huge eyes and his sort off chubby cheeks
– Dokyun’s role model is actor Lee Seung-gi and his favorite song is “Unfinished Story” by Lee SeungGi also
– He landed a small role on a Korean drama about doctors entitled, “Medical Top Team”
– Before his latest agency, he became part of A1People
– Dokyun is considered the “eomma” of the group
– His ideal type is someone who look innocent and cute
– One cute trait about this Korean idol is that at first he’s very shy and awkward around people he just met but when he gets to know them more, he tends to become talkative and more open to them
– Before HISTORY, he became part of the Korean rock band named Buzz. Dokyun was the vocalist and even has the stage name, “Nayul”
– Yiejong said that Dokyon is a sensitive person
– He enjoys playing the piano and basketball and when he’s stressed out, he will play online games
– He’s in charge of cooking, sometimes, also cleaning the dorm or doing the laundry when he and his band mates were still living together
– While filming “Might Just Die” music video, he twisted his back while doing the bungee jump choreography. Good for him because they kept shooting despite the pain
– Dokyun has the highest alcohol tolerance among the rest of the members

Sihyoung Profile

Real Name: Kim Si Hyoung
Popularly Known As: Sihyoung
Born On: May 15, 1992
Star Sign: Taurus
Position in History: Rapper
Height: 182 centimeters
Weight: 63 kilograms
Blood Type: A
Follow Him on Twitter: @_kimsihyoung

Sihyoung Facts:

– Before his debut as a member of HISTORY, he was an ulzzang and a model for Showganzi
– He trained for three years before his HISTORY debut
– Sihyoung appeared on the comedy TV variety, “Ulzzang Generation” season three
– When he doesn’t do anything on his free days, he would watch a movie or television shows
– Sihyoung’s father was a boxer that’s why he knows a thing or two about boxing
– According to Yijeong, he is often the person who nags a lot especially when it comes to cleaning their home back when they were all still living together
– Whenever the rest of his band mates are down in the dumps, he would always try to cheer them up by showing or sending them terrible or funny selfies
– He can’t take a proper selfie
– No matter how much Sihyoung eats, he will never gain weight
– Sihyoung claims that he has an odd personality, he’s an introvert
– Dokyun said that it’s hard being friends with him the first time because Sihyoung would rather do things alone
– Out of 4000 people, he was chosen as “New Ulzzang”
– This Korean idol graduated from the Busan High School of Arts
– Sihyoung’s individual talent is comic dancing
– He is always being mistaken as SHINee’s Taemin’s older brother
– During the night of their debut, he couldn’t sleep because he had to do a narration with IU

Jaeho Profile

Popularly Known As: Kim Jae Ho
Popularly Known As: Jaeho
Born On: September 17, 1992
Star Sign: Virgo
Position in History: Vocalist, Rapper
Height: 174 centimeters
Weight: 58 kilograms
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @jaehogram
Twitter: @_kimjaeho

Jaeho Facts:

– Jaeho got the nickname “Jaehobbit” from the fans
– He likes to create and ruin the mood when he’s with the group
– His handwriting is ugly, even he can’t read his own writing
– His individual talent is Sunmi’s 24 hour dance
– While he claimed that he is good at cooking, other members couldn’t vouch him for it because they have never seen nor tasted his cooking
– Jaeho is said to resemble other Korean idols like Nickhun of 2PM, T.O.P. of Big Bang, Amber of F(X) and many more
– He is best friends with Block-B’s Jaehyo
– Jaeho is just like us because he enjoys eating pizza and that’s his favorite food in the world
– He loves to greet the fans with his signature American style hand gesture
– He’s a really good dancer that he can even mimic most of the girl groups’ dance steps
– Jaeho prefers women with a personality like Lee Guk-ji, a comedienne and a woman who’s simply nice, sweet, sexy and pretty
– Once he put on a French maid costume and he looked absolutely beautiful
– He was featured in Woo-Jeong Kim (D.A.L.) “Fireworks” music video
– Jaeho’s favorite colors are black and yellow and his favorite sports are bowling and soccer
– His charming points are his cute aegyo and his nice smile and laugh
– He claims that his sexy moment is to watch himself in the mirror after working out
– Jaeho wants to do the Mukbang Show since he enjoys eating. He once said that because he enjoys eating a lot, he’s slowly losing his abs
– If he would choose a date activity, it would be to walk on a Hawaiian beach while holding hands

Yijeong Profile

Real Name: Jang Yi Jeong
Popularly Known As: Yijeong
Born On: September 10, 1993
Star Sign: Virgo
Position in History: Main Vocalist, Maknae
Height: 173 centimeters
Weight: 58 kilograms
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @_jangyijeong

Yijeong Facts:

– Yijeong appeared in MBC’s Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star, season two
– He is considered the baby/youngest of the group, as well as the laziest among the members
– He has a PC room which he considers his hideout especially when he was tired and stressing out
– He enjoys writing lyrics and creating song
– When he first met the other members, he said that all of them looked scary so he would usually just go to the corner and sit down while watching them
– Members said that if Yijeong was an animal, he would be a non-venomous feisty little snake
– He also mentioned that he’s afraid of Kyungil because he’s the tallest amongst the rest
– Yijeong can sleep anytime and anywhere – he wouldn’t be able to notice the difference just as long as he can sleep
– His weird, yet cute, skill is to imitate an angry frog
– One memorable moment he had was when one of the fans shouted that his eyeliner is running down
– He’s also known as “Crybaby Yijeong” because he always cries during their fan meeting
– Yijeong’s treasure is his vocal cords
– He prefers women who are very lady-like, someone who could take care of him. He also likes those who are unique and would love to go traveling with him, as well as doing good deeds
– He’s also known as rapper with his rap solo song “1 Century”
– Yijeong sang a duet with IU
– He’s considered the joker among everyone in the group and in fans

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Based on the facts above, which HISTORY member would choose you according to their preferences in women?

– Kyungil
– Dokyun
– Sihyoung
– Yijeong
– Jaeho

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