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Hugh Laurie’s Hair Transplant – Before and After Photos

Hugh Laurie Hair Transplant
We’ve loved Hugh Laurie on one of the longest-running TV series “House”. Right now, he’s on “Chance” playing another doctor role. Looking back at Hugh Laurie’s discography, he has been acting since 1981. That means we’ve seen him when he was young and now he’s getting older but still active in the limelight, rumors of Hugh Laurie hair transplants surfaced.

Hugh Laurie’s hair has been a topic with so many deep questions asked but until this day, they are still unanswered. Like this question- “Why is Hugh Laurie’s hair thick yesterday but now thin-looking?” The actor has been caught in the wind so many times (and sometimes, there’s no cover up).

Hugh Laurie in 2017

Hugh Laurie Before and After Hair Transplant

The difference from Hugh Laurie bald before and after hair transplant shows that he was almost bald a few years ago and now, with his hair all thick and healthy, it seems like he’s another eligible bachelor with the perfect hair. He looks as if he’s healthy and happy, while during the time he was bald, he looked absolutely stressed out.

Hugh Laurie Before and After Hair Transplant

Pictures of him before showed “advanced male pattern baldness” which was seen across his scalp especially the crown area of his head.

Hugh Laurie, in the before pictures, looked like he dyed his hair brown. That was after he had a hair transplant because his pictures before clearly showed he had already grey hair.

Due to a successful Hugh Laurie’s hair transplant procedure, his hairline that was already mature before, looks so thick and full of hair now. He either had an “FUE”, also known as a Follicular Unit Extraction or an “FUT”, Follicular Unit Transplantation, which is considered as the more traditional way and strip surgery.

Hugh Laurie's Hair

The difference between the two is that FUE is more chosen among men because it is less obvious that one underwent a hair transplant while FUT gives a more obvious result.

Aside from the procedure, Hugh Laurie took a drug known as Finasteride to slow down his mature hair loss. The drug is known to slow down the hair loss but will not stop it from falling.

A lot of men also use a hair thickener after the procedure to show thicker hair. But there’s always a difference when it comes to celebrity hair transplant procedure and with using a hair thickener.

For obvious reasons, we are just sure that Hugh Laurie had a hair transplant. He looks betters and years younger.

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